85 thoughts on “Guns in the Third Reich – A Response to Ben Shapiro and Others

  1. Yeah, I think you're kinda sidestepping the fact that the net kept getting wider about who was a possible "possible enemy of the state" status as the Third Reich became solidified.

    13:12 Yeah seeing as Antifa was devoted to violence before Charlottesville, was outright encouraged and supported by Left wing groups and news stations and often did it with little to no interference from the police (Thus, especially from the Left's point of view, is a show of support) were VS groups that were loud and offensive, but rarely attacked people and when they did, were arrested for the crime I'd say your point is invalidated.

    FYI: I don't know if you read your history books, but the SA and the Nazi Party was violent from the near starting of the group. That's an awful lot of hand-waving to win an argument. Do they teach you that in Der Fraulein Merkal's propaganda school?

  2. The same Ben Shapiro that doesn’t consider Palestinian lives actually being human lives? Fuck Shapiro, trash just like the rest of these political talking heads

  3. The US-Army destroyed civil weapons (espacially hunting weapons) after the war in Germany. That is well dokumented for example with movie clips by none other then the US-Army.

  4. Look this argues between leftist vs rightist or nazi vs bolshevik. World really a shit place.

    Im so happy if the world was nuked sometimes

  5. If the Jews of Germany could legally possess weaponry sufficient to overthrow or defend themselves from the Nazi Government, then surely all groups within Germany would enjoy the same right. So now you have a heavily armed Nazi party in 1923 turning their beer hall putsch into a major infantry offensive against the state. German Communists unleashing open warfare for their own ends. The Hanover Ladies 2nd Bowling six can get heavy on anything they don't like. So to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of property, you have a permanent civil war costing tens of thousands. A civil war the Jewish German population was never going to win on a simple headcount. A state is defined by possession of the monopoly on violence within its borders. Anything else is not a state.

  6. good videos man. (joke incoming) a german making sense in 2019. the world is truly turning..
    i get mad at people who didnt know what truly happened in europe around ww1 and ww2. all the small things that made this horrible thing possible. but yeah. most of the time it is a echo chamber of stupid people who think they know better.
    dude keep making this good vids, and we can make war at the next footballgame Netherlands – Germany.
    greetz, wursten en hugs from the Netherlands

  7. If having guns stopped killings then America should be the safest, most crime free, and peaceful country on the planet.

  8. There were 13 million nazi soldiers during ww2. They killed 7 million Jews during the holocaust. If every one of the jews fought for their lives while armed, it DEFINITELY would have been less bad than waiting to die. Maybe some would have individually died quicker, maybe some would have taken out a nazi or 2 on the way and lived to fight another day. I don't understand how anyone can't see that this would have been better.

    If you're in a place where you can arm yourself, do it. There is someone somewhere who wants each of us dead for different reasons. Sometimes those people gain power and execute their plans. Even if they don't want to kill you, they want to enslave you. The 2a guys are not completely crazy.

  9. Guns only help if you have a large homogeneous group that can fight ie the American revolution

    Being a tiny minority with guns (say for example American gays) won’t be saved by some hypothetical massacre.

    A giant group of people who have their own community with firearms are formidable

  10. The idea that Jews during wwII would've been able somehow to take out a well trained army which was supported by the ppl is ridiculous & nauseating at worse because at the end of day they are simply using these ppl in order to sell more guns & by extension make more money.

  11. There is something disturbingly ironic about how Ben Shapiro is turning into a useful idiot for a political faction that hates Jews. Ben Shapiro and his political allies are basically the gateway drug to real white supremacy. At some point Ben Shapiro will realize that the guys he is in bed with don't like him that much.

    Ben Shapiro today is enjoying the work by many liberals and leftists which has allowed Jews to be treated mostly as equals in the west. It has not been the efforts of his Christian conservative friends. Shapiro is taking all those efforts for granted and instead focusing on petty inconsequential stuff. Sure it may be annoying to listen to a rabid feminist at times, but they are not exactly a threat to world order. Most over the top liberalism is rather harmless. But Shapiro is so blinded that he focuses all his energy on this while completely ignoring the dark undercurrents of right wing politics.

  12. Great work!! I think it really helps to have a German speaking about these issues. Because the German experience is so important in understanding how a democracy turns into dictatorship. It is the most relevant experience to western democracies. Places like China and Russia are less interesting in this regard as these were dictatorships with violent peasant revolts. Not something having any resemblance to the west today.

  13. It takes a chemical explosives HEAT shell, or a tungsten dart traveling at 1000m/second to penetrate the armor of an M1 Abrams battle tank. You think you can do that with an AR-15, firing, at most, 5.56mm lead bullets?

  14. At first when he said "bread knife", I was scared it was some sort of dangerous weapon, but then I realized that I was delirious from hunger. Gimme a sandwich.

  15. I'm glad you included Shapiro's racist comments about Palestinians. The connections between the nationalist rhetoric the American Right and the Israeli Right use for their political tactics are connected.

    For example, it would have been interesting for you to have examined the meaning and purpose of that statement in context of gun restrictions in Israel, the West Bank and the Settlements.

    If Shapiro were in support of widespread gun ownership for self defense on principled grounds, which of course he isn't, you might examine why he sees the topic of guns in Israel as being exclusively about Israels owning guns to protect themselves against "Jew murdering Palestinians".

    I believe Shapiro does not stand on principled ground, but rather racist ground on this statement.

    Or more accurately, he is making a principled statement but from completely racist perspective.

    To Shapiro, Palestinians are sub-humans, therefore the right of self-defense, from his perspective, does not apply to them.

    While I love your work, I wish you would do a better job of holding placing the American far right and the Israeli far-right in their appropriate context with each other. Failing to do so will always provide the anti-semites of both America and Europe opportunities to dispute your claims and to reach ever more people with their vitriol.

  16. This makes sense since they are trying to pass legislation to disarm pot smokers but not crazy southerners.

  17. Rather than obsessing about putting more guns in people's hands maybe we should think about how to oppose the tyranny and violence of state power. Like… through political action that might actually be effective, rather than an AK-47 and a prayer

  18. I believe that if the Jews only killed 1 Nazi it was a good thing.
    I also condemn any ancestor I may have for not standing with any person or group of people that has any form of personal protection device taken away from them by any government
    up to and including breech loading cannons and full auto weapons.
    Unfortunately I have lost all of those items when my canoe tipped over.

  19. I feel like the core issue that Shapiro and Carson’s argument has is that it requires the subject to believe that the majority of people care about politics or would fight for an ideal. Realistically the Nazis were a conservative nationalist political movement in the eyes of most politically invoked Germans. Even if a person would have cared enough to fight against them with guns they likely would have failed as the majority either didn’t care who ruled (as long as things were stable) or supported the Nazis. In the same vein if America developed a nazi like political movement as seems highly likely in the next 25 years we would view it the same way the Germans viewed the Nazis as a harmless organization and just wants to return to the nations original state. In viewing the party this way we would almost certainly fail to rise up and thus fail to overthrow the government. For clarity sake I still think the right to keep and bear arms is important even if I fully understand that it will almost certainly never save the American people from tyranny.

  20. Well you seem to underplay the fact that they did stop Jews from firearms. If you don’t acknowledge that was done so they could not fight back it seems like you are cherry picking the facts like the conservatards do. I guess I would also add that the US is currently fighting its longest war in history against people with nothing more than small arms. So this idea that they can’t under any circumstances be effective is just absurd.

  21. You do have to wonder why Hitler banned gun ownership for Jews though don't you? Owning a gun doesn't mean you will be able to take your country back from the Nazis but it does give an individual the opportunity to defend himself. Say for example that you were a Jew who didn't want to be sent to a concentration camp. A random Gestapo agent might walk up to you one day and demand your papers. You might have to shoot him and run away. It doesn't mean you will get away or that there will be anywhere to get away to. But at least you have a shot (pun intended)

  22. Realizing that I am very late to the party yeah, I think it's important to note that Ben Shapiro will actually cast doubt on whether or not the Holocaust happened depending on who his audience is.
    When he is addressing the alt-right crowd all of the sudden it's the "alleged Holocaust" or "supposed Holocaust".
    Some of my own ancestors fled before the Nazis came to power. Shapiro claims his grandparents died in the Holocaust and will gladly call anyone anti-semitic who disagrees with him, but then he'll stand in front of a racist crowd and cast doubt on the Holocaust where his own family were victims.
    This is not a man worthy of a platform.

  23. Here's an easy test for right wingers. The State routinely kills young black me. Black men killing cops are really just exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, aren't they?

  24. I'm a far far leftist American. I support logical gun control, but I also feel that America has already gone beyond the point of depriving us our constitutional right. This "assault weapon ban" is nonsense. With the nationalist taking power, and fascist rallying in the streets freely and openly. I'll be keeping my guns clean, and my bullets dry.

  25. Give all the discriminated americans, guns, muslime , poor blacka and hispanics guns to protect them against unjustice show them how armed citizen make life safer. Guns for everyone, and dont let them take away the guns of them. Arm the people who protest, arm everyone equally to prevent against state tyranny.

    Lets see what ben shapiro has say to this, or the right media. Given that those words from the black panthers led to stricter gun control, from the republicans. The right arent pro free guns, they are pro free guns for white or republican americans.

  26. To see anti fascists sit around and say guns aren't effective is hilarious. Dictators take away guns from people they are oppressing because they are effective. It is effective. You don't know what could have happened if a movement of rebellion occurred.

    Insurgent conflicts are fundamentally different from conventional warfare as well. When any civilian at any time can pull a gun at any place it's leagues different than the german military crushing the polish military.

    For all we know infighting in Germany could have led the public to believe going to war with foreign nations was unfathomable and prevented a larger scale "world war" from Nazi Germany. Or perhaps worsening conditions would have made people look at Hitler as the issue instead of a way out.

    It's not as simple as "jews defeat the entire german military err derp".

  27. I thought the Art-Right wants Jewish ppl to die..? What's with this concern about Jews in Nazi Germany and their gun laws? What do conservatives even want?

  28. I'm always confused by this american thinking that a bunch of neckbeards with some guns could win against an organized army. I'ts hilarious tho.

  29. US Conservatives: We need guns to protect us from a tyrannical government!

    Also US Conservatives: Sits back & does nothing while a tyrannical government slowly strips rights away from the people

  30. Tbh I like how now that there are clear examples of America sliding into tyrrany and fascism, these right-wingers who claimed to care so much about oppressed people.

  31. These are fair points and great history lessons to bring up. I used to think like the bens, but after looking at some history videos on Germany after World War 1, you start seeing more of the bigger picture.

    Plus I love your accent!

  32. If everyone in a country is armed, and a tyrannical government gets into power, there are people supporting the tyranny who will also be armed. In the case of the US, as an example, a lot of gun-loving people are also very religious, and would probably welcome the rise of a Christian Theocracy as a way to exert religious domination. What happens then? A theocracy is tyrannical, and yet you have people, armed people, defending it. At best, you have a civil war on your hands, at worst, you have a genocide caused by the people. Ultimately, the argument just isn't valid no matter how you spin it.

  33. good video but here’s a point about gun rights in general: guns are necessary for a free society; that doesn’t then imply that an unfree society can’t exist with guns, or that people with guns will always get their way.

  34. Incredibly thorough great job, if only people that do policy cared to know their history so as to not accidently almost repeat it.

  35. The American conservative gun-nuts assume that they will be in the majority, when the time comes to overthrow the "tyrannical" govt.

  36. To even gain an audience you are an opportunist and flip flop between diff views to fit your needs of the moment. It just depends to what degree.

  37. Ben Carson is a savant. He knows about brain surgery. He knows almost nothing about history, philosophy, sociology and he knows absolutely nothing about everything else.

  38. In the United States, armed citizens would have to go up against a military-industrial complex that includes fighter jets, tanks, warships, drones, nuclear warheads, and a variety of other weapons. Clearly, right wing nuts have not considered this reality.

  39. It also feels like a variation of the "blame the victim" mentality, like it was the Jewish people's job to prevent harm from being done to them. Gun regulations or not, maybe we should just stop those people before they gain too much power eh?

  40. I’d love to see you debate Ben Shapiro. You sound like you keep a mellow tone in spite of the lunacy and absurdity you find yourself mulling over.

  41. The time for armed resistance was when the reichstag was dissolved. When the legislature goes the possibility for peaceful resistance goes.

  42. the best part is the military is sworn to protect the constitution not the government. so it just would never happen in America. plus 100 million people owning guns here just makes it impossible for the government to take them.

  43. Gun control is a fantasy that liberals preach about to score political points,,,,,they only seem to be I terested when a white man pulls the trigger, over 55 people were shot in Chicago this weekend and no one care because they can score any political points and virtue signal that they are doing something good. It's really masturbating. Drugs have some of the toughest laws in the nation but they are everywhere….none of these shooters would have failed background checks so people will still seek illegal guns. In addition, London has a serious knifing and acid attacks…..will they ban them, ISIS killed 80 witha Mack truck in afrancw….should we ban them? This is a fundamental right we have to protect our family, land, country. It won't work

  44. He can never understand the mind of Americans….we were not Germans…..we don't just go along with an anything, we are individualist , we don't have the effect obedience,emt mind that allowed Germans to allow a holocaust,

  45. There was plenty they could do if they were armed. If they were armed the slow creeping process would have been Ichallenged or slowed. You can't see them winning because in the mind of the german you either don't get out of lime or you support it tacidally. The resistance does not have to be a grand scale

  46. lets say, the jewish population managed to organise and take up arms and fight back, now I doubt they would have stand a chance against the german military and would quickly be put down. jewish deaths might even exeed that of the real world as I think the Nazis wouldn´t take another chance with the jewish and just kill them all outright. you may think thats better than teh koncentration camps but thats maybe up for debate.
    I think what that also would do, is creating anti jewish sentiment beyond germany, as for teh rest of the world, lacking all the details it might really look like a jewish plot to overthrow teh german goverment and take over, playing directly into Hitlers weird fantasy of a jewsih conspiracy.

  47. you know what is disgusting, instrumentalising one of the biggest tragedies in human history with this highly hypothetical argument that more guns COULD, MAYBE, UNDER CIRCUMSTANCES, prevented this and that, just to further your interrests.

  48. When I first came across this idea that Germany dissarmed its people before WW2 I couldnt believe it could even be news. Did no one remember highschool social studies? The nazis were planing for war from the start, before they were even in power, and they re-armed themselves, ecouraging even children to be ready to fight. That is the saddest aspect of humanity. Even in Canada I must teach my sons to fight, because I know some broken fool is going to force a fight of some sort on him at some point, even if there is world peace.

  49. The "Knowing Better" channel referenced this video and I am glad they did. Very interesting and informative.

    Thank you!

    Looking forward to checking out more stuff.

  50. I'm pro-gun and even I'm disgusted by Shapiro's terrible arguments and callous attitudes. Arming the populace doesn't do much on its own. Arming the populace won't lead to an overthrow of tyranny if people have come to accept, or worse, support this tyranny. Arming the populace and overthrowing tyranny can happen, of course, but you need to actually have a populace that wants a revolution, or else it just won't happen. Hell, in Russia, it's not like the Bolsheviks revolted because they got access to guns. They revolted because general sentiment was against the government, and the mentality of revolution, of overthrowing tyranny, of doing what's necessary even if it's dangerous and illegal, that mentality had to be there first. Arming themselves was merely a tool they used to depose the Tsar, and I imagine most modern conservatives would side with a dictator over a revolution in a heartbeat.

    (Also there are other reasons to have guns than overthrowing the government but the point is that the people who talk about revolution are usually the same people who would try to put it down)

  51. Watching your videos made me want to learn more about Nazi Germany. Ian kershaw is considered the best Hitler / Nazi biographer. I read most of his books. Thanks man!

  52. Links to the videos of this channel should be posted in rebuttal to all right-wing YouTube clips. It's not enough that these videos exist, they should be disseminated.

  53. How do these grifters get away with lying so, so blatantly about undisputed historical facts? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  54. Who gives a shit about who took them. I dont give a RIP WHO shows up at my door to do harm whether it be at Putins, Trumps, or some other assholes orders, I'm emptying a magazine. It may not stop the govt but those fkrs that show up at the door are gonna think twice.

    You dont want guns in your house, cool. Now I know where to go if the economy goes south and my family needs food.

    This guy said step by step the laws were passed and asked when the insurrection would occur?

    Well the Bundys were pretty quick and successful.

  55. 3:54 …So you're saying Hitler didn't need to take away the guns, because a morally questionable government already did that, so as to control the population and reduce their ability to resist (via civil war and revolution)? What's more, the gun confiscation DIDN'T WORK and they were nearly overthrown several times? Great arguments for gun control here, in that they ARE useful for tyrannical governments, but they also DON'T WORK. You even go on to describe how the government was deciding who could and couldn't own a gun, based off their politics, which did nothing to stop Hitler from taking power but was a fantastic way for Hitler to maintain power.

    6:50 So, Jews trivialize the Holocaust, and don't understand its horrors so well as you do? Good thing the Jews have the Germans to explain this to them. But I don't get how Ben Carson and Ben Shapiro (Ben and Ben) can argue against a Police state… and then you say they are trivializing the Holocaust, by failing to argue against a police state.

  56. I would rather die free with a gun in my hand than as defenseless cattle. Of course foreign opinion has not mattered here since 1776

  57. Gun control opponents: Hitler banned all guns and that's why he could commit genocide

    Literally anyone with a History Degree: Why are we still here? just to suffer?

  58. Don't know why, but yours and Shaun videos simply won't play through chromecast, they lag like hell no matter what I do.

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