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Handgun Hunting with DoubleTap Ammunition: Guns & Gear|S7

– The thing I love about handgun
hunting is the challenge. Well, it’s simply
more difficult. And Mike, when you’re
using something like this, a revolver, where it has
less power than a rifle, you need good ammo. – That’s right. The ammo’s the only thing
that hits the target when you pull a trigger.
– Good point. – And, so you really need to put a little more
thought into it. You need something
that’s consistent. Our handgun line is
all hand-checked. You need something
that’s loaded up with a little more heat. – Well, and you load ’em right
to the maximum safe level. – That’s right. So, if you know what caliber you’re
going to use, you know if you buy
some of our ammunition that you’re gonna get
something that’s loaded up to the maximum safe potential. – But, you’re loadin’
different kind of bullets. So what are our choices here? – We have three different
types of our ammunition. We’ve got the Hardcast Solid. Which it uses the
hardcast lead– – For deep penetration. – Deep penetration with
a wide flat nose on it. – OK. – You’ve got a lead-free,
using the Barnes Bullets. And that specifically,
for the people that need lead-free ammunition
and like the lighter bullet that penetrates deep. – So, you got a light
bullet goin’ fast, but you still get
deep penetration. – That’s right, it penetrates
a lot deeper that it should. (laughs) It’s pretty cool. Then, we got a lot of our
lineup uses a Nosler Bullet that is a standard cup-and-core, but they’re heavy for caliber. And so, what you get
is a deeper penetrating but quickly expanding round. And it really does
a good job on game. – Now, you also got
a sleeper in here. It’s marked defense ammo, but you said this is
actually good for hunting. – That’s right. What you’re holdin’ is
the Equalizer rounds, and they have two
projectiles in ’em. They’re both heavy-weights.
– Right. – And they both are
really killers on game. At 44 Casull and 500, they’re
excellent for handgun hunting. – All right, talk me
through the lineup you have here quickly here. – OK, I’ve got 327 magnum, 38s, 40s and 10 millimeters. I’ve got 41 magnums, 44 Casulls, 45 Colts, and 500
Smith and Wessons. – (laughs) That’s
a heck of a lineup. It’s the DT Hunter line
from DoubleTap Ammo. – OK, so I’m gettin’
ready to fire some of this DoubleTap
Hunter ammunition. Now, these are hardcast
bullets designed for hunting. And hunting is
about penetration. If you were gonna shoot the
a hog or something heavy, that’s the kind of
bullet you want. So downrange, we’ve got two
sets of ballistic gelatin. Now, the first ones
already been shot, but the one behind it’s clean. I’m hopin’ we’re
gonna catch the bullet in that second block. So, let’s see what
happens when we load some of this up and shoot it. (electric guitar music) (gunshot) (gunshot) (sigh) Well, let’s go downrange. See what it did. Well, it looks
like a decent hit. And, that sucker is gone, long-haul. Probably about 30 inches
of ballistic gelatin. Mike said that these bullets
were designed to penetrate. That’s why they’re
called hunting bullets. And I would say
that Mike is right. DoubleTap Hardcast,
hard to beat. (gunshot)

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    I made a penetration and expansion test of your 44 mag ammo. Great results

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