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Hey guys I haven’t done a Fortnite
video in a while. So I thought today I would go back to
making some more Fortnite videos. Yeah I’ve been playing this a lot. I just haven’t been uploading it and I’m
gonna do another dance video soon. That’s why I kind of did my makeup and
my eyes look at my eyes they’re green. If you guys can see it. So I’m gonna be doing another dance video. But today, I wanted to play. Let’s do squads. I’m gonna try squads even though
I hate squads. But I’m gonna do it because I
want to run into people and I want to talk
and have some human interaction. So let’s put this down and let’s go. By the way the Vuvuzela pickaxe is the most AIDS pickaxe I
have ever used in my – Oh there’s people.>>The fuck?
Hi.>>Hey how old are you buddy?
>>What’s up. I’m 13.
>>That’s cool. How old are you?
>>That’s cool. I’m 18.>>Are you a guy or a girl?
>>Wait yeah.>>That’s exactly what I was gonna ask. I’m obviously a girl.
>>Oh, Okay.>>No problem. Can we go tilted?>>Uhh…>>Uhh…you can. Wait, you guys are just gonna leave me? I wanna go shifty. What do you guys have shifty shafts?>>Are you like a god or something like why
do you want to go to tilted so badly? ‘Cause I like it tilted.>>Are you ninja? Yes. How did you know? Guys I just got this skin. My mom let me borrow her credit card.>>Oh my God.>>I muted that fucking clown. Who’s the clown?
>>[inaudible] in here.>>[inaudible] game ended.>>Come in here. There’s somebody else in there. Oh my gosh. Bitch! Wooooohh! Y’all didn’t see that! Y’all didn’t see that!>>Alright don’t burst my eardrums. I would have loved to play with them, but that was just very
fucking unfortunate. I just got so nervous because there
was other people in the room and… [ Nervous chuckle ] All right guys that gameplay
was kinda ass, so… Let’s go tilted. Let me play some solo. So y’all don’t call me trash. We only go tilted. We just gonna go balls deep. Just the way your mama like it. I see you. You ain’t sneaky. I don’t know why that’s skin can look
like a tomato head like from far away all you see is a redhead. Not today. Bitch still hiding in here. Oh there’s hella people here. I need a shotgun. Oh no. Oh no. No. No no no no. Three shots. I got tree shots. Look at all — Mother… Wow none of those fucking hit. Y’all didn’t see that. Y’all didn’t see shit. Now is my– shit! Ooooh! Let me get that. Ooooh no, no, no! Come, come, come — oh shit. I didn’t mean to do that. I hate those so much. They’re so ugly. Do you see me? Do you see me because I see you? Mother– Aargh! Sometimes when I blink, my contacts — This is not a good idea by the
way playing with contacts. But it’s ’cause I’m doing that video
right after so My eyes get like, I hate this. They get like blurry when I don’t like
and I have to like keep blinking. This is the boring part of the game. Oh, I want to go — I want to go get that. Get me. Okay. Ya’ll notice how the shields look
so weird from far away? Like they look deformed. Oh my God! The other game, I played a game where I
looked at my sniper. I swear I saw a shield potion
and then I went up to it, and it was a blue revolver like I saw
it with my own two eyes. But — I don’t get it. I think everybody’s dead in tilted. There may be like one other person. I have a feeling. It’s too early to be empty. But there’s only 23 people left. But it ain’t even the second circle. Yeah like I said this is the part
of the game where it’s boring. Like I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t know what to do. I need eye drops! I’mma get
the hell out of here. So dry. Oh! I hear you. Where you at? Why is my aim so trash. I swear sometimes my aim’s on point Sometimes it’s just straight… … garbage. That guy’s bad. Oh no come back here. I need you. The circle’s so big but there’s
barely anybody left. This is my mountain now. Oh my God. Oh my God. I love when people don’t build. Six more people. Where are you guys? My recording’s getting long. I feel like everybody’s just so
spread out right now. I always have the rambunctious
song stuck in my head. Bitch you dead. Wow! It’s over! It’s over! Ohh… No! Y’all see that. I felt that in real life. Hate this shit. This shit has fucked me up so many times
even if you build a thing on top of it, it still works. Oh! Wow! Nah, nah you done fucked up. You fucked somebody the wrong
persons camp fire. Where’d she go? Oooh! Oh! How convenient. Come to me. Very nice. You know what fuck… Oh shit shit shit shit shit shit. Oh this bitch back! I love me some stinky bombs. I love me some stinky bombs! I gotta go to them. Oh you gonna find me now? Motherfudger. [Gasps] It is! We got three people watching me. What’s up? Oh shit. Oh no, no, no, no. Pfft did he fucking RPG himself? Nah I think someone else. Smell thine farts. Oh there’s one more guy left. He in here somewhere… Oh in here. Where you at boy? I can’t believe
those stinky’s didn’t hit him. Oh I thought that was him [inaudible] Oh he’s in here. He’s in – oh! What a bitch, What a bitch. What a bitch. You wanna fuck with me? Ooooh! Okay another one. ‘Cause that one wasn’t that great and was a bit campy. But first: eye drops
because my eyes fucking burn. Ohhh! It burns! I am literally crying tears. All right we’re gonna go with tilted. While crying challenge. Now I’m crying and choking. Crying and choking challenge at tilted. We’re just gonna go balls deep
I don’t care, I’m not trying to sit here and win. Trying to sit here and camp
for another 20 minutes. So we’re just gonna go and see
what we can do. Move bitch. Mine. One more. It’s not every day you find minis
and a big shield right away. Hahahaha! Whoo! How?! How?! What the fuck? 29. 29! I can’t believe he didn’t hear me. Like footsteps are hella loud now. Oh he coming. You wanna dance? [Chuckles] Oohh! Damn, she quick. And she thick. Ooohhh! That was juicy. That was rambunctious. Stinky or sticky? Stinky or sticky? Oh, oh, oh! I see– I see him. Hello. Pfft. I love how [inaudible] to check the ground, [inaudible] All right now.
Now we wait. See if anybody falls for it. Look at this nice juicy chug jug. All you have to do is go off
this nice set of stairs. I don’t want to put it directly under
because it’s like too obvious. I mean people are dumb but
maybe not that dumb. Big shields when I don’t need it. Why there so much good stuff
when I don’t need it? Hiding them in here. And nobody gonna take these. They’re mine.
For a later time. The circle is so big and there’s
only 10 people left. Disgusting. This is so rude. Another, another one. It’s just too — Ain’t nobody been anywhere — Oh my God! Hahaha! No one will ever know. This is so boring. Y’all need to come in tilted. Hate when it ends and loot like… Where is everybody? Literally only when I sit down and record, this happens and it’s so boring. Who’s shooting at me? Oh no, no, no. Oh I’m sandwiched. I don’t have a sniper. And I’m sammiched. Oh, nice. Good job. Wow! You about to smell my ass! Look a chug jug when you
need it the most. Oh no, he coming. Fuck with me now! Oh no, no, no. I gotta get away. Guys. Bitch! Ooohhh! Oh no, oh no, oh no! Hahahahaha! Oh there’s only one person left! Ooohhh look at all this fancy shit. I wanna go get that chug jug. It’s in here. Oh just barely, just barely. I mean I might as well, I don’t know where this guy is. There’s only one other guy so. Hey. But just in case. I might need it. I might not. No idea where this guy is. Oh you done fucked up now boy. You done — [laughs] Okay! Alright guys but anyways,
that’s all for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this video! If you did and want more Fortnite videos, make sure you hit like button in the face! And subscribe and join the wolf pack! [howls]
I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching.
Bye guys.


  1. notification squad assemble! double upload, reacting video up in a couple of hours so don't miss it! also A REALLY FUNNY SQUADS video either tomorrow or thursday when season 5 drops 😀

  2. Ive had ONE Victory royale; and it wasnt even deserving😭
    I CAMPED throughout the entire game, and it came Down to 2 last players, i watched them fight, and one was left – HE TOOK FALL DAMAGE LMFAOOO I WON 🤣 he musta been mad mad LOL. That was my first victory royale, and most likely my last.

  3. I was the tomato head :O lol she said I LOOKED like one sooo yup BIG FAN AND I SUPPORT YA BIG BOOTY "as in money"

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