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Guns Explained With Cats

If you’re still not sure what to do about guns, let me explain it to you, using this AWFUL cat. (HISS) Now before we start, we can all agree, that banning cats… won’t get rid of all cats. And the majority of people that do own cats are good people. Not every cat… is an awful cat. And I happen to love a cute, cuddly cat. Awww, look at you! SO CUTE! Such a cute little kitty. (Glass shatters) (Hiss) AHHHH!!! SUCH AN AWFUL CAT! That, was an awful cat. -_- And that is what we’re here to talk about. Let’s say you’re at the movies, or church, or school, when out of nowhere, a cat pops up and claws you in the face. *CAT SCREECH* Suddenly, you might want to do something about this awful cat. Now I live on a street that had one awful stray cat, and when no one did anything about it one cat turned into DOZENS. And they were all clawin’ people in the face, and it’s all because my neighbor, the crazy cat lady Mrs.NRA, was leaving out giant piles of treats… for cats. So you explain to your neighbor that maybe it would be okay to have a couple rules for these cats. Now you would hope that a good neighbor would understand, but she freaks out and yells at you that you’re trying to ban all cats. And then you’re just like, “Hey!” I just don’t want to get clawed in the face. I’m not banning anything.” And they tell you maybe if you had your own cat you’d feel better about it. And you say I do have a cat. It’s that cute cuddly one in my window. *meow* That’s not the problem the problem is these- OOWW, AAHH GODDAMNIT!!! So as you can see, we have a cat problem. And all anyone wants is to put some rules in place to stop the excessive amount of awful cats on the street. But instead I’m looking out my window and see an even bigger, scarier, lions, tigers, cheetahs, and AR-15s! That’s not the same as a regular cat! But my crazy cat lady neighbor wants you to think it’s okay for everybody to own a cheetah! (WTH) What? NO! Would you stop it Mrs. NRA? Really! And sure there are people out there with the proper knowledge and training to understand the responsibilities of owning a cheetah. But when the cheetahs keep ending up in schools, clawing kids in the face, I-I don’t think the answer is to put more cheetahs in the school. And I don’t think the best way to buy a cheetah is to walk into Petco and go, “Hey. I want a cheetah.” “Oh, okay. Here you go.” And I think we all can agree that it’s impossible to get rid of all cats. Which is good, because there’s tons of cute cuddly ones. *purrs* But let’s make some rules that limit and prevent how many awful cats wind up on our street. Less awful cats means less people clawed in the face. Sure they still might get attacked by a dog, or abducted by aliens (lol), but let’s handle this one problem at a time. And while this won’t solve all cat problems, there’s a good chance it will help with a lot. Like they had a similar cat problem over on Australia street, and after they put rules in place, good people still own good cats. But no one has gotten clawed in the face in over 20 years! And all the teenagers on my street that are fed up with that cat lady, I’m really proud of you for being so brave. So I hope that explains to you the problem we’re having with guns. Now I have a feeling that the comments on this video are gonna get a little out of hand. If you see that could you help me out? Direct the conversation back to, “What laws can we put in place to get less guns in the hands of wrong people?” It’s important and something we should talk about constructively. How can we stop Mrs. NRA? She’s a good lady. She’s just a little too into her cats. Maybe we could get her to be interested in a new American pastime, like give everyone on the street free apple pie. *Chomp* *NOM NOM* There’s a rally on March 24th in Washington DC, and I would love it if you could attend. I’ll have all that information down below. That’s it. We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled videos starting soon. Congrats to Hello Person for finding this week screenshot. If you find it, and tweet it to me first, we’ll feature it at the end of the video. I am ItsAlexClark. I am having a lot of fun on Instagram lately so come hang out over there, otherwise I will see ya somewhere, ok? BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…..

100 thoughts on “Guns Explained With Cats

  1. Further and deeper background checks, no mentaly insane/off people can own one (not trying to be mean but its a huge reliability), no military guns (like LMGs), and securing the border to reduce the amount of smuggled illegal guns

  2. How would you counter the government having all the lions and tigers? How do we not end up like every other nation in history that gave up their lions and tigers?

  3. Yes, ban AR-15s. Why? Because… you can kill less effectively with a pistol? The metaphor used here is really… bad. You oversimplify a complicated issue with childrens terminology. Try and expand your knowledge on firearms before making outrageous claims.

  4. You don’t know anything about firearms, the background checks to get them or how they work, and a cat is a bad analogy for guns. Guns do not have free will, Guns don’t just walk into schools. It’s all on the person pulling the trigger.

  5. In 1962, you can order guns from mail order catalogs by simply sending in a check. No background checks, no license required, and no restrictions. Almost anyone could get a gun. Most importantly, there were NO mass shootings. It's not the tool causing the problem, it's the about the user.

  6. I hate the nra. They try to profit using scare tactics. Anyways . There are rules. Lots of rules. Like the Brady bill. Or the nfa and ffa and gca and fopa and ufa and gfsza and occssa (these are all real I'm not mashing my face against the keys) and most of them out law your concerns like no cheetahs in schools. And there's already common sense laws like the NICS and pre existing laws like its illegal to murder and whatnot. All them laws clearly haven't been working. Agreed we gotta find some way to protect people but there is no law existing or proposed that will stop a criminal that really wants to do some crime.

  7. If people want cheetas, they will get cheetas. The kind of people who unleash cheetas on schools aren't the kind of people who follow the law.

  8. Could you imagine actually thinking like this? And thinking other people should think like this? What kind of person would you have to be to do that?

    It's not even a good metaphor.

  9. Damn I didn’t know AR-Cheetahs were so easy to acquire,Damn I didn’t know “Cheetahs” could go attack people on their own accord.

  10. Us West Virginia boys and girls are not giving up our guns and. Guns and more guns we will never surrender die underneath the gun

  11. I love your videos but atleast educate yourself on a topic before you talk about it. You said u don’t want to ban guns but then u say people shouldn’t people to have Ar 15s. So what are you gonna do, ban it? And if so your not accomplishing anything because bad people will just find another way to do it. Also people that have guns illegally aren’t gonna give their guns up. If u want to stop something stop it from the root of the issue. So focus on teaching people how to help others with metal help issue. Push for more funding for the FBI and Homeland so they can run down more leads and potentially dangerous people. Banning guns is not only unconstitutional but it is wrong and won’t help the greater good.

  12. I forgot I clicked on this video and didn't hear the first part. Half way through the video I thought "hey this is a great gun metaphor!"

  13. Tell me Mrs. NRA didn’t stand for N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) where people say most gun violence originates in ( which isn’t true)

  14. If someone bad really wants to own a cat, no amount of rules and/or regulations will stop them from getting those cats. Even by illegal means.

  15. I was walking home today and out of nowhere a wild pack of fully semi automatic AR-15s started chasing me. I had to haul 3 blocks to get away from them! Scary stuff nowadays!

  16. The War Of Pets
    Cats: Im a better pet Dogs: Im loyal unlike u Cheatah: Im Better Then All Of u Dogs And Cat: Yes Sir

  17. Lol me and my bf are taking a class for ar 15 later this winter .we aren't avid hunters we just wanted a new hobby .last month it was rock climbing

  18. Here is the problem with your comparison to cats. Cats can scratch you in their own control. Guns will not fire without a person pulling the trigger. We don’t have a gun problem, this is a people problem.

  19. I understand your point of view, but Republicans have put out many ideals to keep guns out of hands of crazy people and the majority of Democrats dont want to keep guns out of hands of crazy people. They want to slowly take any and all guns away from the american people. If you dont belive me go watch Democrat politicians talk about guns. 9 out of 10 times they have there facts wrong and dont know anything about guns. Also taking guns away from law abiding citizens wont stop people that brake the law it will only but law abiding citizens in greater risk of getting shot. For example there was a bill signed that banned assault weapons for 5 years to see if it had a difference in crime and in 5 years the law was repealed because it was showed that it had no difference in crime.

  20. Aren't cheetahs more or less docile towards humans? You think of cheetahs as "dangerous and scary" solely because of their look.

    Comparison more accurate than expected!

  21. One reaction to
    This video

    Stop the cats stupid they’re the problem
    Some other mass shooting just happened
    Today just few hours from now

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