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Handgun Hunting and Jerky

(mechanical sound effects)
(electronic music) – [Narrator] Today
on Deer Gear TV, we showcase the Performance
Center by Smith & Wesson, we try out new pop-up
blinds from Cabela’s, and finally, we
check out Cabela’s meat processing equipment. All this and more coming up
on Cabela’s Deer Gear TV. (drum music) From hand cutting to
fine-tuning for precision, Performance Center firearms
are top performers. Products from the
Performance Center are the ultimate expression
of old world craftsmanship blended with modern technology. Feature-rich and enhanced
for better performance, Performance Center
firearms maintain production line integrity. Whether you’re shooting a
pistol, revolver, or rifle, you can be sure your
Performance Center gun is made with the close attention to
detail for your best shot yet. (gunfire) – Back in about
1989, they brought in a group of guys to make
high-end custom guns, and it was really at that point geared
towards competition shooting. Since then, we’ve opened a
broader range of products to include hunting,
protection, so it’s not just a competition-based
platform anymore. You’re looking at
standard product, and you pick a
Performance Center gun up right next to it,
right away you notice. It looks a lot different,
and not only that, but you start pulling
the trigger, and you say there’s a whole lot
difference here. We take already what I consider
to be the best products on the market today, and we
make ’em that much better. We add integral rails,
we do custom action jobs, so you can expect
a lot smoother, lot
lighter trigger pull. Custom sights, custom
grips, custom barrels, I mean they don’t look anything
like our standard products. (upbeat music) One of the most important
features about some of these hunting handguns is
the fact that the triggers are a lot nicer than
your standard product. You can expect about a 3 1/2
pound single action trigger pull out of the Performance
Center and about a 10 pound double action trigger
pull, and that’s significantly different
than our standard products, and you know, when you’re
in a field hunting, you’ve got an animal
in front of you, you gotta make that
follow up shot. Typically, it’s not
gonna be single action, it’s gonna be double
action, and that’s where that 10 pound double action
trigger pull comes into play. You really want a
Performance Center features while you’re hunting. Performance Center just
doesn’t do handguns. We do rifles, we just came out
with a 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle. We do three gun for
competition shooting. We do 1911s, we do our M&Ps. Our M&Ps, once again, three
gun, IDPA revolvers, IDPA, we do custom protection
or carry guns, so our shield, our ported
shield, we do a lot of J frames, and you can expect
nice, clean lighter double action trigger pulls,
and really on a J frame, if you think about it,
you do an action job and we reduce the trigger
pull weight about 20%. You know, when you look
at our competitors, they don’t really offer
a custom type package. I mean, yeah, you can get custom
guns from smaller outfits, you pay a lot more money
for ’em than you would for the stuff coming out
of the Performance Center yet you’re getting
the custom gun, so you’re getting
something a lot better than standard production,
and our competitors really don’t do that. Integral rails, I mean
you’d have to send your gun out to a gunsmith, have
it drilled, tapped, and then you mount the rail,
and it’s not that rigid. If you take a look at a
Performance Center products, those rails are
integral to the barrel, so you don’t have to worry
about ’em every loosening up in the field while
you’re hunting. Originally, the .44 magnum was probably the go-to
gun for hunting. Smith & Wesson, back when
they were looking at the .500, they were saying we
wanna bigger platform that would enable a guy to
hunt just about anything he wanted to with a handgun,
and that’s how the .500 came about, and you see
guys take an elephant with them now in
Africa, Cape Buffalo. It’s just opened
up a wider range of hunting
opportunities for you. People typically look
at the .460 or the .500, and they shy away from
it thinking the recoil’s gonna be way too much
for them to handle. What you’ve gotta
understand about these guns is there’s a lot
of weight to ’em. There’s no flutes
in the cylinders, and that helps reduce recoil. You know, that misconception
of all the recoil, you’re not gonna be able
to handle it, you’re not gonna be able to control
it, it’s really not there. (soft music)
(gunfire) I love seeing new people
come into this game, say hey, you know, I’ve done it with a rifle, I’ve
done it with a bow, now I wanna do it
with a handgun. Takes a little bit of practice, and you’ll be out hunting
and enjoying it too. – [Narrator] Come check out
the expanded Smith & Wesson Performance Center selection
at a Cabela’s near you. (rock music) Deer Gear is brought
to you by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. Your
Adventure starts here. Performance Center
by Smith & Wesson, performance when
it matters most. Bradley Smoker, food
smoking made easy. (electrical static) Looking further into the
line of hunting handguns from the Smith & Wesson
Performance Center is the brand new
.460 XVR handgun, featuring a 7 1/2 inch barrel. (gunfire)
(dramatic music) – The Smith & Wesson
Performance Center .460 XVR, this is a finely-tuned handgun. It’s got a muzzle brake
and an unfluted cylinder, and it’s basically been
fine-tuned for those of us out there that like
these big handguns. It’s got a smooth,
light trigger, and it’s gonna
help you dial into your shots quickly for accuracy. And this is a handgun, in
my opinion, that’s really designed to provide things
that the hunter expects and wants out of a hunting
handgun or a revolver like this. This particular revolver
from the Performance Center at Smith & Wesson
is something that when you look at it, it
just looks fantastic. I mean, it’s just cool
(laughs) in your hands. I mean, when you hold it, and
when you feel the balance, and you look at the design
and the craftsmanship, and then you start feeling
that finely-tuned trigger when you’re pulling
it, and you look at what the muzzle brake
does to reduce the recoil, and the unfluted cylinder
and just how the gun is put together
and how it performs (gunfire) I mean you instantly
gain confidence with what it’s
gonna be able to do. – And that really
came out of the fact that we’re carrying 10
1/2 inch guns around, they’re a little bit
cumbersome at times, especially when you wanna get the
gun up quick on a stick. So we reduced the
barrel to 7 1/2 inches, once again Performance
Center action so you get a great
feel in the gun, but that little shorter
barrel makes a whole lot of difference when
you’re a hunter. (rock music) You know, what really makes
this gun nice is the fact that it doesn’t have
a longer barrel on it so it’s a lot easier to
carry while you’re hunting. We reduced recoil in a
couple different ways. One is the muzzle brake,
so when a round goes off, we’re expending
gas out the barrel. It helps reduce muzzle brake. The other thing too is the
weight of the overall gun, so you’ve got a
very heavy barrel as well as a unfluted
cylinder, which adds weight to that gun, and that’s
helping to reduce recoil too, so that followup shot
when you’re in a field, it’s really important to get
back on a target quicker, and by reducing that recoil,
that’s what we’re doing. High vis, fiber optic sight
gets you back on target a lot quicker in those
low light conditions too. It really helps
out the fact that that fiber optic
sight is lighting up. Like I said, 7 1/2 inch barrel. It’s got a integral rail,
and what’s nice about that is you don’t have to send
your gun out to get gunsmithed to have a mount put on
the barrel so you don’t have to worry about it loosening
up, it’s nice and rigid. Obviously, we use the factor
of Performance Center action, so you can expect
about a 3 1/2 pound single action crisp
trigger pull and about a 10 pound double
action trigger pull. Chrome hammer, chrome
trigger, once again help to protect it from
elements, hogue overmolded grip. Once again, it is a
powerful gun, so you wanna have something in your hand
that helps reduce recoil, and I mean it’s got finger
grooves in it, and it’s got a pad in the back of it
that helps you with the recoil, so your hand’s not
absorbing all that recoil. The grip really helps with that. It’s got a texture
to it that really gives you a nice, firm grip. I really like it
a lot for hunting. – [Narrator] Wade
had the opportunity to debut the Performance
Center XVR .460 out in the field on a
recent white tail hunt. – What I’m gonna be hunting
with is something new from the Smith & Wesson
Performance Center. This is a .460 Smith
& Wesson magnum. Now, they’ve had one of these
.460s out for a long time with a bigger barrel,
but this is got a lot of new features built into
it, and it’s something that I can’t wait to
get out and field test. I think it’s gonna be perfect for the situation
that we’re hunting in. (soft music)
(footsteps) (zipper) (gunfire) Got ’em, got him, got him, smoked that guy. (Wade exhales and laughs) That’s what I’m talking
about right there. Did you see him come
running across that, come running across
that field there? I mean, he came
in, there was two or three other deer milling
around, I mean I guess they like this little
shade here there. I’m definitely a
little shook up. (Wade laughs) You see the gun shaking
a little bit right there. That’s a giant, did you
see all those tines? I mean, he’s got, one side’s
got an extra tine coming out here, he curves in, he’s
got brow tines going that way. That’s what I’m talking about from the Performance
Center right there. Smoked that deer. (exhales) Golly, that is so fun, you
know I have really taken to this handgun hunting
and getting involved in it, and spending time down on
the range and shooting, and they just perform
so well in the field. I mean, when you
can get out there and practice and take
the time, you can just do some phenomenal
shooting with it. I’ve been practicing
at all distances, all ranges with several
different calibers, so that was pretty
cool right there. Give him a second, then
we’ll go take a look. There’s blood right here too. The search is going,
I like it better in this dirt than I do
in this, yep, grass. (Wade laughs) It’s right there,
buddy, right there. (Man laughs) I mean, he’s right
there in the broom weed. (Wade laughs) That’s great, look that
that, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, I mean, what a stud. I mean, this is
an old timer too. That is a phenomenal
buck, and I mean, talk about center
punching one, we center punched that
one, I can see that. Performance Center .460,
you know that’s a new model that they’ve got, and it just
has been a blast to shoot. What a buck (laughs). – [Narrator] Deer Gear
is brought to you by Garmin Xero bow sight.
Leave the guess work behind. Hi Viz, see what
you’ve been missing. Walkers, protect it or lose it. Wiley X, absolute
premium protection. (electrical static) (whoosh) – [Man] If you’re looking
for a new pop-up blind this season, head on over
to Cabela’s and take a look at the Cabela’s
species ground blind. – You know, finding
a pop-up for all your hunting situations
is really tough. How big do you need it? What size? How do you
want the design to be? If you’re looking for
an extra large blind for up to two people,
adjustable windows to give you maximum visibility,
a hook and molly window system that eliminates the
need for zippers, shoot-through mesh panels,
this is definitely a blind that I think you wanna look at. I spent some time in the
field on a reason handgun hunt and really found that
the Cabela’s species ground blind was
unique in its design. It allowed me to find
success thanks to some of these unique
features that it had. It offers 180 degree
panoramic windows. It’s really cool,
so you can open ’em as big or little as you want. The shoot-through panels are
really key for a lot of guys, because it’s gonna give them
more concealment out there. Personally, I didn’t
use ’em on this hunt, but it’s a great
feature to have. And another big key that
I really liked on this is it’s a very easy
blind to pop up, and the integrated
brush loops that come with this blind allow you
easily to conceal this blind, and that’s a big thing
that I really liked. I like to be able to put brush
all the way around my blind, and with the loops,
you can easily do that. But I tell you one of the things
that really got my feature about the Cabela’s species
ground blind is the extra large, diamond shaped windows
in the two corners. These really wide windows
allow me to maximize my shooting lanes while
still feeling concealed. You can sit in a chair
traditional like you would in a pop-up, or you
can sit on the ground like I did on a
recent handgun hunt. You can open these big
diamond shaped windows in any manner that
you want to thanks to the silent hooking and
molly system that comes with ’em so that you can just
unclip ’em and then clip ’em back up to set the openings
the way you want ’em. This really paid a big role in
a recent handgun hunt for me and basically gave
me confidence in how I was able to position
the blind, how easy it was to put it up, how easy
it was to brush it in, and then finally with those
diamond shaped windows and sitting on the
ground, those deer had no idea I was there,
so this blind, the Cabela’s species ground
blind is definitely one to take a look at if you
like a lot of versatility in how you can
set your blind up. (light guitar music) – [Narrator] Now
let’s see what’s new this year from Yamaha Outdoors. (intense rock music) – [Announcer] Introducing
Yamaha’s latest adventure-seeking side by side. The all new 2019 Wolverine X2. Purpose-built for exploring
tight, technical terrain, the Wolverine X2
offers unmatched off road capability
with ultimate comfort. With an all new compact
and nimble chassis, an ultra quiet,
powerful and smooth 847 CC twin cylinder engine
and next level versatility with a 600 pound
dumping cargo bay. No other side by side delivers this level of proven off
road capability, comfort, and confidence-inspiring
performance. The all new Wolverine
X2 from Yamaha. – [Narrator] Deer
Gear is brought to you by Yamaha ATV and side by
sides, off road vehicles. Thompson Center. America’s
Master gun maker. Stealth Cam, proven. (electrical static) If you’re a hunter who likes
to process your own meat and make your own jerky,
Cabela’s has everything you need to make the perfect
venison jerky. Clark Wendlandt is here
to show us how quickly and easily it is to
make your own jerky. (light country music) – Probably the most
important thing for processing deer to
me is a good grinder. A good grinder helps you
make sausage, make tacos, you can make chili, do
all kinds of things, spaghetti, soups,
there’s lots of things you can do with ground
meat, so I actually own a Cabela’s carnivore
grinder, 1 1/2 horsepower, and that’s exactly
what this one is. This is the newest
model, and the cool thing about this one is is
it has this cool tech. You put it in the freezer
and it actually makes this housing really
cold, so when that meat goes through there, it
doesn’t warm the meat at all. It stays really
really cold, and then that helps your ground meat
stay a little bit more firm when you’re working with it,
especially making sausage. The firmer it is,
the better it is. And so I’m gonna just
show you how I grind meat and how easy this is, how much
of a beast this machine is. So I’m gonna just take some
meat, I’m gonna stick it in here in the tray,
and turn it on, (machine whirs) and we’re gonna grind some meat. And this, the one thing
about this grinder is is it’ll do a lot of meat,
and it’ll do it pretty fast, and you can see I’ve
already ground up about 40 or 50
pounds right here, and I’ve got just a
little bit more to go, about another 10, 15, 20 pounds. That right there
will spit it out. We’re actually gonna
take this ground meat, we’re gonna use a jerky blaster and actually season it
with a kit from Cabela’s, a kit that just
makes it super easy. So what I’ve got in here is I’ve got five pounds of ground meat. I’m gonna go with Cabela’s
peppered venison jerky. So I’ve got two packets, I’ve
got the pepper jerky packet, and I’ve got the cure packet. Basically, you just
add both of ’em to it. The cure is there so
that the bacteria, when you’re drying meat,
you’ve gotta have a cure on it. And then, I’m basically
gonna just take this meat in this tray, and I’m gonna
just thoroughly mix it up. This is just five
pounds, and so I’ve got the meat pretty
thoroughly mixed up. The only other
thing you gotta add is just a little bit of water. And so I’ve got some
water measured out here. I mean, I think that that’s
about probably a half cup or quarter cup that
you wanna need, and that just makes it go
through that jerky blaster just a little bit easier,
and you’re thinking, well how’s that gonna
go into the meat? Well, if you mix it
up, that water’ll just kinda naturally, the
meat’ll just kind of absorb it, and so once I get it
mixed up really good, then I’m gonna go to
the jerky blaster. I’m actually gonna take one
of the trays in the dehydrator out and we’re gonna
have venison jerky. You know, to load
this thing up, you’ve got an easy loading attachment. Basically just goes, and it
just screws right on the end. You can put your meat
in there real easily. Once you get some in there, you take this plunger
and it’ll just load it and makes it a lot easier
than trying to just go slowly get it in that tube. They’ve got several different
tips that you can use. You can use a round tip, you
can use a bigger flat tip. I’ve always liked flat,
because I feel like it’s a little bit easier to, a little quicker on the
dehydrator if you’re using a flat one, but
you’ve got both options. This is a Cabela’s 12-tray
pro series dehydrator, and I’m actually putting the
last trays in it right now, just fit ’em in there, it’ll
actually hold 12 trays. That’s the last
tray right there. Now, I’m gonna close it
up, the door is strong, it’s got a great magnet,
it stays really good. When you power it on, all you
gotta do is set two things. You gotta set your temperature,
and you gotta set your time. We’re ready to go, I just
heard it boot up and come on. Check back in about 10 hours, that jerky’s gonna
be ready to eat. Hey, let’s see what we got. Wow, venison jerky right there. I tell you what, if you
got the opportunity, you like great tasting
jerky, and who doesn’t? Try some of Cabela’s
jerky making kits, the dehydrator, makes
it really simple. This was nine hours at
160, and this is perfect. (whoosh) – [Narrator] Like what
you see on Deer Gear? Win products and
gift cards simply by liking us on
Facebook at DeerGearTV. You’ll get up-to-date info
on all our featured gear and the inside scoop
on upcoming giveaways. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you next time here on Cabela’s Deer Gear TV. – And here it’s a lot
stickier, and when you’ve got sticky meat
(coughs) the gloves (coughs) pepper got to me. (Clark laughs) (explosion)

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