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Handgun Hunting For Whitetail Deer While Rattling

(intense music)
– From Careco TV, one of the longest
running outdoor programs on television today. Exploring the
country and the coast in search of adventures. From the mountains of
the great northwest to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean, this is Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin. This week, Smith and
Wesson Performance Center’s Tony Miele is back
at our deer camp for more handgun hunting after
last year’s successful hunt. But first, let’s join Americana
Outdoors’ Kevin Gieseckes on his first whitetail
hunt of the season with the latest 10 point
carbon Phantom RCX crossbow. – Man, I love crossbow hunting. We’ve heard it before,
it’s huntin’ with a bow and it’s huntin’ with
a rifle put together. You have the
accuracy of a rifle, but you get to
hunt in bow world, so you’re up close hunting. That makes it exciting
and I just love it. I’m using a 10 point Phantom RCX and the RCX means
it’s reverse cam. What that does is it gives
you a little more draw, gives you a little
more kinetic energy. String come back further
into the trigger. That bow goes just
a little bit faster and let me tell you,
they come sighted, pre-sighted from the
factory out of the box. It was pretty dead on. So, on this hunt,
if I miss, my fault. Where we’re hunting
is the Winlet Ranch and, you know, we’ve come
here several years now and it’s just a beautiful
piece of property. Their deer are beautiful. They like to let ’em age and,
so, you have good genetics that are passed on year to year. And, you know, Scott
Winlet and Clark Winlet, it’s their family ranch
and it’s all about the family, it’s all
about the camaraderie, it’s about being
there with friends, it’s what I think a
true Texas deer camp is. (guitar music) You know, day one, I got
to huntin’ with Scott. He went out with me and
Scott knows his deer, so it made it really kinda nice. And, there’s a deer in
the area that he said, you know, better
chance than not, that deer is gonna
be in this area, so let’s go sit there. So, we did. As soon as the sun
came up, you know, we had deer in front of
us, probably the stand it looks directly east. So, we knew the
clock was ticking when the sun topped the
hill, we were gonna be lit up like a Christmas tree in there. So, that had us a little spooky, but, you know, lo and behold,
the deer we were looking for, he showed up. He stayed off on our right
side and we had Rusty, the camera, set up
on the right side. Rusty couldn’t see him. The deer still came
over a couple times where Rusty could
get shots of him, but never gave me a good
steady broadside shot. After that, sun
came up, we lit up, said we’re pretty much done
here, deer left, we left. Evening hunt comes and we know that this is where we’re going. We’re going back
to that same stand. (intense music) We sat there a little
bit, not too long, and that deer came in
along with his buddy. His buddy was there in the
morning, I didn’t mention that. They were traveling together and, so, in the evening,
that deer comes in and my heart rate goes
from normal to a thousand. As a matter of fact, I’ve
kinda gotten into where I wear the Garmin
heart rate monitor because everybody
kinda makes fun of me. I’m the poster child
for buck fever. Whether I’m huntin’
with a camera or whether I’m huntin’ with
a crossbow, bow, or rifle, it does not matter. I get all kinds of nervous
when that deer comes out. (intense music) So, when that deer
comes in, he goes right to where he likes to be over on our right hand
side of that blind and it was just a matter of time just waitin’ to get the shot. Finally, I got where that
left leg went forward. (bow shooting) (exhaling) I think it was a good hit. I think it was a
good hit. (laughs) (exhaling) What do you think, Scott? – Never could tell.
– You couldn’t tell. – It moved so fast.
(heavy breathing) – The problem is that
crossbow throws that arrow so hard, so fast, we couldn’t
really see where it went. We played it back in the camera and we were pretty
convinced that, yeah, he was good. So, we gave it a
little bit of time, went out, started
looking for the arrow, did not find the
arrow initially, but had all kinds of blood. So, we had all sign everywhere and we’re looking around
and we go maybe 30, 40 yards and Scott looks up, “Ah,
there he is, right there.” (dramatic music)
(chuckling) – He’s balled up
in a tree. (laughs) – Well, he didn’t go very far. – There we go. Here, let’s just sit. – Thank you, buddy. Thank you, Scott. This is, this has been fun.
– Oh, man, that was fun. – It has been fun
spending some time and blind with you, too.
– It has. We’ve had some good good
experiences, saw a lot of deer. – Yeah.
– And we had a– Got a chance at this guy. He just, man, look at that. Dark and real chocolatey. – You know, walking
up on that deer, I couldn’t be happier. It’s just nice to see ’em, it’s nice to get
your hands on ’em, it’s nice to know that you
got meat in the freezer, it’s just, it’s what
makes hunting hunting. You know, one of
the coolest things that I had on this hunt
was the new Garmin inReach. It’s a satellite communicator. Basically, it’s using
a satellite technology that you’re able to
send and receive text like you do with your
regular cell phone. So, it’s 100%
worldwide coverage. So, whether you’re, it
doesn’t matter where you are and you’re able to, if
you get into trouble, you’re able to get
a text out for help or, in this case,
I let Wade know that we had the deer down, no need to come out and help us. And that’s part of
one of the cool things about a Garmin inReach. In addition to that, if they
have software on their phone, they can actually see the
image of where you are. You can text them your location, it’ll pull up on the
map, and they say, okay, he’s right here. We can access it from this
location to this location if they need to get help to us. Now, if you really
get in a pickle, you can actually go directly,
you hit an SOS button on the side of the unit
and that goes directly to the guys that are
monitoring that SOS signal and, then, help come directly
from them right away. Check out a Garmin inReach. It’s something that really
gives you peace of mind when you are out in the woods, that you’re able to get
help if help is needed. – Well, coming up, Smith and
Wesson Performance Center’s Tony Miele will go on a whitetail rattling hunt
(rattling) for the first time with
his 44 Magnum Hunter. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, is brought to you by
Garmin, fight your fish, not your fish finder. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s,
your adventure starts here. 10 Point Crossbow Technologies,
perfection lives here. And by Performance Center
by Smith and Wesson, performance when
it matters most. (relaxed music)
Welcome back to Americana Outdoors. Hey, we’re at the deer camp
in Brackettville, Texas and we’re welcoming a good
friend from Smith and Wesson Performance Center, Tony Miele. – Wade talked to me last
year about coming back out and doing another hunt. When I got here, he said,
“Hey, what do you think about the idea of
doing some rattling and trying to take a
(rattling) deer that way with a handgun?” I’ve never done it
before, so, obviously, I was up for the challenge and I think we’re gonna
have a great time. – Well, we’ve got a
northless wind this morning, which is not normal for
around this time of the year. Temperatures are probably
34, 36, maybe 38, somewhere in there,
which is really cold as far as I’m
concerned as a Texan and we’re packed for an
Arctic expedition and gear, but really, what
we’re doing is going on a simple rattling trip. We got Tony over here. He says he can go out
in this temperature in his tank top
and be successful. I kinda highly doubt
that, but we are rattling, so we will be hiking and
covering some ground. And, you know, rattling is one of my most favorite thing to
do around the rut in Texas. These deer, you know,
sometimes you can get ’em to just come right in to you. They lose control of their mind. They break rules they
don’t normally do. They’ll circle you,
they’ll run right by you, and they’re basically
coming in to find that doe that the two big
bucks are fighting on and, hopefully, we
can find a big one and rattle ’em in. We’re gonna move a lot. That’s my general strategy
this time of the year. We’ll take a bike in and
go, you know, sometimes few hundred yards,
sometimes a quarter of a mile the next spot. And, I like to set
up in a scenario to where our, the
wind is actually going towards where I think a lot of
the deer are gonna come from. And, ’cause a lot of the better
bucks will circle around. They’ll come in,
you know, downwind and just come right in to
you when you reel ’em in. Gotta make fast decisions, but we’ve got the Performance
Center handgun geared up and ready
to go and, hopefully, we can put one right in
the power plant of the deer and knock him down and
we’ll have a celebration after we’re done. (rattling) – You know, I’ve
watched rattling on
some of the TV shows. I’ve watched Wade do it. And, I really didn’t
have an expectation. I mean, and I really
didn’t understand what was gonna happen there. So, the first time
that, you know, we were set up on two or
three different areas and Wade rattled and
nothing really happened. But, I think it was
probably like the third time we set up, the first
one comes runnin’ in out of his mind. He didn’t see the deer
and all of a sudden, bam, it’s there
right on top of ya. I mean, 15 yards and
just starin’ right at ya. So, there’s about a 10 day
period that Wade explains that rattling really works. And what happens is, the
bucks get worked up and they don’t like the fact that
maybe there’s another buck in the area trying
to take their does. And, when they come in,
they are pretty much like pissed off and they just
want that other buck out of their area. (rattling) (mumbling) (rattling continues) – That’s a pretty good deer. I mean, he came, pushed
all those other– Blew the whole
group up over there. I don’t know if he
was a eight or 10. Look at that big, heavy
body, the antlers bent up. Then, you had the whole
chase goin’ on right there, which is, you know, happens
this time of the year. You get ’em cuttin’
back and forth. There was a couple stags,
the kinda six, a small heat, and then that, you
know, what looked like to be a mature deer. He might not be under. He ended up going on
downwind and chasing her. He’s kinda cut her. All the chase has moved off, so. We had him right up there. He just didn’t get
out in the open. (intense music) – Well, all in all,
I think this morning was a pretty good morning. Wade did a great job,
rattled in quite a few bucks. We had one, one encounter where
there was a real big deer. Unfortunately, he
had his mind on a doe and he just kept going with her. But, we ran into a
couple more groups. Come running right in
after it was rattling. It was a really good time. – More whitetail
hunting rattling action
when we come back. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, had been brought to
you by Yamaha ATV, real world tough. Thompson Center, America’s
master gun maker. And by Bradley Smoker,
food smoking made easy. (upbeat music) Now, before we get
back out to the hunt, let’s take a second
and learn more about the full
lineup of handguns that Smith and Wesson
Performance Center offers for hunting. – You know, handgun hunting is becoming more
and more popular and we’ve got a lot
of different products from the Performance Center
that could help you out on what you’re looking for and
what you’re gonna hunt with. The first gun up is a Model 629, which is a stainless
steel revolver and it’s really
great for, you know, North American hunting,
especially whitetails. So, if you wanna hunt
whitetail or pigs, this would be a great
opportunity to use this gun. You know, it’s got
integral rails on it, muzzle brakes, Performance
Center tuned action. This is a great gun,
especially if you just wanna start off with handgun hunting. (rock music) Next up, is our 460. So, if you’re talkin’
about elk hunting, long range shooting,
this is something you might be interested. You could shoot three
calibers in this gun, 460, 454 Casull, or 45 Lanco. So, if you just wanna
spend the day at the range, put 45 Lancos in, it is great, a lot less recoil, muzzle
brake, fiber optic sight, integral rail, Performance
Center tuned action, great gun for North
American hunting. You can hunt whitetail,
as well as pigs and elk. Now, if you’re looking
for Africa type hunting, this is our 500. So, this would be a great
gun to do this with. I prefer the seven and a
half inch while I’m hunting. Once again, the Performance
Center tuned action, integral rails, muzzle brakes. This is a great gun
for hunting in Africa. If you wanna find out more
about our hunting products, please visit the Smith
and Wesson website. – Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Well, it’s day two of
whitetail rattling hunting with Performance Center’s
Tony Miele and Wade Middleton. They had quite a few
animals on day one, but they’re still looking
for a big buck to show up. (rattling) – Not too small. (rattling) – It was kinda slow
in the morning. You know, we had a
couple of deer come in into one of the areas, some of the small
fork horns and spikes. We did have one big one come in. – Oh, he’s a shooter. Yeah, he’s a shooter. He’s an old crab
claw eight point. He’d be a perfect deer. Maybe we could sneak up
here to this next persimmon and be in position,
see what he does. (intense music) See if you could
shoot right there. (rattling) I mean, you’re probably
at 56 yards to that green, to the little green bush there. That’s probably 56
yards right there. He’s right behind that bush. (rattling) – That was a real
nice deer and it just didn’t stay long enough
and the big ones don’t. You know, they’ll
come chargin’ in, see what’s going on, and pretty
quick they’re out of there. So, you gotta be ready to say, “Yeah, that’s the
animal I wanna shoot.” And then, take the shot. So, that right there put
it in perspective for me. It’s gonna happen fast. You gotta get the gun on
him and you gotta decide whether or not that’s the
animal you wanna shoot. But, it’s really a
quick paced opportunity when you’re rattling. (intense music)
(rattling) – Coming up, Tony and
Wade are still searching for a big buck. Find out if they’ll have the
chance to take an aim at one. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, has been brought to
you by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, your
adventure starts here. Conquest Sense, hunting
and dog training sense. And by Stealth Cam digital
scouting cameras, proven. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. After a quick lunch
break, Smith and Wesson Performance Center’s Tony
Miele and Wade Middleton head out again to
a different area where they’ve spotted some deer. They begin setting up. – It was maybe 10,
15 minutes later, we had two four pointers
off to the right hand side. We watched them come through
and they’re interested, you know, to see what’s
going on once again and they take off. And, that afternoon,
probably on that stock, we’ve probably had
about five or six, you know, smaller deer at
different points come through with the rattling. Just nothing big enough
to take an opportunity at. So, after about a half
an hour at that setup, Wade says, “Hey, let’s move.” He said, “You know,
we’ll go about two miles down the road where I
know there’s a pretty good population of deer and see
if we could set up over there and have a go at it.” So, we get into
the next area and we wanna set up so that
we have an opportunity to shoot in both directions
because these deer just come in anywhere. They don’t care whether you’re
downwind, upwind, you know. They’re just out of their minds. So, the idea was just to
make sure you could shoot right, left, you know,
and you had lanes to take good shots at ’em. (rattling)
(intense music) – Nine o’clock, nine o’clock,
nine o’clock, nine o’clock. (rattling) Shoot him. (gun firing)
(rattling) He’s goin’ down, he’s
down right there. He’s down right there. (intense music)
He’s down right there. That’s how fast he can go down
when it comes to rattlin’. We’ve been out
here since daybreak and it is now 3:47 PM. (laughs) That 44 Magnum Performance
Center smoking. Congrats to Tony. (laughs) Oh, boy, good shootin’. (laughing) – I don’t know why
I bring the sticks. – (laughs) It always goes
down freehand. (laughs) – That was fast. – (laughs) It’s how it
goes down, right? (laughs) – Good job, buddy. – Nicely done, sir. Good shootin’. (chuckles) That’s so awesome. I love doing this. I can do it all day long. There’s only a small window
every year that it works. – I’d prefer not to take
a forward shot like that with a deer facing you. Unfortunately, when
you’re rattling like that, you just don’t
have a lot of time. The deer are not gonna
stand there that long. Once they figured out
you’re not another buck having a fight with
one of his peers, they take off. So, you know, just
practice a lot, make sure you’re
proficient with a gun, and then, if the
opportunity presents itself with a front on shot like
that, you’re gonna make it. – There he is right there. (rock music)
(laughing) He didn’t go very far, sir. (laughing)
Got you. Yeah, look at the
head on this deer. Talk about mature old bucks. What’d you think
of that? (laughs) I mean, he was running dead
from the moment you shot him. I mean, I saw all the,
everything collapse as he was coming through there. Nice mature buck right there. Full body, I mean, you could
tell looking at his hocks. He’s the guy doing
all the breedin’ and chasin’ the does
around here and he, he thought somebody had come
in to his area, didn’t he? (laughing) Good shootin’, my friend. – Thank you very much. You did a great job.
– Yeah, rattlin’– Rattlin’ is a passion of mine. It always has been and
I spent many a days and never rattled one in to
even give us an opportunity. And, you know, you
rattle in a lot of, I call ’em teenagers, you know. – Yeah, yeah.
– They’re curious. The stags and four points
or six points, you know, two to three year
olds would come in and you’ll get, in a good day, you
get three or four encounters on a place that’s
got some mature deer. When this guy here came in over, I mean, he was like
Superman flying over the bushes.
– It was. He came in fast. With a handgun,
there’s nothin’ better than it.
– No. – You know. And I tell you what, you
got a lot of mobility, too. So, you’re sittin’
there, if you gotta turn, you can turn quick. You don’t have to
fight with the rifle. – In this type of conditions–
– You know? – We’ve been hunting in the day. The handgun is
better than a rifle. – Yeah, it is.
– I mean, because most of the opportunities we’ve had
were well inside 100 yards. And, I mean, in the
sights and the setup you got on that one
there, it’s perfect for this type of hunting. – You know, and a 44 is
more than enough, you know, power for deer, you know.
– Yeah. Thank you, buddy. – It’s a nice lookin’ deer. – Yeah, that’s a great buck. – You know, whitetail
hunting down here is just a lot of fun. Rattling them, I’m a
big fan of that now and I guarantee you,
I’m gonna be doing that in the future, too. I gotta make sure that
Wade invites me back down for that 10 days next year
when it’s all happening. (rock music) – Now, remember, you
can always keep up with Americana Outdoors
on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Hey, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next
time on Americana Outdoors. (dramatic music) Americana Outdoors is
a Careco TV production.

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