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Guns & firearms Girl shoots the 500 Magnum

Now this here is a smith and wesson 500 magnum.
Biggest revolver they make in the world that I know of. I’m told this is a mans gun…
and I’m a little scared. how do I hold this sucker? Like this? uh ok. Be careful baby.
Alright, ready? Coconut. Dang it. ohhhh wow. oh wow. huh huh. alright just fired 3 rounds
from this sucker..uh wasn’t as bad as I thought, it did go up my arm and through my wrist pretty
good. ummm but that’s a lot of fun I tell ya that. Yea it’s one that you gotta shoot.
Cool baby. You right there yes you have you clicked the button yet? Go ahead click click
click click on it ha ha go ahead & click

100 thoughts on “Guns & firearms Girl shoots the 500 Magnum

  1. Hey its one of those guns you start drawing it out your holster on Monday and by Thursday you got it pulled out of the holster πŸ™‚ J/K
    Fun show guys πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent job Cindy. Good hand position (high grip), good safety (finger off the trigger, etc), good shot too. When firing a heavy magnum like that its hard to hit anything when you are anticipating such a recoil the tendency is to jerk the trigger but the fact that you hit your target wins big respect from me. Well done.

  3. The guy talking in the back ground saying "be careful bebe", and "cool bebe" caused me to lose my erection. Please tell him not to talk in future videos. I enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  4. Actually you handled it and its recoil MUCH better than the other young ladies I've seen on Youtube shooting the .500 mag. Handled t as good as most of the larger men, also.

  5. I have that same gun. I love it. I've hit 1 inch from center bullseye at 100 yards with witnesses. I love seeing it in action.

  6. Was that a cabbage that you shot? Looked like you were making coleslaw without having to spend all that time in the kitchen chopping haha

  7. What happened to the rear sight, or did you remove it for mounting a scope? I've got the same S&W .500, its one of the early guns S&W made, I think mine is from 2004, and I love it. Good video…….

  8. Oh…ya got yer hands on a long barrel version…that helps. Ladies, if you keep your elbows almost locked, recoil will have to lift the entire arm…and the gun won't hit you in the head. And recoil…rippin', snortin', and bellerin' is just to make you look good. The
    recoil from a revolver serves no other purpose. Now, a semi auto, the recoil helps work the action…but not on a revolver.

  9. Don't you love the bang it makes and the smell of gunpower. Your comment "im a little scaried." Them Mike's, "Becareful honey". Okay it's a revolver, whats it going to do. It is a big gun. I have shot one a few times amd I will admit, its to much of a gun for me Have a good day

  10. Chances are your skill has much to do with it. Note the stance. Also you seem to have stronger arms and wrists than most small girls. More muscle in the upper arm and forearm and wrist means more weight holding the gun to keep the recoil down.

  11. you are a badass Cindy, i adore you, you know how to shoot guns, you love motorcycles – harleys in particular, and your beautiful!!

  12. A girl was killed in Missouri yesterday while shooting a .500 S&W. She fired the gun and the recoil caused the gun to spin around facing her when the second shot rapidly fired. Please advise those not familiar with this level of recoil to only load one bullet at a time. There are many videos on youtube of the S&W .500 rapidly firing a second shot when used by novice shooters.

  13. A big reason that a lot of people fail when they shoot the .500 I the wrong stance. I'm glad that you employed the correct one, that makes all of the difference. I bet that your right hand was quite numb afterwards; that's why I wear a shooting glove when I fire it. Wearing one when firing the .500 is not theΒ a sign of a wimp. Good shooting!

  14. You get that gun back to shooting position faster than any other person I've seen.Β  Wish it were as easy as you make it look!

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