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Guns of Boom – Halloween 2019

Behold, for the gruesomely horrible gloom Has come to the earth to possess Guns of Boom Ghoulish they were as the day turned to night, Prowling for prey that is easy to find… They thought it’d be simple, they thought it’d be fun, Until they met “Zeus”, electrized machine gun! Spitting hot lead and charged with amperes It sent them way back to the land of despair. You came here for treats and for tricks you shall stay, Rejoice Guns of Doom’s Halloween scary play.

100 thoughts on “Guns of Boom – Halloween 2019

  1. Seriously mg!! U gotta be kidding, tell any player who uses mg at lvl 50??😕😕. This is the reason GOB is almost dead

  2. make the game stable first instead of making diversions game keeps crashing,installed it three times now and yet its no use.

  3. La metralla Nunca la uso ,las que hay son lentas la disparar y en la movilidad además hacen muy poco daño…prefiero otras armas .lo que si sería bueno es una katana con buen daño.

  4. so tell me guns of boom, why not put the reaper on the halloween event?! this is disgusting, and so annoying, i'm freakin sad about that event… i'm actually thinking in desinstal this game, the worst halloween event, we don't need skins, we don't need visuals, we need guns, good guns…

  5. Nah…2018 halloween was better ; both Gun (Reaper is a beast ) and costume (Legit one that resembles the Ghost rider) .
    The music was creepingly nice too .
    Things like these should be the stuffs to be introduced in the Game during this kinda special time of a year !
    I don't think 2019 will beat that .

  6. Hey stanis,there r some issues which r making gob less interested.i m from INDIA and true lover of this game so i am sharing the critical issues which need to be fix. (1)black screen bug ,it comes with battle coin hunt event (2)today my account has been ban for 1 hour ,it says that u r using a third party app but i m not using any third party app (3)matchmaking time is soo much even sometimes it takes 4-5 min for searching battle. i hope u read this and solve these issues.

  7. After the hero Aim was changed I definitely need a new machine gun , but what does the pants do? Can't wait for the new event I'm so excited.

  8. Hey can you make Orion the same like Odin same close range damage and same long range damage while you use the scope and can you buff the fire rate by 5% pls guns of boom

  9. Hey can you make Orion the same like Odin same close range damage and same long range damage while you use the scope and can you buff the fire rate by 5% pls guns of boom

  10. I’m just relived it’s not a new shotgun, rifle or AR 😅 Ive worked too hard for mine (Reaper.. Odin.. barracuda) to be outdone anytime soon 😝

  11. Bring Reaper back too as Dolores also comes both the times in both Danny Trejo event so please bring Reaper again too.

  12. Se la rifaron y pensé que esas skin que están burgalés benian en la carrera bélica papá debe brutal la actualización que se viene

  13. Fu ck off game don,t stat up
    They even fix match,s if realy new they give people they don,t like ? the don't give no update thise for real
    guns of boom realy dev is like tetris security

  14. Lost interest in playing this game because of the worst ping ever. Already uninstalled the game so bye bye now.

  15. Great a new machine gun ! Not a new reaper or barracuda which is going to ruin the game more than it s now ! Thanks very much, seriously

  16. Theres a lot of unbalanced guns in this game… I find it extremely unfair that mid game you decide to drop a lil bit of cash to the game, get a good gun for that range, spend more money upgrading that gun just to be rendered useles once you reach and surpass a certain level… You need to make those gold guns viable on higher levels, its so annoying that you cant use them anymore after spending hard earned money on them

  17. These guys will never make Guns if Boom Epic! 5 mins Match Is Not Enough So Pls Change The timing and Also Add New wallpapers in loading screens showing tips and tricks! And also add match replay section that would be epic!

  18. Pants are trash not Halloween related don’t waste your time grinding for it thank me later One extra offense Consumo and speed boost as usual

  19. Please make 1 stage like this, in which all 8 players are on same side, and there is a monster in stage. We have to defeat it with teamwork.

  20. Olá técnicos do GofB…parabéns vocês estão se superando …halloween está ótimo. Se não for impressão minha também senti uma calibragem na sensibilidade do fuzil de assalto Bastion, mas continuem nos surpreendendo que isso faz toda diferença na competição de melhores jogos. Valeu fui!!!

  21. Your game finished my dear… Bcz to many hacker there and player lost to much values… You try to to hide your fault in your game you did not handel it.. Then you give halloween 🦇 or more any category played thats name seasons.. Whta ever the truth is you are big failure… Whith your game how peoples play long time this game i can't understand.. 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 A stupid ideas you have and you crushed your own game think about it

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