Guns firearms and girls shooting the Ruger 454 Casull

uh oh! The heck it rolled over? Oh there it
went. ok hold on. This is a Ruger 454 casual. it shoots 45 long shots? and it…Long colts.
oh 3, 2, 1 This is a Ruger 454 Casull. It shoots 45 long shots. Colts! 45 long colts.
3,2,1 This is a 3, 2,1, this is a ruger 454 casual it shoots 45 long colts? Dont’ look
at me. 45 long colts? Yes. 3,2,1 This is a Ruger 454 Casull it shoots forty, it shoots
45….long colts. Now those were the 45 longs colts. Now i’m gonna be shooting the 454 Casull.
Ready? There ya go.. That’s the way to blow up a cantelope. ha ha ha.

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