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GunVault MultiVault Biometric Pistol Safe GVB2000 –

Hi, I’m Mark Harris, I’m the team leader
for product intelligence at OpticsPlanet here today to talk to you about the
GunVault GVB2000 biometric safe. Most people would consider this an
upgrade to the standard GunVault safe here’s the reason, sometimes depending on how busy your life is,
you might forget a combination, you might forget what key press you’ve set in, one thing
you normally have with you is your index finger. This will accept fifteen individual finger codes, fingerprints all you have to do to open this, put your finger on, press the button, pow you’re ready to get burglars out of your house, you’re ready to go to the grocery store, you know what time it is. Two of the index finger codes are for
administrator codes. Reason for that is, let’s say the third
person on your finger print list gets mad at you, decides to bump you out, you
can’t get back in. You’re son won’t let you into your stuff unless he gets
the keys for friday night to the car. By you being the administrator,
you or someone else you trust the remaining thirteen people cannot add or remove any fingerprint code from the safe. Again, this is how fast it is. Now depending on what kind of typist you are,
you might be able to beat this with the standard safe where you press in the code, but again you wake up in the middle of the
night for some sound and you’re trying to remember was it 2-2-4-3, was it 2-1..BANG! This is a lot better, reach over
put your finger on, it’s open. So I know what some of you are thinking, you’re
out on a Saturday morning, you’re mowing the yard, you reach down to twist the blade
to start it, you lose your index finger. You go inside, your emercency medical
card is in your wallet inside the safe, what to do? You don’t have to search
around the tall grass looking for your fingertip, there are two keys and, per the manual, don’t put the keys in the safe. This is a perfect opportunity
to use these keys. The unit can run on an AC adapter when the
batteries are not installed, plugs in right it the side here. I do recommend having
this on batteries though, the power goes out, you can lose your
settings to the keypad. Again, this is the GunVault GVB2000
MultiVault Biometric available at OpticsPlanet

3 thoughts on “GunVault MultiVault Biometric Pistol Safe GVB2000 –

  1. How is this vault secured to a surface? In stead of stilling the gun why not steal the whole vault and then brake it open.

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