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Haenel RS8 Sniper Rifle

So last night I put a picture on Facebook
of something I thought looked pretty cool. And from the feedback I’ve got so far it seems
that you guys think it’s pretty cool too. But rather than keep you in suspense and make
you wait ’till I’ve taken it out, I thought I’d give you a bit of a sneak preview.
And here it is. This is the Haenel RS8 Sniper Rifle.
So I call my friends at Viking Arms who supply all of the rifles and shotguns for Team Wild,
and said look I’m going hunting in the Welsh Mountains with Owen Beardsmore of Cervus for
Welsh Billy Goat. I need a long range hunting rifle, they said,
No problem, we’ll get something straight over to you.
Now I was expecting a Ruger M77 and 300 Win Mag or maybe a new RX Helix and 30-06.
I didn’t expect to see this. Now this doesn’t look like your typical average sporting rifle.
Firstly it’s enormous. It’s black, it’s striking, it’s got cool accessory rails all over it
and at 5.6 kilos it’s a bit too heavy for me to lug up the mountains.
But fortunately I’m a big strapping lad so I’m gonna give it a quick go.
Now the coolest thing about this, is that it’s absolutely covered in cool features.
The sort of thing you need really a) to look cool and b) to shoot accurately at long distances.
So why don’t we have a quick look at some of the things that make this such as special
rifle. Starting at the business end, that is a flash
suppressor. And it’s also screw cut to hold a moderator. And it’s attached to a 24 inch,
cold hammer forged fully floating steel match quality barrel. Now on the RS8 both the receiver
and the barrel are full steel and screwed together so there’s no loss of accuracy through
heat transfer and expansion of metals. Now if you look underneath there you can see
just how fully floating it is. Now this has a three sided accessory rail,
pictinny accessory rail, on the bottom there you can see a Harris Bi-pod. Not got anything
to put really either side, but I might find myself a torch and a laser just because they
look cool. Now as you can see the sling is attached there
through flush cups and I’m gonna need all of that webbing there to carry this beast
up the mountain with me. So you can see, there’s a glass fibre for-end. Moving through into
an alloy chassis, to which the steel receiver is bolted.
As you can see on the top of the receiver there is a pictinny rail machined in and that
bolt there you can see on the inside has a 6 lug fastening. Now the bolt handle itself
has a very short 60 degree rotation. And you can see behind it there’s a three position
safety catch. Moving down you can see there’s a ten shot magazine, and a fully adjustable
match quality trigger. Now that glass fibre pistol grip is replaceable
and is a little bit small for my hands so I’m gonna get something a little bigger.
And into the rear, stock which is an alloy chasis which a fully adjustable, tool free
adjustable, cheek piece. And into the shoulder stop, the butt at the back there which has
a hand grip and a rear butt spike there to give you three points of contact on the ground.
As you can see the butt pad is adjustable without any tools.
Now on top of this I had a number of different choices as to what scope I was going to use.
And I’ve opted for this, the awesome, March 8-80×56 tactical scope. Now there’s no real
use for this in the hunting world, because the minimum magnification is 8, but I’ve used
it, because it’s cool and I’ve got one. I was going to put my 4-16×50 Diavari FL but
I thought if you have something that looks this beautiful you need to have something
equally unreasonable on top of it. So there you have it, the RS8 Sniper Rifle with March
8-80×56 ready to do some damage in Wales. So there you have it, probably the most spectacular
looking but completely impractical hunting rifle set up on the planet. But it does look
sexy. So the next stage is to take it over to my
good pal Andrew Venables, and we’ll take the steel plate challenge. Now he’ll get me shooting
more consistently over 3, 4 and 500 yards with this.
I’ll probably also speak to my good pal Mike Norris and see if he can develop a special
load, specifically designed for this barrel. That means when I am shooting consistently
the groups will be nice and tight. Now I’m out with Owen Beardsmore of Cervus
UK in around a week to 10 days time up in Wales so fingers crossed everything will be ready by then.
In the meantime if you want more information about the RS8 Sniper Rifle visit
and for more information about March Scopes, visit but the hunt will
be screened on an upcoming episode of Team Wild TV so keep ’em posted. And also, wish
me luck.

50 thoughts on “Haenel RS8 Sniper Rifle

  1. thats a smashing looking bit of kit. i am rather fond of the tactical rifles my self, i have owned a tikka tac and a steyr tactical elite. but neither of them look as cool as that.

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. When I uploaded it I chose the iPad friendly settings. I'll look into it, but YouTube aren't the easiest guys to get hold of!

  3. That really is one serious rifle, what an eye catching piece of kit, also I wish you the very best of luck regarding your trip to Wales.


  4. for some consistant shoot at long range with average mans tackle take a look at Sirslotsalot on youtube.this guys realy good! looking forward to the results of you latest toy! good luk.

  5. How in Hells name do you afford all this gear!? And air slots is deffo worth checking out….but to say average man's tackle is a little lie as his gear is expensive also! Zeiss scopes custom stocks etc….

  6. You're a jammy set of buggers at Team Wild you are !. Viking are only a couple of miles from me & they'll give me sod all, tight t*#ts !!!!. 😉

  7. I'm watching it on my iPad and its fine, buffering is a bit slow but perfectly fine otherwise. Anyways great rifle, im really jealous. How much was it altogether, with the scope and bipod ? 🙂

  8. Where can I watch this steel plate challenge you speak of ?? Is this channel based on a UK TV series ?

  9. Viking Arms import these rifles into the UK. Visit for more information. I believe the RRP is £4,480.

  10. Here in the United States, the only restriction to a rifle like that is paying for it. You being a new to the sport, its not a very good choice. Great to sit someplace with a good set up and just wait, like they do in the military, big game hunting will not the case, besides you have to carry the thing. I shoot a Blaser R-93 myself. I would think that would be the route for you to go. Maybe a 243 or a 6.5 x 55 or a 7 x 57 would be the ticket for you.

  11. Ugly rifle. Ugly scope. Hate the set up! Why didn't they send you a accuracy international
    338 lapua and Schmidt bender pm11.. Now that would be interesting!

  12. Have you tried ANY of the rifles from Desert Tactical Arms? I'm told that the SRS is proving very popular here in UK because of its handy short OAL – the bull-pup desing makes it about ten inches shoter than a standard .308Win rifle, but STILL has a 24" barrel capable of being fitted with a moderator.

    I't's a lot less expensive that this gun, but has interchangeable barrels…..


  13. Hello TeamWildHunting I think that this gun is effective I ask you to provide video to rate their performance

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