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GunSkins Pistol Mag Skin 6-Pack Decal DIY Install Tutorial

I’m Kevin with GunSkins. Today I’m going to be taking you through a
real quick install of our Pistol Mag Skins. As you can see, the mags comes in a 6-pack
and they’re going to work on any single or double stack mags. Today we’re going to be working on the Glock
17 and the first thing we want to do is we want to get our mags good and clean before
we start the install. So let’s get to it. Alright, for degreasing the mags we use a
gun-specific degreaser. We prefer Froglube Solvent and what you want
to do is you want to lay it on nice and even. We’re going to take a brush and we’re just
going to scrub it. And the reason we’re scrubbing it is to get
down into those little contours so that when we hit it with the heat and press the material
in there, it grabs onto the mag and gives it a nice clean finish. So we’re going to scrub that and wipe it off
with a lint-free cloth. And we’re going to get on with the install. Alright, so our mag is clean and we’re ready
to move on with our install. What I’m going to do is I’m going to use my
razor knife to peel that mag skin off the backing. Then I just want to place it centered up on
the mag the best I can. Set it on there. If I don’t like how it is, I can peel if right
back up. The material is repositionable. So we want to get it exactly where we want
it. Press it into place using your fingers. And then what we’re going to do is we’re going
to use a heat gun or a hair dryer. We’re going to apply some heat to it. And we’re going to press on that material. What that’s going to do for us is that’s going
to set the material as well as reveal the contours in the mag. I’m going to go ahead and hit it with some
heat. And you can get it good and hot. If your hand can take it the skin can take
it. You’re not going to melt it or hurt it. Get it hot. Press down on it. Let it set. We’re good to go. Alright, so our Pistol Mag Skins also come
with a slide plate decal. So same deal. What we want to do you want to make sure that’s
clean. I’ve already gone ahead and cleaned the slide
plate on my Glock here. I’m just going to peel it off the backing
using my razor knife. And since it is a small piece, I like to keep
it on the razor knife while I’m positioning it. Get it where I want it. Press it into place with my fingers. Kind of temporarily set it. Again, if you don’t like where it’s sitting,
use the edge of your razor knife, pick it back up and reset it. I’m pretty happy with how that is so I’m going
to hit it with some heat. Now I’m just going to press that material
into place to set it and reveal the contours. So, here’s just a few examples of some of the guns
that you can put these Pistol Mag Skins on. You can see here we have a single stack Glock
43. Over here, this next gun is a Walther PPQ,
that’s a double stack 9 mm. Here we have a Springfield XD and this one
here is the Glock you saw in the video. Another option that we’ve put our mag skins
on. You can see here is the carbine style Colt
AR-15 in the 9mm. A Ruger 10/22 and then we have a high capacity
9mm Glock mag.

3 thoughts on “GunSkins Pistol Mag Skin 6-Pack Decal DIY Install Tutorial

  1. Looks pretty sweet. You guys should really make some Gadsden Flag Don't Tread On Me and Molon Labe. Maybe a Mandalorian symbol also 👍😆

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