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Guns Akimbo – Official Trailer

– Hey I’m Miles. – Watch it asshole! – When I was a kid, I wanted to be a hero, but instead I grew up to be a nobody. – Another Skizm. – Skizm.
– Skizm. – Skizm picked random weirdos and made them fight to the death, and
the internet loved it. – Nix wins! – Yea Nix I love you! – Coming! I think you have the wrong apar-. Who are you? Look this is gonna sound
really fucking weird but can you help me? I have guns bolted to my hands. – Yeah you’re right, that does
sound pretty fucking weird. – You have 24 hours to kill Nix. Fail, you die. You leave the city, you die. Who the fuck is Nix? – It’s showtime. – Okay. Ah. Don’t shoot me I don’t want
anything to do with this. These guys came to my house last night, they’re making me fight. Look, I have a plan. – Go on. – You can stop trying
to kill me, and kill Skizm. You in? – Um, no. Here’s what we’ll do,
relax and start running. – Mistakes were made, I– – 10 million viewers,
you have made history. – I never wanted any of this! Fuck! It’s over! – It’s not over till I say it’s over. – I wouldn’t do that if I was you! You’ll just end up blowing
your damn face off! And then you’ll still be depressed. Even more depressed probably because of your fucked up face.

100 thoughts on “Guns Akimbo – Official Trailer

  1. What is…..
    -How does go to the bathroom with those things?

    -How does he reload?

    -What does he do when they jam?

    -How did they bolt it to his hands without effing up his round count?

  2. I would ask how hes going to reload his guns but then i remembered movies always give the character just enough ammo unless the plot requires them to run out

  3. I like how disconnected Hollywood is to the scale of media nowadays. "10 million viewers! You have made history!" Like, seriously, half the garbage on trending has over a mil. This trailer has 2M nearly. The cooking channel I was watching a bit ago gets about 4M per video. My ex made a starwars fan music video that has 8M views. But you know what? 10M makes history. And Markiplier has a video named WOOF that's just him superimposing his mouth over clips of dogs, and that's sitting at 57M. And it's his 4th most popular video. 10M, what a fuckin joke. At the end of the movie Skizm should be anticlimactically shot in the head for not understanding metrics.

  4. Madman is a leading independent film and television distribution and rights management company, with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Berlin
    so for too all normies out there this is not greedwod movie
    this is the same director who shoot Deathgasm Jason Lei Howden he is from NZ
    all movie filmed in New Zealand

  5. "When I was a kid, I wanted to be a hero. But instead, I grew up to be a nobody."

    This was supposed to be a joke. Why am I not laughing?..

  6. Holy shit I know this movie has been in the making for so long because of that one pic of Daniel holding the two guns

  7. "Oh hey Daniel we were supposed to have Ryan Reynolds but I guess he couldn't show up for this movie"

    "So you play a character with guns bolted to his hands"

  8. I fucking love this trailer
    And see him again in this role😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍😎😍

  9. Once again, Dan Radcliff is harassed by a bald guy without a nose. He's really gotta find a way to get out of that trope.

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