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GunSkins Pistol Skin Sig Sauer DIY Install Tutorial

Alright, so I have a SIG P320 here. I just kind of want to show you a different
configuration and how we’re going to use a different technique wrapping the material around the back. Kind of alternating trimming. And then also, where if you do come up short
because you have a longer gun or a larger gun and the material doesn’t completely cover that grip. Some different ways to deal with patching that in or to trim it away and make it look natural. Alright, so I’m going to show how we contour
around these bigger take down pins. For these taller pieces like this, kind of
like the sights. Just got to heat it and then work the material
around. And then we’ll let it cool and trim away the
excess and touch it up after that. Ok. So this backside here. You can see I trimmed at an angle. Wrapped that piece up. So now I’m just going to trim the opposite
side at a different angle and use the heat and bring that piece in to cover where I had trimmed away from the right side piece. So you can see here we placed our pieces. They didn’t quite make it halfway around the
backside. So what I’m going to do, I’m just going to
take a piece I trimmed along the pattern and I’m going to place it on there. And I’m going to use the heat to kind of stretch and contour it into place. Blend it out. Trim off that excess after it cools at the
bottom there. Good to go. Now the material’s cooled off enough to where
I can trim around here. Just going to run my blade angled up into there. Like that. Trim around the whole thing. Perfect. We’ll detail it out and we’ll be good to go. Alright, so we’re complete with our Pistol Skin install. We’ve walked you through some tips and tricks
on the SIG P320 and how to patch in on the backside if you make a mistake or if you do mis-measure something there. Also I wanted an example of another Glock
17 where we just wrapped the slide and then used the additional material to wrap out the
holster and the mag carrier. And then we have a Glock 43 which is obviously
just a smaller version of the same Glock platform just to give you an idea of the variety of
sizes. So big or small, as long as the gun is eight
inches or less in length you’re going to be able to wrap it out and complete your project.

16 thoughts on “GunSkins Pistol Skin Sig Sauer DIY Install Tutorial

  1. Awesome!
    Would you check out my channel and my homemade 1911 I built from scratch, fully functional?
    It took me 4 months and a half!
    Also my other guns? Tell me what you think!

  2. I'm curious why you don't detail strip any of the firearms. Wouldn't that be easier? Also can you put a UV resistant clear coat on top or is that not necessary?

  3. Do you guys make just a solid black skin? I have a smith n Wesson sd9ve with the stainless silver slide and I just want to make the slide all black…….

  4. Hi, I just want say thank you and here in Ukraine we use ur skins on our aks and pistols. My unit and I love the kryptik camo as it's perfect for our terrain where we are currently positoned, we had to use a torch as we did not have acces to heatergun. I may ask could you consider make Varan camo and other type of camo. Thank you very much. (Sorry for bad English.)

    I forget to say, we wish that you could one day International shipping to Europe since as we have to order from America and then then have the skin shipp to Ukraine

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