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Half-Life 2 : MMod 1.3 All Weapons Showcase – New Reload Animations and Sounds 4K 60FPS

Real name: Heckler & Koch USP Match Colt Python Heckler & Koch MP7 Prototype Full in-game name: Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle Franchi SPAS-12 Alternative name: Gauss Cannon Based on AT4 Rocket Launcher MK3A2 Offensive Hand Grenade Full in-game name: Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator

100 thoughts on “Half-Life 2 : MMod 1.3 All Weapons Showcase – New Reload Animations and Sounds 4K 60FPS

  1. 0:00 9mm Pistol

    0:31 .357 Magnum

    1:06 SMG

    1:53 Pulse-Rifle

    2:46 Emplacement Machinegun

    3:18 Shotgun

    4:12 Crossbow

    4:35 Tau Cannon

    5:13 RPG

    5:42 Grenade

    6:00 Bugbait

    6:23 Crowbar

    6:46 Stunstick

    7:04 Gravity Gun

    7:51 Super Gravity Gun

    8:30 NEXT VIDEO

  2. Now this is much better, Gordon now again, holds the 9mm with one hand and can do because of his HEV suit reducing the recoil,,, the revolver seems a bit too powerful with its recoil tho

  3. Почему у меня не работает такой привел в новой версии. Подскажите какие настройки включить. Пожалуйста

  4. How do you aim from the front sight? I instead of aiming from the front sight, I just get closer to the image and that's it.

  5. Idk. I'm not a big fan of the new pistol and shotgun animations. Pistols should not be held one-handed like that in combat, and the shotgun looks significantly smaller in the new animations. I prefer the previous ones a bit more. The new smg animations is pretty sweet though!

  6. It’s so amazing to see half life 2 a 2004 game just look so good this mod for the game is just amazing a absolutely love it

  7. My problem with some of these animations is that they portray Gordon like he knows what he’s doing. A lot of mod authors that incorporate custom animations like this seem to forget that this is a man who’s probably never fired a gun in his life until about 24 waking hours before the events of half-life 2

  8. How could I not see this yesterday? Mmod has always been my favorite Half-life 2 mod. You can also see some z-fighting on the AR2.

  9. мда эта версия че та вообще не понравилась, предыдущая была лучше

  10. don't judge my stupidity, but is there a version of this mod for the episodes or is this naturaly compatable with them?

  11. Somethings really wrong with that revolver reload animation. Where did the fast-loader go after putting all the bullets in?

  12. It's amazing this change in the sound of the weapons and the animations, and me pretending to be half life 3 like a video showing the weapons!

  13. What’s the need for iron-sights despite the fact the game relies you to go guns-blazing. This is not a survival tactical CS:GO match.

  14. half life 2 players: sees intro ok thats cool but i was expecting mor-
    Gordon:*aims down sights

  15. I honestly liked it better when the pistol was being held with both hands but hey it's the creators choice not mine

  16. A question/idea

    Would it be possible to change the iron sights / zooming sights for individual weapons

    I like aiming with my .365
    But i really wanna stock-spray with the SMG

  17. Btw these animations spoil me, now i gotta reinstall the mod and replay the entire goddamn game again just for the shotgun :/

  18. Как черт возьми сменить прицел в этом моде кто – нибудь знает??? Начинаешь играть с этим модом прицел совсем другой, не как в видео ((

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