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Guycot 40-shot Chain Pistol

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another video on; I’m Ian and today I’m looking at a very interesting high-capacity pistol from the 1870s Specifically this was patented in France in 1878 and in the UK in 1879 it is a Guycot Pistol G-U-Y-C-O-T. It’s an interesting name I believe it was actually somehow the amalgam of the names of its two principal participants. This was designed by a French engineer named Paulin Gay, and his partner in the project who was described as a merchant So probably the marketing/ finance end of the partnership was a fellow named Henri Guenot G-u-e-n-o-t And they came up with this idea like I said they patented it in both the uk and France and What we have here is actually a 40 shot basically semi-Auto double-Action pistol very cool, and holy cow 40 shots in the 1870s is really quite a thing so why don’t we go ahead and take a closer look at this right now because the fellow who owned this has done something very cool and replaced the side plate with a piece of Plexiglass so we can see exactly how this very cool very odd thing is working All right, so this is what we would call a chain gun because it literally has a chain full of Chambers inside, this is 1878. So these are black powder Cartridges, what happens is this is a double action piece now like I mentioned this side plate has been replaced by plexiglass, so And of course the original side plate is still here it’s over in a box outside of the cameras and field of view Originally it would look like this on both sides and Having that plexiglass really lets us see the internals and see what’s actually going on. So what happens is every time you pull the trigger It pulls this striker back it cams this chain one position and Something else to notice here is it actually pulls the barrel backwards, so the barrel is inside this sleeve and see I’ve still got the trigger held and the barrel is at its Rearward end of travel The Barrel comes back, and it makes a seal against this chamber the firing pin is released runs through the center of this cog wheel and Hits the back of the chamber or hits the back of the cartridge and fires the cartridge when you release The Trigger the striker resets the barrel moves back Now I actually have the safety on The safety lever here simply pivots up and down And when it’s down it catches the striker before it’s able to drop all the way When it’s up it does not however again in order to safely aid in Demonstration, what we’ve done is actually added a piece of Rubber tubing around the striker to Dampen its below so that it Doesn’t get damaged and we can safely dry fire it So that’s how this thing works now. Oh And to load it I should point that out We have sights on the back which are small by today’s standards But actually pretty darn reasonably effective by the standards of the 1870s I’d rather have these sights than what you get on a colt revolver from the period to load the gun The rear sight slides open and now we have access to our chambers The kind of nerve-wracking sphincter clinching element of loading this is what you do is engage the safety and then You have to pull the trigger to cycle the chain so you load one Load one load the next one Like so until all 40 rounds are loaded and you hope that the safety doesn’t flip off like it just did to me Because what the safety is doing is Holding the striker back if you forget to engage the safety or you forget which you know whether up or down was safe You’ll end up accidentally firing rounds while you’re trying to load the thing up which is not a good situation to be in Now this is a reasonably big bulky heavy pistol Although 40 rounds of semi-Auto effective capacity makes up for a lot. This is serial number 58 by the way. We have a very small serial number right there on the butt There’s a b, and then below it there you go. There’s the serial number Now you may be thinking about this and it may have occurred to some folks How do you get the empty cartridge cases out because if you stuff them? down in there there doesn’t seem to be any sort of extraction mechanism And that’s a very important observation and the answer to that question is actually that these used Rocket ball type ammunition, just like you would use in a volcanic the idea here is that you have a projectile with a big hollow base and the base is actually filled with powder and has a an impact sensitive primer built into it So it’s case it’s literally caseless ammunition, and there is no brass case left to extract after you fire So that’s why you can press a cartridge in there, and then once you fire. there is nothing left You’re just left with an empty chain that you’re ready to reload Now the downside of that sort of ammunition. Is that this is it’s Roughly 25 caliber And you can see just how tiny these chambers are You have very little space for propellant in those projectiles, this was Really quite an anemic cartridge Even for the time Black-Powder pistol cartridges, this is a really wimpy cartridge I don’t have any actual data on bullet weight or velocity but it would have been a light bullet And it would have been going fairly slow The fellow the French guys who invented this were hoping obviously for military contracts and I’m sure the primary reason that they didn’t get any is the Really low that the really wimpy power of this cartridge to the point that even a 40 round Handgun wasn’t we cut the power was just so lacking that it still wasn’t militarily viable I’ll also point out well. This is a 40 round variant where this chain comes down under the grip area There’s also there are photos out there of a 25 round version which looks exactly the same except that this guide pulls down here and The chain wraps around right there, so its got a shorter chain and a 25 round capacity Thank you for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed the video.Only a couple hundred of these were originally made Maybe a dozen or so, are known to exist still today As pistols like this there are the rifles are actually a little bit more prevalent it kind of makes sense that more rifles would have been produced than pistols because this does make for a pretty Bulky heavy pistol where as a carbine that weight gets distributed and it’s easier to deal with And in fact the carbine/rifle versions had a capacity of no less than 80 rounds. Which is really substantial So at any rate if you enjoy this sort of content Please consider checking out my patreon account and supporting me if you’re able It’s support from Patreon folks that allows me to continue to do this as a full-time occupation and bring you guys Really cool interesting guns like this one. Thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Guycot 40-shot Chain Pistol

  1. You guys are slating the 25 but consider that we go to war firing smaller albeit high velocity ammo. The nato round is 5.56mm

  2. brother….I dont understand….if this system was automated why would anyone create such expensive Gatling guns?….I shall replicate this design (driven by electric motor) and let you know

  3. A 40 rd caseless semi-auto in the 1870's, not bad. Sadly you'll need all those 40 to win an engagement.

  4. Very interesting. This seems like this model should have been the prototype and then sized up to a larger caliber.

  5. That's one of those guns that you load all week and shoot all month (as long as you don't kill yourself trying to load it)

  6. function over form, might not have been a powerful gun but back in those days the "thunder" noise it made was enough to startle and scare people now imagine being able to do this 40 times in rapid succession! pretty intimidating for it's time! wouldn't have had too much difficulty scaring off an attacker or even a small band of attackers.

  7. Okay so basically 40rds to maybe get you the same effect as a Colt or Remington. Shoulda just thought like Nagant did >> how to fit more than 6rds in a cylinder without nerfing the Ammo, it definitely would've got them contracts

  8. Really cool idea.

    Think it's a bit odd that it wasn't even considered due to it's low damage.

    Back then a bullet anywhere was near certain death. Even if it wasn't that soldier and likely a few others are ineffective or taken out of the fight.

    Back then the peak of small arms fire was revolvers.

    Imagine how much more effective a Cavalry charge would be if every one of them was constantly firing towards the enemy they're about to meet. Not 6 powerful shots but 40 rach with enough power to atleast decommission most targets.

    Or those enemies standing there and mowing down the cavalary by firing thousands of shots towards the horses legs or whatever with this gun.

    Seems to me as if they prioritised consistently killing their enemies over beating them.

  9. wow….you pull the trigger to reload…..this gun is insane.
    Each step made sense, and yet it was a road to madness.

  10. I have a feeling how bad this gun would fail in real life use. :S
    Or you might accidently shoot yourself in the leg trying to reload the thing xD
    But! Cool gun though!! 😀

  11. Прикольно. В человека из таково лучше не стрелять.

  12. Imagine your standing in a store front Sherrif is picking up a criminal most firearms hold a maximum of 12 rounds most common is a six shooter criminal pulls this out starts blasting away I'd be afraid after he shot 20 off I'd be like what in the future fuck is that

  13. Интурист хорошо говорит, ещё бы понять, так сказать в общих чертах, о чем он говорит?

  14. When russian roulette games end to quickly and isn't as stressfull as you want introducing the mad man's chain pistol

  15. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the reloader at the bottom of the chamber towards the front ,t that way once its empty you load after the firing pin and the furthest away.

  16. Exciting! If you aren't paying attention, you basically get a 10 round Russian roulette pistol before you find out if the safety moved or not.

  17. ahhh, merci! we had the ahhh, chain gang. we ahh, have le chain saw…

    now… a chain gun! woooo!

    yeah, ok… i would put the loader just in front of the trigger… or figure out a way to crank it…

  18. I really like your channel. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen that shows off these weird guns and stuff. gives an awesome amount of info, but if only you could fire them or make recreations and fire them. I reallly REALLY would like to see a lot of these fired.

  19. I laughed out loud seeing how you would have to reload it! Should have had a slider in the bottom instead and maybe a separate piece of equipment to cycle it from below…

  20. It really is amazing the things people come up with. I wonder if there's any remaining information on the ammunition for these because it'd be very interesting to see one fire and see what rate you could get.
    I'm surprised these weren't used as naval pistols since you could easily carry two and for a 25/40 round gun very compact.

    Anyone else thinking about combining this action with that PRESSIN Spanish gadget – 25 rounds in a glasses case, what's not to like.

    As for stopping power I'm think there are several compounds you could add to a hollow point version even of this calibre – let alone a .32 that would remove that issue – various snake venoms & other metabolic poisons..

    Interestingly if you were to add mamba venom to a small round its conceivable the person hit wouldn't feel pain, Mamba have a morphine grade painkiller in their venom, which works on humans and is entirely non addictive.

  21. Another thought occurs – this would have worked quite well as a quick fire 20/30/37/45mm gun. Maybe a 4 man crew. Gunner, feeder, and either two loaders or a loader & spotter/loader.

    Really surprised no one saw the potential of a bigger version – like a multi barrel version of the carbine.

    Incidentally – there was a very strange, what I can best describe as a pan-flute gun in a film about Gordon, apparently a Nordenfeldt?

  22. normal guy: pang pang, oh gues ti will reload for some minuts and die in the process

  23. to be honest, in the wars of 1800 with officers able to kill 40 deserteurs with their guns, without reloading……this is practicable.

  24. If you fire this like 10 times, at the start of an enemy charge, they decide to stop charging, you have to cycle through all 40 slots to reload this thing back to full capacity.

  25. This would be a great design for .22lr or maybe even 9mm except that you'd load the cartridges into shaped gaps in the chain from a side panel that flips up. The chain would be two parts so that you open the side panel pull out one of two chains, and drop the rounds in and replace the 2nd chain. The shaped gaps in the chains fit tightly together and act as chambers that are held in place when they are in the firing position.
    Needs a better safety though.

    Think about it no magazines, so CA fuck off about high capacity magazines.

  26. Very fascinating design. It makes you wonder why this design didn't evolve into a more widely used design. 6 shooter eat your heart out ! 😲👍😏

  27. Fun fact. The success of Guycot's chain pistol led to his innovation of the chain sword and the ultimate revelation that he was actually the Emperor of Mankind.

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