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ok hey whats up guys so Carson has been
getting me so good lately so I just thought of this prank really last minute I’m really hoping a plan that’ll get him
fully think it through so i got this captain at the dollar
store and accepts so loud sounds like a real gun in my opinion but I don’t know and basically I’m just gonna shoot the
gun really loudly he’s asleep right now and I’m probably just going to gal I’m
gonna spray this oil on the floor right where he’s going to come out so I’m
hoping he slips involved and help I do yeah yeah what the fuck is 10 minutes but then are
you and ya thanks for watching the funny epic revenge prank!! yeah it went wrong because cashmore fell so hard but it’s still hilarious . make sure to check the other pranks in our prank playlist 2016 yeah carson cashmore pranks

100 thoughts on “GUNSHOT WAKEUP PRANK!!

  1. ok lol that is not even close to what a gun sounds like lol, we have about 30 guns because my dad makes them for a living and we shoot them all the time lol and its WAAAAY louder lol about as loud as fire works or a little louder then fire works

  2. I don't like him cause I watched a couple of their pranks and when he does it to her he laughs but then when it happens to him he gets really mad like if u prank someone u should probably expect them to prank u back so yeah I'm just saying

  3. You're probably not going to keep boyfriends long if you keep doing that, let alone get help when you really need it.

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