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Guns of SOCOM: H&K Mark 23 Suppressed Pistol

(gun shots) – Alright guys, what we’ve got today is a HK-Mark 23, known kind of humorously as the world’s only crew served pistol. 54 ACP firearm, it was
designed at the request of the United States
Military, because they wanted an offensive
handgun. HK didn’t come up with that term, the
military actually did and solicited companies like HK and Colt. So what we’re gonna do today is see what this gun is capable of. They claim it’s one of the most
tested firearms in history, all sorts of crazy stuff.
I’ve heard military servicemen love it, some hate it. I’m gonna see what it’s all about today with Miles, and let’s get to it. – Hey it’s Miles Vining
here, and this is my first time shooting the
Heckler & Koch Mark 23. Notice I don’t have hearing protection, because we’ve got a Knights Armarment OHG proprietary suppressor on it. It was made just for the Mark 23 as we can see here. It gets pretty hot, as Alex was just shooting it earlier.
But, let’s give it a go. (gun shots) (gun shots) It’s a little front heavy, but that was interesting. It sure was. Bit of a history here. It’s part of the testing for the Mark 23 they fired three of them, up until about 30,000 rounds and the
only thing they had to replace was the O ring,
which is this little O ring right here on the barrel,
towards the muzzle. And that was only on one of them, at 20,000 rounds. The
initial requirement was 2,000 rounds between mean failures. It’s actually rated to 6,000 rounds. And the first failure that occured was at 15,000 rounds. So it’s a pretty mean beast right here. It’s often quoted as one
of the most extensively tested military pistols
in history. A lot was definitely put into it.
We don’t have the LAM that came up with it.
It was a Laser Aiming Module that was inserted
right here, actually that is…The radiation on it and the lasers on it
are actually enforced by not the ATF, but by the FDA, for some odd reason with their jurisdiction. But yeah, it was tested
with the suppressor on it. The proprietary suppressor
as we mentioned before. We can take it off. And it’s got a little muzzle cap that goes on the end. And that’s it right there. Pretty huge. HK got a lot
out of this pistol later on leading to the USP series,
that we enjoy today. (gun shots) (gun shots) (gun cocking) (gun shots) (gun shots) (gun shots) – Alright guys, so we had some fun with the Mark 23 today,
wringing some steel and shooting it suppressed, unsuppressed. I’ve shot this gun a lot,
and I’ve owned it for I think three years now. And it’s never had a malfunction, shoots greet. I have big hands, so
it fits my hands okay. I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s a small pistol
though. It is a big pistol. You can see. Miles has big hands as well and even with gloves, it’s
still a pretty big gun. But Miles, you fired it
for the first time today, give your overall impressions
of what you thought. – An offensive weapon to say the least. On single action”s pretty good. But that double action, wow. – Yeah, it’s got a stiff
double action pull. There’s no kidding there. Other than that, the
handling charactersitics, what did you think? – Handling? The de-selector over here might leave a little more to be desired. The safety kinda gets hung up, sometimes. Otherwise, if you shot a USP, then you’ve shot this. Similar just as that. The sights, something
that I’d like to add that people are going to look at this and say, “It’s unwieldly, it’s heavy, it’s long. It’s wired, it’s got this LAM thing, that whatever happens
on it. Something that we need to place in context
is, when this came out this was actually
extremely groundbreaking. There were no Picatinny rails back then. The concept of putting lights on the front of your handgun just wasn’t there. This was one of the first
pistols to incorporate a bunch of designs we already have. With the de-selector up
here, similar to the CIG. – And you’ve got nice raised sights to clear the suppressor as well. – Yeah, that kind of thing as well. Maybe this started that kind of trend. This is starting the supressor’s getting in on it as well. – All in all, it’s a pretty
interesting gun, guys. I’ve read that they’re
out of production, however I keep seeing them for
sale from big distributors. So I’m not sure if HK’s
making them in batches or maybe they’re selling
of remaining inventory. But yeah- so they’re still around. And with the suppressor,
it’s a great suppressor host. You don’t have to buy the KAC can, their’s other cans with thread pitch now. I just think the KAC can’s cool cause it’s proper for the gun. But
all in all, cool gun. I enjoyed shooting it.
It’s fun wringing steel with this gun. People
generally laugh at it what they seehow big it is, but… if you’re in the market
for a target pistol which, these are match grade pistols, they’re capable of two inch grooves at 27 yards. Then, it’s nothing to laugh at. – No. Not at all. You’re not gonna be disadvantaged by buying Mark 23. Let’s put it that way. – It’s not gonna be my
concealed carry gun either. Maybe Andre the Giant could pull it off, but I don’ t think that I could. – No, no. – Anyways, at this time. I’d like to thank Ventura Munitions for providing the very expensive 45 ACP we shot today. – And Grizzly Targets for giving us the targets that we have. Held up pretty good. Once again, still pretty satisfied with them. – Absolutely guys. Again
this is Alex and Miles with TFPTV. Maybe drop a comment hit the subscribe button if you want. But until then, we’ll see you next time. – Until next time.

100 thoughts on “Guns of SOCOM: H&K Mark 23 Suppressed Pistol

  1. 3:05. Wasn't the USP designed and marketed first and the MK23 based off the established platform? Oh, and it would be my "assumation" that "propriatory" is a colloquial pronunciation.

  2. you're a very slow shooter, open the fingers on your gloves so you can be able to feel the puller pressure on the gun, aim better and set your trigger tightness to minimum while on silencer mode for faster close range take out.

  3. It's really a fine gun. However, most of the SpecOps prefer to use 9mm caliber Glock 19 then any .45 caliber handguns today…

  4. This thing went out on a diet or something? This was blockier the first time I saw it.

    (I was referring to the MGS graphics back on the first PlayStation, BTW)

  5. can i use it as a concealed carry? if i get use to the recoil after shooting at the range? would anyone recommend? iam confused inbetween MARK23, 1911 & GLOCK 17. Please help.

  6. wood of been nice to state the Cal. i had to go to google/gunbroker to find out and i have been a dealer in firearms sence 1976 but never seen one or had a call for 1 but it was a nice video on a 45acp by a german co.

  7. great gun video, great fun; but seriously, don't talk into the camera with a wad of chewing tobacco in your mouth… not a good look.

  8. I'm not Andre the Giant but at 6'3 I have no problems carrying my Mark 23 everyday. It's my favorite handgun.

  9. if i ever get my hands on a mark 23 (they sell for about 1500 usd here) and an aug i can die a happy man.

  10. I was hoping it'd have that blocky laser targeting system to finish making it be Solid Snake's pistol.

    Still pretty cool though.

  11. Damn the damn lip out dude, this channel has such a knowledgeable and professional appeal, and that hillbilly shit won't ride here. I'm not judging you for using it- hell, I'm a smoker myself. Just get it off camera.

  12. "One pistol to rule them all, one pistol to find them, One pistol to bring them all and in the darkness bind them "- gandalf the grey

  13. Anybody play Super Mario games? the H&K Mark-23 can be loaded with 45 caliber Banzai Bill bullets.

  14. 10 years ago i asked my dad about this gun watching Tears of the Sun. 8 years later he left his to me. It hasnt left my side since. Its my baby. A goddamned beast of a hand cannon and my prize posession. Love your can. Cant wait to get one for mine! Also, can anyone tell me where to get a laser or light? Or even a mount? I would love to put a high dollar RDS on it as well.

  15. They are still made to this day, a few hundred Mark 23’s every year! I have a USP 45 Tactical, It fits me well. I’m going to get a KAC USP-45T suppressor for it. And leave it on there forever lol. The mark 23 or My very own USP 45 Tactical, is the only 1 pistol I would own, if I could only own one!

  16. Is it true that the US military specifically ordered it to be super precise at the 25 metres mark or something like that?

  17. Please. If your going to use a suppressor don't shoot at steel plates! People want to gauge the quietness of the suppressor and the ping off the plates is annoying…

  18. “Colonel I’m trying to sneak around but I’m thicc asf and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the guards”

  19. No more reviews by kids who weren't out of diapers when the Mark 23 was introduced for the SOCOM trials.
    It's not a "nice little muzzle cap" that "goes on the end"…. it's a threaded barrel protector.
    Some of the best reviews of the Mark 23 are by HK themselves, including the hilarious "for those of you who don't think your Mark 23 is long enough already" review of the HK Parts Mark 23 compensator/pic rail video.

  20. A ridiculous waste of tax dollars. Let's see, it's as big as a sub gun. Strike 1, through 100.

  21. I had one and loved it!! I had to sell it because of financial difficulty but will be buying another. A great gun in my opinion. I do understand why some people don't like it, it's a beast!!

  22. Two things I don't like is mag capacity should at least be 15rnds and lack of Pic rail they still make these like 12 a year but keep on with the BS propriety rail of theirs that makes you have to spend more money to find accessories to mount on fix the freaking rail to a picatinny one!

  23. Who click this video because of metal gear solid snake one of his favorite handgun. No lie but i was thinking of owning one . But after I'm done with agent 47 handgun

  24. What is up with all the “men “ wearing tactical gloves just to shoot? Yes when I’m running a 24 inch chainsaw but not when shooting. I want to feel all of my senses at level 💯. I just find it weird but who am I…

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