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GunSkins Pistol Skin DIY Install Tutorial

Welcome to Today we’re going to install our Pistol
Skin Kit in our Reaper Black™ pattern on a Springfield XD 9mm. For this install you will need a razor knife and a heat gun. Or a blow dryer works great as well. First you need to thoroughly clean the pistol with a light duty de-greaser. Make sure to get into all of the corners and recessed areas where dirt and grease would settle. A clean gun makes for a clean install guys. We’re gonna start with the right side of
the frame of the pistol. Remove one of the pieces labeled “frame” from the Pistol Skin Kit, and place it centered on the pistol. Reposition as necessary. Use your fingers to press the material against the pistol. Apply heat to allow the material to conform to the contours of the pistol. Use heat and work the material down the along the sides of the trigger guard. Trim as necessary. Apply heat to allow the material to
conform to the contours of the pistol. Use heat and press firmly with your palm to conform the material to the texture of the pistol grip. Next we are moving on to the slide. Remove the piece labeled “slide” from the Pistol Skin Kit and place it centered on the pistol… Following the seam where a slide and the frame come together. Reposition as necessary. Work the material over the top of the slide using your fingers. Apply heat to conform the material to the front and rear sight. Trim the material where the slide and frame come together. Trim as necessary. Use the additional material for the trigger guard. Place the material… and trim as necessary. Now let’s move on to the most important step… POST HEAT, GUYS! Use a heat gun or blow dryer. Heat the pistol and press firmly with your hands. This solidifies the bond between the pistol and the Gun Skin. Spend a few minutes on this step. And that concludes our install. Thanks for watching guys!

38 thoughts on “GunSkins Pistol Skin DIY Install Tutorial

  1. So essentially it's a really thin vinyl wrap for over 24 dollars yeah that's not worth it. You can go on Amazon and find a 6 foot by 2 foot square of any design you want for under 10 bucks.

  2. just wondering. Why not wrap all the handle. The way it shows in the vid seems alittle odd on that gun to me

  3. Since it takes heat to mold it onto the gun, will it not deform or peel off when the gun heats up while firing like at the range training with it?

  4. can u make video with victory skin on ar…like the idea of skinning the firearm rather than painting. dipping or cerakoting seems like a big hassle especially if it doesn't come out the way you want it to, then putting another coat if decide to change color. this is a quick and easy way to camp your firearm and peel off when you want different style.

  5. I'm sorry, but this is not ideal. In fact, it looks like garbage. You're better off Hydro Dipping your piece. So much cleaner.

  6. I bought the Vietnam Tiger Stripe for my rifle and scope.  I LOVE it.  It looks badass.  I choose that for my sniper rifle cause I really like the old school look.  I got the Harvest Moon "Irregular shape" to do trim on my HiPoint 9mm rifle, glock 22, and binoculars.

  7. This looks like a fun project! Why the hell not, right? So a regular cheap hairdryer will be enough? I've put 3M graphics on dirt bikes I've owned and a hairdryer was enough to form that super thick material.. The only problem is picking which design!!!!

  8. how does the skin hold up to drawing from kydex holsters. I would assume it would cause alot of excess wear to the skin.

  9. I found that washing my hands a couple of times in detergent before attempting to use the kit really helped. also I stuck the sheets down roughly where I wanted them then done all the trimming with the gun assembled by just running a knife around all the joins and applied lots of heat.

    Found this to be a really easy kit to use just don't expect it to fit every model of pistol without any trimming which would be a bit unrealistic anyway.

    used this for about a year now and still stuck firmly down but wouldn't recommend using an overly tight holster as this will eventually wear through the skin or cause it to peel up.

  10. the part i didn't like was the blade actually scoreing and scratching the firearm .not too good. im sure this can be done a little more gently as to not do any damage.

  11. Just wanted to thank you for a great product. Just completed a XD9 pistol. Could have done better, could have been easier, but for a first time bumbling through it, I love it. Will definitely be doing a few rifles.

  12. Just completed a Taurus 9mm. It was not as simple as this guy made it look. If I had it to do over. I would do all the little trim stuff first and then do the big stuff to help cover it up. I should have just hydro dipped it

  13. I have a quick question. Not trying to be a smartass, but what happens when the slide gets hot? Mine gets pretty hot after a few hundred rounds at the range.

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