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Guns of Boom – New Rifle – Last Breath

NOW THAT’S A LOTTA DAMAGE Introducing Last Breath. No seriously how strong is this rifle? So strong that it can one shot you when you’re wearing Hard Hat. WHAT? So strong that it can eliminate three people with one bullet HOW? So strong that it can go toe to toe with inter-continental ballistic missiles Ok, maybe not that strong… BUT CLOSE ENOUGH! Last Breath gets a MASSIVE DAMAGE BOOST after every elimination and the 6x scope leaves no place to hide on the entire map It’s time to send your enemies down the path With the Last Breath

100 thoughts on “Guns of Boom – New Rifle – Last Breath

  1. (L A S T ) B R E A T H = B R E A T H (T A K E R)
    Boy oh boy i’ma be a Russian🏃🏽‍♂️💨 Sniper 😂

  2. We don't want it in an event
    Put it in store Please
    Every new weapon you all bring comes in event & not all players like this event thing & not all players can complete event & get new weapons

  3. Bann EYE first Bcoz pros think they are better than ever But rhe Fact is they are Nothing without EYE 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Lolll Pros

  4. У нее будет сводка такая же медленная как у начальных снайп

  5. Зачем? И так баланса нету в игре, будет еще хуже, вы сами себе игроков отсеиваете из игры…

  6. Hello friend please add the return or reselling option of our guns so we can sell our guns for gunsback. Please look forward to it…

  7. U should add capture the flag maps. This new sniper is only good if u can get a steak going otherwise just keep ur cuda

  8. Nice Guns of Boom. Facebook is down right now in many countries so you are not getting much heat on facebook. You only gave a chance to older players. Because only they have collected enough Battle Coins to unlock and max this gun. They collected over 20,000 Battle Coins. For us new F2P players. It's like impossible to max this gun. I had to max my Barracuda and after that I grinded to max my Reaper. Old players have got those guns already maxed so they got a chance to collect more Battle Coins. Battle Cases is like a second chance to get your equipment maxed. But this time you did something very stupid and released a new gun in Battle Cases. And now we all know that this gun is never gonna come in any event. Maybe events are not giving you enough money. 12 days for collecting 3,300 Fragments for new gun. That's like collecting 22,000 Battle Coins for maxing this gun. I suggest you play with 0 Battle Coins on Lvl.50 and tell us honestly if you can max this gun in F2P way. Plus there are too many hackers in your game. I report many players who shoot through wall and come out of ground. But you guys need video proof to take any action against them.

  9. This gun can’t beat barracuda or icebreaker at all. it’s so slow
    needs to fix.
    I will max it anyway, now I have it on LvL 2
    but this gun needs a serious buff in aiming.

  10. Well this video is misleading… As Last Breath only fires when the scope is on and last shot in this video was without one…

  11. Why do you guys do battle cases please do the spins not many people can waste money on the game and buy coins like others do. Please change to spins

  12. Pq não colocou malas de batalhas da Odin e Barracuda?
    Malmente conseguimos melhorar a barracuda e Odin já tem nova arma que a maioria jamais ganhará!

  13. 0:02 Don't make a Phil Swift joke, Don't make a Phil Swift joke, Don't make a Phil Swift joke, Don't make a Phil Swift joke, Don't make a Phil Swift joke, Don't make a Phil Swift joke, Don't make a Phil Swift joke, Don't make a Phil Swift joke,

  14. I have a very great suggestion for you… Make your matchmaking a little more complicated .. and don't match players above level 28 with players of level 34 as on level 34 everything is unlocked so there is no legit comparison of the players … So make matchmaking class level 28 to level 33.. it would be great… And yes another thing is that your games doesn't provide the gunbucks on great performance either… Give more gunbucks … It's sucks that after 15 to 18 eliminations and assists and other things a player just got 100 to 250 gunbucks… It sucks…  I have taken very much time to write this personally…. Give it a review and think on it… These changes will be appreciated by players worldwide… 

    Thank You….

  15. Is it better then thanatos and barra cause im a thanatos pro and id hate it when my guns goes down that just totally not fair

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