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GUNFIRE SHOOTING DIVISION: Rozkładanie pistoletu 2011

Hi, my name is Celina and today I’m going to show you how to disassemble 2011 pistol for Open Division Cock the hammer and check the chamber Then we ask a strong man to help us with the slide stop In my case it is a slide lock thumb rest. This small part of the slide has to line up with Now you can easily pull out the slide stop Yes, right, thank you! Next you have to demount the slide and take out the spring guide Here I have the compansator mounted which makes this task bit more difficult. That’s why we have to move the barrel forward. I hope that this time ladies won’t need a help from strong men. So let me take out the spring guide Slide the guide forward untill you see this particlar, small part Then you should put inside it a bent rod Slide it back Next take out the guide with the spring and the barrel As you can see our 2011 pistol is dismantled When the cleaning is done we have to assemble all parts. Start with the barrel Next slide in the spring guide and take out this rod. The barrel bushing should be in this position. Now the slide Make sure that everything fits well. Andt that’s it!

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