Gunvault Biometric MiniVault GVB1000 Pistol Safe

we’re looking at gunvaults minivault
biometrics safe the safe has gunvaults fingerprint scanner
technology and i’m just going to identify some of
the external features of the stafes starting with the top here you have what looks like gunvaults standard no eyes keypad except for the index finger you have scanner port and uh… next to it the only other
functional button on keypad is what they call the S1
button this is what you would press to activate the scanner Gunvault also includes two keys for manual entry to the safe, this would be in
case you haven’t changed your battery, battery went dead and when the battery goes dead you lose all the codes, all fingerprint templates you’ve entered im just going to swing the case so you can see the left side On the left side of the safe we have an external power port gunvault does include a power adapter for
the mini and multi-biometric safes even if you are using the power port
you always want to make sure you have a battery installed as a backup if you don’t have a battery as a backup and you lose power using this your also going to lose all the store fingerprint templates
and your going to go looking for your keys to manually open the safe and reprogram the fingerprints and uh… here’s we have just a speaker
holes and for the optional securely cable we have the knock-out holes theres three of those one on the left, right on the back of the safe and the on the bottom just flipped that over uh… you have four mounting holes
and two mounting slots The first thing you want to do with your safe is install the 9volt battery you can open the safe with the provided key the battery holder is on the roof of the safe located about back here on the inside you can reach all the way back and peel away the protective foam liner to the front, you want to make sure you
don’t put all the way out the foam is atached to the front of the safe and uh… you can just reach back and upward
about in this area and pull down the battery holder and install the battery and once youve installed the battery the safe should open just by pressing the S1 button. Once youve installed the 9v battery. You’ll want to inroll your administrator fingerprint i’ll go over the procedure and then demonstrate it for you because there are no fingerprints enrolled in the safe the door will open as soon as you press the S1 button so what your going to want to do is press the S1 button the safe door will immediately open. Then you want to press and hold the s1 button until you hear 2 beeps after that you want to let go and place your finger on the fingerprint reader and then press the S1 button one more time it will then scan your finger and enroll your fingerprint and give you a confirmation green light at the top So I’ll go ahead and demonstrated for you press the S1 button to open the safe press and hold fingerprint on the scanner and there I’ve got a green confirmation light fingerprint is enrolled the safe should no longer open by just pressing that button but it should open with my enrolled fingerprint Once you’ve programed the safe you can quickly access the contents by
placing your finger on the fingerprint reader and pressing the S1 button the spring-loaded door quickly snaps
open we can retrieve your firearm.

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