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Hand Gun Training At Range USA in Jackson, TN

Good group Sarah. Thank you. WOW, that is a good group! Hey good morning guys. Welcome back to the vlog. Yesterday we did something pretty cool. What did we do yesterday? We went to a gun class. That is right. We went to an introduction to handguns class
at Range USA here in Jackson TN. And did everyone learn something pretty cool? Yeah. We definitely learned a lot. What were some of the things that they taught
us in this class? Safety. Yeh safety. How to hold the gun. How to position your hand and how to support
it with the other hand. How to stand. Yep. Yeah, guys. So it was a really cool class. We got to shoot 3 different guns last night. we shot a 22. we shot a 9mm and a 38 special. Yeah, so it was pretty cool. But today we are back here again we are going
to actually rent a couple of guns and practice shooting some more. So let’s cruise on in and check it out. It doesn’t really look like much here on the
outside. There is no windows. there is no nothing. But you go through this door and it is actually
pretty nice. Alright, lets put the target up. Beautiful guys. Cool. Go ahead and run it out, Seth. Go out to three. Woh that is too far. Cool, we are going to start off here nice
and close. Practice the fundamentals. Nice. Good job. Cool good. that is it. Wow, good job dude. good job. Who is going next? Me. My turn! There you go. Nope turn it around. Yep. No. In the V just like he said. Then push this down with your thumb and you
are ready to go. Other Thumb. You are good to go. Good to go? yep. Seth don’t play bud. okay, go ahead.Nice.Is
that it? yep. Good group Sarah. Thank you. oh, that is a good group. So this one? nope. This one? nope. To release it? yep. No. Underneath here. underneath your fingers. right there. which hand do I use? Perfecto. Now use this thumb and push this down. Then it will be ready to go once you do that. Yep. It is ready now.I’m sorry I have you doing
it with the wrong hand. I forgot you were left-handed. It’s okay. next time. Yeah. Okay so. Make sure your hand is all snug up in there. Hm? it just went click? yep. Alright. so. Hang on to it. Drop the magazine into your hand.Yep.hit the
mag release.There you go. Nope hold on to it. Reach up with your right hand. grab that.pull back.almost. let me switch hands. there it went. these are rimfires. so you see it has the little tiny dent right
there? Yeah. it tried to shoot but sometimes it doesn’t. what you can try to do is put this back in
the magazine and try again. or you can through it on the floor. alright, so we will just put it back in and
try it again and see if it works. alright, so magazine in. there you go you are going to have to rack
it now to put one in the chamber. Thet me have this good grashis. there you go. Ther you go you are set. 22 sometimes it happens. they are little rimfires. want me to release it? no just set it down. How did I do? You did good. look at that group. practice pulling that back. can I try dad? no. Momand you want to do it with your none shooting
hand right? right. it does take a lot of strength though. can Sarah try? Yep. oke pull it back all the way. that is it? yep. I’m going to do number 5. Great. That is awesome. Alright, Sether, we are shooting out now at
7 yards. Can I shoot for the one? Ya, you can soot for the one. it will be okay. Number 1 hasn’t been shot yet at all. or 3. Yep. here he goes. good job Seth.
that is great Seth. good job. thanks. Alright, Snare. Oh, you want to do the slide thing? Ya. Okay take the clip out and put the slide forward. just like you do normally. Perfect. Leave it there. Pull those back? yeah, all the way. I can’t do it. .No, you let go. Don’t just let it go forward. You let go. and let it slam forward. I need to be able to do this. Well, you can’t do it right now you just need
to get stronger. Sarah is shooting out at7 yards number 4. Top right corner. there you go. good.Excellent. Good job Sarah. thank you. Good job Sarah. kept them all in the color. not together very well though. That is all right. Alright, mamma. okay. Why don’t you shoot at number 3? Okay? Pull this back? yeah, try pulling it back and see what happens. Ther you go. that is how you do it with your lefty hand. Nice. one more? nope. I guess that was it. Oh yeah, 5 there is one in the black. You already shot 5. Look at the gun. Cool dude. That was the last time. That was good I felt a lot better today. Allot more confident? A lot more comfortable with the grip. How to do the magazine and everything. my stance. I feel a lot more comfortable. cool. that was fun. okey may last time. are you going to shoot number 3? yeah. Cool. Wow. You are so fast.

65 thoughts on “Hand Gun Training At Range USA in Jackson, TN

  1. apakah ada latihan fisik khusus sebelum berlatih menembak? Sepertinya Seth lebih jago menembak daripada Sarah dan Juli, dan Sarah lebih jago menembak daripada Juli.

  2. I just saw Criminal investigation channel which showed how a son killed both parents and his sister using their own gun.i prefer no gun in the house so if someday my son is angry with me he probably just yelling at me not shooting at me or any other family members.since i know martial arts probably i will just hid nunchuke or baseball bat somewhere in the house just in case the unwelcomed guests broke in the nowdays are mentally unstable to hold lethal weapons.they have learned and exposed so much to the art of killings thanks to movies and internet.

  3. Haiii Pak Martin??? kamuuu apa kabar nih kamuuu…, oyaaa emang nyaaa si Seth boleh main Tembakan shooting ituuu…, coz si sith kan masih anak kecil…,

  4. That is good for self protection Mr. Martin…. regarding that you and family will be moving to suburb hill (sort of like A jungle)……hmmm sorry I don't know what to say😅, but anyway that's good for your protection. Jesus bless you and family 🙂.

  5. I do want to lesrn to shoot a gun at least once in my life, but I will never ever keep a gun in my life, just to avoid accidental shooting at home. Just want to try to shoot a gun out of curiousity.

  6. Sir what a lucky family you guys have an access to gun. I wish here in indonesia you can own and keep your gun legally in you house. Btw is that 0.22 caliber. Suggest maybe you can own 9mm good for self defense…..have a nice day sir

  7. If you like Sarah and Seth + shooting then you will probably like this old video of them. SO CUTE

  8. Cukup di amerika aja budaya kaya gitu, tidak perlu diterapkan di Indonesia orang2 di sini rata2 sumbu pendek atau gampang emosi gak cocok banget kalo pegang senjata apapun termasuk pistol

  9. You create a video about shooting which the video length is 9:11.. and it's september btw. Uh, nevermind. Of course it's coincidence.

  10. I will never understand Americans obsession with guns. I would hate to live in a country where people feel the need to own a gun in order to feel safe.

  11. Good to see that you got a good ole’ American family there, Pak Martin. These days the leftists keep trying to abolish gun owners’ rights, which is totally against the 2nd amendment. The NRA needs to strengthen their resolve in protecting gun owners across the US.

    Regards from Jakarta.

  12. This type of gun is still expensive the older one maybe much cheaper. Only ………………….. Who have this like an apple smartphone

  13. Klw di indo yg dpt akses ke senjata cm 2 tipe golongan. Golongan penegak hukum. Dan golongan bad people & terrorist. Di tengah2 ada golongan org baik2, yg mau tidak mau mesti siap mati konyol.

  14. very nice for the first time..22cal is simple for them next up i suggest you get a bigger caliber because where you guys are going to be living you will need alot bigger caliber hand gun or rifle to protect as well as hunt..2cents

  15. Senang y pak martin disana boleh punya firearm…beda dgn indonesia.tapi kalo di indonesia hanya boleh punya senapan angin. Maksimal kaliber 22.

  16. Mr Martin is it possible to buy and ship an 80% lower AR-15 from the usa to indonesia (supposed i had the clearance and paperworks done), and also is it legal or not if someone resides outside of usa willing to buy certain ghost gun kits? from a curious fellow gun enthusiast

  17. Hi Pak Martin! Saya sudah menonton channel bapak dari dulu. Saya saat ini sedang mengambil S2 di DC. Kalo mau ambil kelas menembak ini harus US Citizen ga ya? Atau F1 Visa juga boleh? Thank you for considering my question.

  18. wahhh saya baru lg lihat chanel pak martin karena chanel pak martin sdh tdk ada subtitle nya tp saat saya lihat lagi seth sdh besar yah seth sekarang kelas berapa??😀jawab seth😇saya tunggu yah😁

  19. That is basic training, which is good since everyone except the Vader is not proficient in holding hand gun. But the real american ART is Cowboy shooting, Dress up with cowboy attire, tall hat and holster full of lead bullet. That is lead bullet, lead bullet won't go through thick wooden table. Pak Martin, try to dress up with cowboy thing, shooting black powder revolver. I believe black powder revolver is exempt from CCW rule. It is not even considered as firearm as I remember. Please have it scheduled and let us here more knowledgeable with american culture.

  20. Finally catching with the Johnson Family! I think it’s actually normal for American, no matter how old they are, to learn to shoot a gun. It’s American tradition! And it’s necessary in a way, with the whole hunting season thingy, or even for protective reasons. It’s good and pretty cool activities! Tidak bisa disamakan dengan keadaan di Indonesia karena memiliki senjata api pribadi di Indonesia adalah bukan hal yang umum. Semoga mereka yang menonton video ini menjadikan aktifitas latihan menembak ini sbg pelajaran, ya. Bukan untuk disalah gunakan atau dihina. Be kind!!

  21. i love this moment… i love American style… as I know you always carry a knife, do you always carry a gun everywhere? maybe just to take care of yourself. and are there civilians allowed to have full automatic weapons? such as Assault rifle M4A1, M16, Scar-L, colt CAR15, CQBR and others…

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