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GunSkins Shotgun Skin DIY Install Tutorial

Welcome to Today we are going to work on a shotgun skin install… on a model 870 in Gunskins Grassland camo. Let’s take a look at a couple tools will
help us with this install. A razor knife and a hair dryer, or heat gun works great as well. first thing we need to do is disassemble and de-grease the gun. Make sure to be thorough in cleaning every area you intend to wrap. Let’s start with the left buttstock. Place the material centered on the stock
making sure that it covers halfway around the top and bottom. Reposition as necessary. Then work your way down the stock, smoothing out material as you go. Apply heat to allow the material to conform more easily around the top and bottom of the pistol grip. Install the right buttstock and trim using the meandering “S” cut. This allows the camo pattern to blend
together as it overlaps to create a seamless look. Look how clean that looks, guys. Trim using the edge in the buttstock
as a guide. Let’s move on to the left receiver piece. Center the piece on the receiver and smooth it out. Apply heat where your receiver curves toward the buttstock. Pull the material around to the right
side of the receiver. Install the right receiver piece and trim as necessary. Moving on to the forend, you can see it’s a single piece, allowing for seamless install. Cut the material approximately two inches larger than the forend. The extra material can be used for a pistol grip or other shotgun accessories. Peel the backing and place the piece centered on the bottom of the forend. Work your way from the front of the forend, then around either side. Apply heat when needed to help the material conform to the shape of your forend. Trim off any excess material. Now on to the barrel. Cut the barrel piece approximately one inch longer than the shotgun barrel. Place the piece along the ventilated ribs at the right side of the barrel. Using your fingers, work the material around the barrel. Trim around the forend cap… and work your way towards the ventilated ribs on the left side. On many shotguns the barrel is tapered… so applying a little bit of heat to stretch that material and relieve that tension helps, guys. Reassemble your gun and we’ll move on to the most important part… POST HEAT GUYS! This solidifies the bond between the gun and the skin. Apply heat to the gun and press firmly with your hands. You should spend at least ten minutes on this. And this concludes our shotgun install today, guys. Thanks for watching.

16 thoughts on “GunSkins Shotgun Skin DIY Install Tutorial

  1. Great product, just finished a wrap on a Mossberg pump.Only thing extra I did was cut a small hole for trigger housing pin to have access for cleaning. Just took the trigger out before I started and cut a slit in the pin hole and pushed the pin in each side. Worked like a hole punch perfect circle looks great and easy access to the pin post wrap. just an extra tip.

  2. GunSkins – please remove / change the term assault weapon from this page…
    you wont be selling any kits if we loose our second amendanment
    please fix this ASAP – May I suggest you use AR/AK Sporting Rifle instead
    thank you

  3. You advised using Frog Lube Solvent to remove oil etc from the metal parts. What about the wood stock and wood foreend?

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