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GunSkins AR-15/M4 Rifle Skin DIY Install Tutorial

Welcome to Today, we are installing an AR-15 Skin Kit in our A-TACS AU Pattern on a Noveske M4. You can see we have pre-cut pieces for your upper and lower receiver, pistol grip, a 30-round magazine, rail
pieces, and additional material for you buttstock,
forend, and other accessories Some tools that we’ll need for this install
is a razor knife and a heat gun, but a blow dryer works great as well. Next we need to de-grease the gun. Cleaning thoroughly, make sure to get all along the rails and recessed areas where oil and dirt would settle. A clean gun makes for a clean install, guys. Start with the left upper reliever. Place the piece entered on the upper and
use your fingers to smooth out. Now the left lower. Set gun to safe… Center the material with the cut out
around the safety selector lever. Smooth with fingers. Apply heat to allow the material to conform around the back of the lower. On to the left mag well. Position the piece using the pre-cut notch
for the bolt catch as well as the mag release. Apply heat to allow the materials to stretch and conform the contours of the receiver. Remove the left pistol grip piece and place centered on the grip. Reposition as necessary. Apply heat as needed. You can see how the material settles into the ribs of the grip. Let’s move on to the right side. We will start with the right upper. Center the pre-cut pieces around the
ejection port and the shell deflector. Use your fingers to smooth out the material. Reposition as necessary. As you can see there are four pieces for the dust cover. Place the material and apply pressure with your fingers. Now remove the piece labeled “Forward
Assist”. Placed the material at the top of the
forward assist. Smooth with fingers towards the bottom. Let’s move on to the left lower receiver. It helps to slightly raise the take-down
pin… slide the material over the pin and center on the receiver. Apply pressure with your fingers to set
the piece. Use heat to allow the material to conform around the back of the receiver. Use heat to set the pieces and allow the material to conform to the contours of the receiver. Now on to the right mag well. Center the material on the right mag well. Use fingers to smooth out. Apply heat and stretch the material around the front of the mag well. Remove the piece labeled “Right Pistol
Grip”. Center it on… and use heat as needed to stretch the material around the grip. Heat the material and use the palm of your hand to press into the contours of the grip. We have completed our receiver, let’s move on to the mag skin. The pieces are labeled “Right” and “Left” as if the mag was in the gun. Place the piece labeled “Right Mag Skin” centered on the mag. Use your thumbs to work the material around the front and back of the mag. Apply heat to the mag and apply pressure with the palm… of your hand to settle the material into the contours of the mag. Repeat for the left side. There are rail pieces included in each kit. Cut to length and place on your rails. Start at one end and work towards the other. Use your fingers to fold the rail pieces under. Apply heat to set the pieces. Let’s move to the buttstock. Cut a piece large enough to cover the
stock. Place the piece and work your way around the stock. Smooth with your fingers. Trim as necessary. For the forend, cut a piece large enough to cover the forend. Place and smooth with your fingers as you work your way around the forend. Trim as necessary. Now for the barrel. Place the piece centered on the top
and work your way around the barrel. Overlap the pieces under the barrel. Then the seam will be less visible. Cut the piece using the meandering “S” technique. This allows the pattern to blend, as well as overlap. I used the remaining material to wrap my optic. Now for the most important part… Post heat, guys! Apply heat to the entire weapon. Then press firmly with your hands. Spend at least ten minutes on this step. This helps solidify the bond between the skin the weapon. And that concludes our install for today. Thanks for watching guys!

38 thoughts on “GunSkins AR-15/M4 Rifle Skin DIY Install Tutorial

  1. Do you guys do custom skin designs (eg. Allow purchaser to upload a high resolution photo to be converted into a personalized skin kit)? As long as the purchaser can show proof on ownership of said skin design(s)?

  2. I think it's great that the company has the foresight to make this video, but honestly my AR looked a lot better with stencils and flat spray paint.

  3. Could the gun be painted first, say something close to the color of the skin to eliminate the black ares between the panels?

  4. Anyone that thinks this is garbage is a very narrow minded person.  The first AR I put the skin on I took it to the shooting rang and I was extremely surprised when most to the shooters came over to see just how I maid my AR look so good.  Not at the same time but during the day.  So I bought 4 more skin's for my other rifles and Optics.  It makes a very good protectant on my wood stocks and my optics against the elements when hunting and they all look wonderful.  Thanks for such a good item.  Well Done!

  5. Great video. Can't do a better job explaining this process in a detailed, concise manner.
    Wish more how-to vids were filmed this way without over talking,and the ridiclous un-boxing of products. I was a little concerned about how to go about this on my 6..8 AR, until viewing this video. Thanks!

  6. Install was a piece of cake. Fit my AR perfectly. Just what I was looking for. Could use another mag cover in Kryptic cammo

  7. Thank you for this. I just ordered a set for my AR. One thing I am wondering about since you mentioned degreasing. How will gun cleaners affect the bond of the skins? After doing the final heat process to set the skins, will that be enough to keep things like CLP or other types of gun cleaners from getting between the metal and the skin and causing the skins to peel off?

  8. Finally put mine on. I probably should've cleaned it better (sprayed it down hard with brake-cleaner, then used an air compressor to dry off and spray clean), as the stuff didn't stick too well until I applied heat. And not sure if it's my rail system or the skin, but it had to be stretched pretty good to go on the rails.

    All in all, pretty good and I don't regret my purchase.

  9. Does it have to be a certain manufacturer or do you have an ala carts for people with things like the Zhukov stock, different magpul stocks and hand guards such as the myriad one can buy for Ak and Ar platforms?

  10. I Used 4 colors and sponge/rattle can method. It blends pretty nice for my AO in the south east. Check it out and drop a comment.

  11. How long does it last before it starts tearing and stuff… I mean… its basically a sticker right?

  12. I don't think this is something I'd put on my rifle (just not my type of thing) but I can probably get behind using this on a few of my magazines.

  13. I really think this is a smart idea for protecting the gun if nothing else. Last July I had a bad accident and lost use of my dominant hand I’m in therapy three times a week now trying to get use back. When I get better use of my hand think this would be a cool project.

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