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Half-Life 2: MMod – All Weapons, Reload Animations and Sounds [4K 60FPS (2160p)]

Real name: Heckler & Koch USP Match Colt Python Heckler & Koch MP7 Prototype Franchi SPAS-12 Based on AT4 Rocket Launcher MK3A2 Offensive Hand Grenade

100 thoughts on “Half-Life 2: MMod – All Weapons, Reload Animations and Sounds [4K 60FPS (2160p)]

  1. I keep thinking of another game which is called portal i would love to see something like this but with the portal gun with realistic portal effects and realistic 4k portals

  2. Is no body going to talk about how 'aiming down on sights' is literally just moving your head a tat bit forward instead of using the actually bloody ironsight and scopes on the guns

  3. I hate how the pulse rifle's parts are extremely exposed, yea it maybe made from "advance" machinery but doesnt deny the fact that its entire workings are exposed to the elements

  4. It's funny that the magnum is supposed to be a .357, which is actually very easy to handle. When hl2 came out I thought that 357 magnum was basically a dinosaur killer (I was 10) but then I fired one IRL and it was nothing. I fucking love how strong and satisfying it is though. Top 3 best revolvers in any video game.

  5. I fucking adore how they took the base weapons and essentially gave them a facelift but I don't know what the purpose behind all of these new ones is. They strike me as redundant in a way

  6. I'm glad the reload and shots for the Pulse Rifle changed, Gordon not changing the actual mag from picking up ammo did not make any sense at all. It seems like the original developers were just lazy.

  7. Do you think the birds in the sky are Suffering and dying from all this Shooting? Just imagine the mass destruction and the friends they lost…

  8. I love the pulse rifle because the animation is smooth enough now to showcase how intricate the firing mechanism is. Every little disk or round being forklifted into the "chamber". I wonder how reliable it really is, as something like that seems extremely fragile.

  9. The Combine being pretty advanced and all couldn’t think of something a little more practical with their standard issue assault rifle?

  10. When you try to be realistic but Gordon still magically reloads the revolver without a speedloader and the shotgun is still in pump mode rather than semi auto mode….

  11. It annoys me to no end that valve hates iron sights. Just has their protagonist shoot from the hip like an 80s action hero. Also I'm just imagining a really bored Gordon laying on his back shooting up

  12. Finally the proper reload for the pulse rifle, it's always seriously bugged me the the ammo is the 2/3 circle thing and it reloads by moving a single bullet out of the now empty mag into it.

  13. you spent all this time animating so well, but couldn't even get aiming, sounds, or reload animations correct. How sad.

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