Today, Mumbai city
seems very peaceful… But back then, this was not the case. Gangsters Dawood Ibrahim & Chhota Rajan’s… …D-Company had an
iron grip on this city. Yet it was quite peaceful. That’s because no other gang
had the guts to take on D-Company. But when they fought and parted ways, …the D-Company lost its grip on the city. And in the rush to become
the ruling gang of Mumbai… …several new gangs jumped into the ring. As a result,
not just contract killings & extortions, but all kinds of crime
escalated to a record high. Many, many people died as a result. Including my son. Law & Order became non-existent, and the city reached a point where… the gangsters, builders, film
personalities, cops & even Politicians… …started getting into each other’s beds. Should I give the job to a new guy? Will he be able to do it?
We can’t take a chance. He has it in him. You trust him fully? He trusts our Company. No politician is born corrupt.
He is forced to become corrupt. Listen carefully, motherfucker. If you don’t cast my
girlfriend in your next film, I will kill your actor son by tonight. Now in this fucking city, politicians,
cops, film people… …builders, everyone is
getting into each other’s beds. Please forgive me Sister,
I had no option but to kill you. Motherfucker, you killed my Rafeeq. He was like a brother to me. You think because you are a cop,
you can get away? Wait till I get to you and your family. Done warning me, Shorty? Now, listen: your father
must have put only half his cock… …in your mother’s cunt
and that’s why you were born so short. I heard your tapped
conversation and couldn’t… …believe you could
use such obscene language. Sir, please try to understand. He is operating from another
country and faraway from my bullets. So the only way I can
scare him, is through my words. I heard that you work for the Mafia. No matter how much
love and romance a guy… …professes to a woman,
he finally wants only her cunt. Love is just nonsense.
Don’t ever fall for it. I know these bastards called Men. Those who think this
is a place where people… …come out of compulsion, are wrong. I worked my ass off to get here, because I believe there’s no
other career better than being a gangster. I am not scared of you.
But I am scared for you. Only two things matter there.
Power & Sex.

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