100 thoughts on “Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction – Super Deluxe Edition (Piece-By-Piece Unboxing)

  1. 6:08 every time I see that poster it reminds me of the show Saved by the bell. Zack Morris had that poster hung up in his room.

  2. 192/24 to 44.1/16 (cd format)…why not release the originals to hdtracks.com instead? Also i bet this is gonna be brickwalled all to hell too.

  3. What a fucking BULLSHIT money grab. Repackage something that has all been seen and heard before. To help make the music industry execs and band members more wealthy than they already are in return for something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy for a day or two which will then be put on the shelf to collect dust for the rest of your mediocre life.

  4. What makes this supposed "Super Deluxe Edition" a major disappointment is that there should be 2 DVDs and 2 Blu-Rays included with ALL the music videos from the period as well as a pro-shot live concert from the album tour as well as TV appearances and EPKS. THAT would have made the collection worth $1000.00

  5. Have this and the remaster is not great sound wise it's not much of a improvement maybe more clear since its digital but that's it so if ur buying it for sound improvement then save your money only buy if u collect

  6. Fail. CD? WTF? The packaging looks budget as well and lacks imagination. I'll just stick with my original copy thanks.

  7. Already ordered and can’t wait for this to arrive so I can put that poster up on my wall and listen to the CD’s with the temporary tattoos on!

  8. The photographs included really remind me of the Beatles White Album, where it included photographs of the four, same size probably.
    Honestly I’m probably the only one that is very disappointed that the CDs are in the book rather than slipcases, jewel cases, or mini lp cases. Hell, even digipaks

  9. 4 cd's and an amazing book, but where's my Vinyl!!! Damn, people are listening to more Vinyl these days than CDs… And btw, blue ray audio is just dead now.

  10. I hope this means that in 2022 we are going to get remastered versions of use your illusions with photos and original demos etc from those albums!

  11. To everyone saying this is 1000 bucks…its not. Its 180. The 1000 dollar one is the Locked N' Loaded Big F'n Box.

  12. I really wish the bandana and iron on patches came with this too. I want those so badly but dont wanna pay 1G with everything else. 🙁

  13. It’s almost like they made a rich person version and a poor person version. By the way ya poor people like records too.

  14. For an extra 500 dollars Axl will visit you in person at your location of choice, punch you, and take all the band photos back!

  15. Don't buy this, it sounds like absolute crap. 30 seconds into the first track and my ears already hurt. Do a comparison and you'll see. Always just listen to the original. THE ORIGINAL IS THE BEST!

  16. Anybody notice the lack of thump and difference the audio quality in the blue ray audio (my Michelle, Think about you" ) ?? My Michelle the kick drum is not there like the rest of the songs and Think about you sounds tin cannny . Just those two songs

  17. Id be fine with a vinyl LP and that sick photo book. Thats' really about it. The box looks pretty cool but somehow Id feel embarassed forking over that much cash and squeezing some wooden container in the corner of my room.

  18. I've had the Super Deluxe for over a week now and I've just noticed that on the envelope's "case file" Duff's last name is spelled wrong.

  19. I was waiting to buy Appetite For Destruction before this announcement because I knew something like this was going to happen. (I just started listening to G N' R more often ever since 2016 when I first bought their greatest hits, I got interested picking up more music again since late 2015.)

  20. Algun gil más de Argentina, que es menor, y le gusta esto antes de morir con la mierda del reggeaton?.Pd:Macri diminui el dolar que me parece mucho 30 pesos

  21. No había visto esto pero ya que lo vi lo voy a buscar y a comprar, aunque creó que va a costar muchoooo
    GNR, si ves esto saludos desde México😋🙋

  22. Thank you all for releasing this awesome box set of AfD. And especially thanks for the 5.1 surround mix on blu-ray. Just incredible stuff. Elliott Scheiner did a great job. Please, please, please do the same with Use Your Illusion 1/2!!!

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