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Handgun Carry Permit Revoked After Gun Violence Viral Video

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hurts felt not only a member also forwarded the package your concern it’s great to have david hurts all the
board as a member and we thank him for his service lewis as an intern last
semester tennessee has suspended james baker’s handgun carry permit after you put out a
bizarre ranting about using guns against the
government of defending himself let’s take a look first at the original video cake take a look
at this and uh… you probably don’t want children to even be aware that this
type of person exist injured up response online income and right now just got uh… news update today is the
uh… for the month of january twenty thirty
lighted provides for the bond is asking the president obama’s congress on using six different regional water ten alabama syllables to luxury to
imposed stricter gun control draft in until a new that had been searched
for a civil war and i’ll be glad to fire the first shot
another footnote with it you should put up with it not himalayan patriots right to start
thinking about what you’re going to do loja datamatics mature briskly pack up backpack was simply leased injury the
flight yellowed you gotta put a backpack together with food men then get get your guns dealer that’s brilliant okay so he made the video and uh… just hours later the tennessee
department of safety and homeland security said that there is a material
likelihood of risk of harm to the public so that they are are suspending is uh… handgun carry permit yeah got an idea new rule right to take
bill maher stern if you look like one of the new nazis the rapes
edward norton in american history x right don’t get them again never is and that’s good for everyone is
based more on what he said thing we should discriminate based on how it
works dr right of course as i was kidding but how
do making a really good point in that sense anyone who would make a video like this is still follow tile to own guns like we
need a system in place to prevent people like this from having got the key
whatever database the n_r_a_ wants i feel like he probably wouldn’t be on
it after making this rant but he should be that’s really the point here yeah i’d
really love to see what happens when this guy is leading uh… ’em alicia into battle record
instead of against the government so that he did another video where he was sitting there with his
lawyer this was after after it you know everything started to hit the fan and
his lawyers sitting there and i think there will be kisses lawyers also an alarmist of this guy it’s scary that we live in a country
where guys like this have a lot of night it right and that’s really the most
disturbing part yeah lead attorneys are this guy’s alumni let’s take a listen to
this video and for people watching the visual is that he’s sitting next to his
lawyer who’s just looking at it and smirking okay that’s the situation reject your responses to that there with my friend uh… olympus an
industry unemployment the mobility alliances pretty awful stuff which
apologize for right do not in anyway advocate the whole report of the united
states government up nor do i condone any violent actions forcing you to divisions right unless
very helium and in israel i like how this is all of a sudden he’s an attorney
right he’s using language that attorneys would would right out he he he did not mean that like i was
making clear it was not advocating any specific
actions against elected officials or the overthrown or doesn’t moon what don nor
dizzy condone annabel anyway if you did it he also does not condone that action
bear that in mind you can’t do anything and blame it on james baker bush clearly we’ve got here and what he’s
admitting to use this is someone who does not think about his actions before
committing them that’s right lou the type of person you want having gone
there’s no question about another words keepin think the rule by youtube video that he didn’t that
ended up getting the attention of government offices including homeland
security and revoking his permit this is not a guy who what had in mind you for
c_ had to record a video correct so he has the video and then he needs to
personalize right exactly and then let’s listen for just a little bit maybe of
the attorney to hero where what kind of uh… whether he’s playing with a full day outdated people you recognize it for twenty years or so people in the people in and out of his youth in israel
and i think it’s really amazing davis’s convert note jealousy stay swept the nation on
thursday to get permission to carry on now that’s really great okay so the the
attorney and riveted by what your parents that attorneys a heck of an
alarm system i would love to have that attorney as a
student of mine where do you then you’d it might help you in any case this guy like how also this guy needs to
feel safe except nobody else in their right mind would feel safe knowing that
this guy has guns which makes him feel safe i would be anywhere near this cop
what’s more important him feeling safe with his guns or everyone else feeling
safe that he does it have them bump

100 thoughts on “Handgun Carry Permit Revoked After Gun Violence Viral Video

  1. you guys are sorely mistaking 1 persons passion for freedom and patriotism. you mock him for being who he is even as a socialist government is about to change your lives forever. the only thing in here that i think is crazy is that this guy is prepared to defend your rights even though you seem to be willing to hand them over. you two douchebags should move to china.

  2. If the government can violate or throw away one amendment, what makes you think the parts of the constitution you like will be protected ? … It wont be possible when they have the all the guns either.

  3. Could you two be more hypocritical? Yeager's free speech is invalid because his cloths, shaved head and tats are offensive to your metrosexual sense of style?

    Homeland security labeled him as a risk for exercising his 1st amendment rights? And you feel you are some sort of info media reporters? You can't see the very real problem with that?

    This topic is too important to be reduced to such a juvenile level.

  4. and if that doesn't work? The government can't fight itself stupid. The people can win, but they can't necessarily do it with their voice. After all, we are a republic. That means that if there is corruption, then the people can do nothing.

  5. wow why does anyone watch this channel it one guys opinion, that gets taken as gospel by his two friends. i love how people in any media liberal or conservative never have opposing views in their segments on a daily basis.

  6. No problem there are plenty of Guns on the Black Market which are way easier to get on the streets and cheaper.Plus no background tests you dont have to go threw all that bs carrying permit,classes if you commit a crime with it it can't get traced back to you…Im sure he has a shed of Guns stashed away…Who needs a Permit? its only a peace of paper

  7. they are flaming fucks like Anderson Cooper no difference..You can tell they are all connected because they all agree with the samethin..LOL

  8. The real conpiracy theorists are the Government Controlled mainstream media…Do your research people its all outthere.."Operation Mockingbird" research the Rothchilds Jewish Zionist whom own 600 trillion.. We are 17 trillion in debt..They take guns away from law abiden ctizens then they will resort to getting them off the HUGE Black Market on the streets…The war on drugs was lost before it started another BIG SCAM!

  9. What a shame that this David Pakman(whoever the hell he is) character fails to see the irony here. An American citizen exercises his 1st amendment right, speaking out against the very real threat to his 2nd amendment right, gets his conceal license taken away for speaking out against the government. This folks is precisely WHY there is a 2nd amendment, to protect ourselves from a tyrannical and oppressive government, which is exactly what they're proving to be. And this guy laughs about it.

  10. Let's make another "new rule"… if you aren't even old enough to shave, you can't possibly have a valid opinion. And another… if you don't like the laws of the land that this country was founded upon, move to Canada. Also, if you're NOT a U.S. citizen, your opinions about our Constitution and the Bill of Rights aren't important and do not matter.

  11. James Yeager has earned his respect in the world. What the fuck has David Packman earned? Nothing. Just a flamboyant attitude and a freedom of speech that is protected by guns.

  12. Ummm….How do you think we got our independence from the world's largest military empire.

    Hint: some handguns and rifles and homemade bombs

  13. Just a thought here, opening day of deer season (rifle) there were more hunters in the woods & fields of Wi and Pa than there were enlisted men in the US military on that day. That only two states.

    Unlike an invading force the US military's enlisted men and woman's families are, you guessed it American citizens.

  14. I remind you that it's ARMED patriots like James Yeager that make it possible for you to sit and run your mouth on YouTube. I could just imagine your videos had you been around to hear the firey speeches of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Oh, well. I guess we have to take the good with the bad when it comes to the 1st Amendment.

  15. As I remember my American history we won because we did not run a conventional war as was known at that time. We conducted a Guerrilla war or whatever the current PC term is.

    That is the whole point of that type of warfare make it too costly. Not so much a lesson as manipulation of fact to support your premise.

    IMHO it does not matter what the accounting sheet says, our nation gained independence.

  16. What is a "Real" war? The sword thing? I've read several takes on that. Some historians would tell us it was more to Mock the English. Some would tell us it was to cement relation for future financial / trade support.

    To write off the efforts of the parrots of that day is in the least disrespectful.

  17. So … Just wait till you have no right to be Libral! then lets see how you feel? you probally wouldnt care Demoralized idiots!

  18. I can't get past the fact that this video is comprised of three effeminate "guys" taking pride in being such. They presented no facts or hard line logic to support their wannabe Bill Maher banter. But then again, they admitted their liberal bias from the beginning, so I didn't expect anything other than what was delivered.

    Pakman: "Guns are scary!"

    Common Sense: "Why are guns scary?"

    Pakman: "…Someone higher on the liberal food chain told me they were?!"

    Common Sense: "…"

  19. If this Country thinks James Yeager is so bad. Why did they teach us in school to just about worship the Patriots who fought, gained independence, and started this great Land of the Free, United States?

  20. You 2 are basically libtard infants. Though you have the freedom to say what you do, Yeager also has the freedom to say what he does. You are sheep and follow the herd of other misinformed sheep. I honestly can't understand how people like you exist.

  21. James Yeager is a government plant along with many more who are staging anti-government militias. They will take you straight to their camps, the Fema camp that is.

  22. I feel safer with that guy having a gun than not. He's not going to shoot me. He's angry at government removing our rights. So am I. Big deal, dorks.

  23. DAVID, you and your mic buddy come over as dorks,dweeebs, geeks ect. your sandy debunk vidio was weak. the point you wanted to make. failed me! I'm not a cons. therist I just support the 2nd ammendment the way it's writen (not the way the GOV. wants to twist it) or over rule it. Many parts of the CONST. are writen there so the GOV. can't have all the power over the people (WE THE PEOPLE) DAVID your to young & green to see what GOV. been doing to change OUR RIGHTS ! open your eyes BOYS.

  24. So basically a 6 minute video of these guys bashing someone who looks and talks different than the way they think people should.. including the skinhead reference.. Funny thing is not one of these guys look like they could fight there way out of a paper bag.. They remind me of the self proclaimed "intelligent" individuals who hang out at Starbucks all day drinking there frappuccino's not realizing the world around them is dieing with laughter on the inside….

  25. I find it interesting that you think less of him then the additional ridiculous laws being implemented to take away more rights. Also interesting is how you mentioned how Homeland security within hours of the video posting revoked his license & then go back to attacking him as if what he said is the craziest thing about the situation. Your position in this changing country is clear.

  26. One day, You or a loved one will be endangered. In that moment, what can be done? I believe we have a choice. Wait minutes for the police, watch it happen and remember each moment as you stand powerless in the face of evil. Or claim your right to protect what you love. You want to take this choice away from me. How dare you. "from my cold dead hands"

  27. Semi automatic rifles are not military grade. Maybe you should look up the definition of assault rifle. Bushmaster semi auto is not classified as an assault rifle under the law. /flips you a coin "buy a fucking clue".

  28. You idiots just keep laughing with your head in the sand. People like you will be the first to cower when things start going to shit, looking to people like this gentleman for help.

  29. Laugh it up and make fun of people all u want but I bet u don't have money to have a bunker underground for u or ur family when the shit hits the fan ! So u will wish u had some form of protection when things get bad.

  30. Come to Arizona. I can take a rifle into a bank so long as its on my shoulder. The only mass shooter here was a communist. Maybe we take away all liberals right to free speech to prevent communist mass shooting. No communist no motive, no shooting right? See how much sense that makes? (encase you're retarded it makes no sense)This is why you ppl are full of shit. You know nothing about me, and yet declared me mentally ill based on what? an opinion? PPL like you voted for Hitler.

  31. you would have voted for Hitler because hes popular. That's the only reason you care about guns. Its popular.

  32. Hitler banned gun ownership in all the countries under Nazi rule besides the few that ceded themselves over to Germany before the war. A conquered people cannot be allowed to have guns, or something idk the exact quote but still. I don't need to call you a moron when your words speak it for me.

  33. if you were a german citizen then you could have a gun. Poles, French, and others were not allowed to own guns. It helps when you read things for yourself instead of just taking some douche's word for it. Have a nice day and go fuck yourself.

  34. You are the one who put words in my mouth, i never said Germany had a universal gun ban, i just said you would have voted for Hitler. and you would have, he was popular and you cant seem to read a book to save your life. My mistake for pointing out your 4th grade reading of history, I should know better than to argue history with ppl who never read it.

  35. There is no reason to beat up on this guy.

    Kudos to Tennessee for making an example out of this Yeager fellow it shows the system works. I don't think its fair to compare him to a racist prison rapist. I took a look at some of his other videos and he is constantly preaching gun safety, my biggest beef with him is that he thinks that the .40 caliber is a compromise between a 9mm and a 45 acp.

    If you want to repeal the second amendment then just start a petition, see how far that gets.

  36. Do you guys have any clue who you're harping on? He started out as a cop, then became an undercover cop, was in SWAT, then a SWAT team leader, and he did that for 10 years. Then he started his company, Tactical Response. In 04 & 05 he was in Iraq as a security contractor working with the Iraqi Election Commission detail providing Iraqi officials with specialized protection during their first elections.

  37. Secondly, people like you don't like him for what he shouldn't have said out of anger and frustration, and out of context. But, in the same breath, your group and groups who would agree with you would threaten him and his family with death, and the burning down of his business and home. Hypocrites! You all look like a bunch of couch commandos. Read our constitution. He's actually been out putting foot to ass for our country before. Watch the interview about what he said.


  38. "We eat turkey on Thanksgiving because they are liberal socialists"

    I get the feeling this guy is not serious.

  39. I LOVE YOU YEAGER!!! You've got a friend in me, and I'm right on board if you ever need an army!

  40. wow this video is horrible, what an asshole! leave the man alone, just cause he knows more than you doesnt give you guys the right to make fun of him

  41. Ah, I love delicious irony. Man threatens to kill a bunch of people with guns, gets his gun permit suspended. That's HILARIOUS justice.

  42. So batshit crazy gun nuts/domestic terrorists can't go apeshit, overwhelm the military, and instill their own delusional regime.

  43. Im glad i fought so these idiots can make fun of somebody that doest want to be under the control of a tyrannical government

  44. "people that make videos like this shouldn't be allowed to have guns" -David Pakman. Are you kidding me? I don't agree with everything Yeager says but here are the facts bud. People like James Yeager fight for gun rights, so that illogical and frankly bigoted people like you can spout off at will like you did in this video. I'll tell you what, when/if this ever happens (which it won't because videos like this scare the government back into line, that's why they took his carry permit) I'd be glad to have James Yeager with me. Also, when/if this happens, which it won't because we the people are stronger than the government, I will laugh at you when you come crawling to the guys you made fun of for help. I will, as they say, feed you to the dogs (meaning the opposition).

  45. Yeager has fought for your rights, Pakman. What have you done for him ?  BTW, his rights were fully restored shortly thereafter.

  46. Three Jewish racist bigoted supremacists that call white people who are bold Nazis even though the Nazis didnt (sic) even shave their heads walk into a bar. The tallest one says "Oy vey! They lowered the bar."

  47. Guess you guys should lose your permission to use the internet to upload this stuff.
    Since you reacted so violently.
    GG. Double standards at its finest.

  48. do you not realize that he would rip both of you apart……………..with his bare hands………….. and even if YOU had a gun he would still eat your soul

  49. I couldn't even finish watching. When I realized you weren't being satirical I just shook my head in disbelief. The simplest of responses here is to remind you that the people are not beholden to the government, the government is beholden to our Constitution and therefore people must obey and uphold the Constitution. If you start hand-picking groups of people who the Constitution should or should not apply to, then you've created a caste system.

  50. Ok I'm gonna attack these guys for their opinions, that's their right. I will say that I disagree. Yes Yeager said some things that were the smartest, for the audience he was talking to, but does that make him unworthy of a constitutional right. I could get into the facts that gun ownership by responsible individuals (and I count Yeager as one) is in the best interests of America, but that is long and it's been stated plenty already. I just have to say that these young guys don't represent the American people and their snarky attitudes are exactly why young people are not respected. I feel confident that given ten more years of real life experience, that they will have a better opinion. Remember that responsible gun ownership is a constitutional right, nothing new, proven to save more lives then it harms, and is 100% voluntary.

  51. Dude needs to shave his chewbacca eye brows, and all of them need to get laid. At least Yeager was talking about standing up for a constitutional right while these fucktards are trying to take them away .

  52. yeah he's a big internet tough guy. many in that community know who he is. that said if the guy has a clean record, he should be allowed to own guns.

  53. James Yeager is a very knowledgeable individual and I'm glad that we have patriots like him who would inspire people to stand up and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

  54. The people who made this video are wanna be reporters that lack any knowledge yet try to use half ass sarcasm to make a point. Stupid. YouTube should have filters for bullshit like this

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