GunVault GV2000C-STD MultiVault Standard Digital Pistol Safe

Hi I’m Holly with Mono Machines and this is
GunVault MultiVault Standard Pistol Safe. You can secure your pistol in an accessible
location. Come on in I’ll show you you how it works. We have got an easy to use no look
keypad but you can program with multiple user access codes. When I use it you will hear
a beep. You can actually disable this sound if you don’t want to make too much noise.
So let’s open it on up, as you can inside we have got an extra shelf for storage and
its lined with foam to protect your valuables. It’s made of 16 gauge steel and it runs on
AA batteries. The compact design and easy pistol accessability makes this safe a great
choice. Thanks for watching, I’m Holly with Mono Machines.

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