Gunfighting in Reality | Episode #20

“Hey man, I told you. You can have my wallet.
No! Stop! Stop!” “Somebody call the police!”
Alright everybody, I’m headed off to the Alright everybody, I’m headed of to the range! What am I forgetting? Oh, yeah. I need my lunch pail. Alright. DON’T BE THAT GUY Alright, seriously… I am not going to the
range like this. This is ahh… this is what we call Captain
Douche. And… Here’s the thing.
Tomahawks are cool, but if you don’t wear a tomahawk, or a plate carrier, or a straight
knife, or all of this cool tactical gear… Don’t go to the range with it every time
you shoot. The thing we want to impress on you is if
you wear slacks and a button down to work and that’s how you’re carrying, you should
be training in that. If you wear a mechanics uniform, or a $10,000
suit, that’s what you should be training in if that’s what you carry.
Don’t show up to the range dressed like this to take a concealed carry class.
Don’t show up to the range every time to train dressed like this.
If you own this stuff and want to learn how to use it.
Sure, go shake it out. Make sure you know how to use it.
Don’t put it on every time you go to the range. Don’t be Captain Douche. We’re not telling you, walk around your
house in your pajamas with guns, but what we’re again trying to tell you…
This is the kind of environment, where you live, where you are most likely to encounter
some type of violent attack: Home invasion, burglary, something like that….
That being the case, this is the place you should be training in. Again, don’t be training
in full-tactical kit. We’ve got guys that have precision rifles.
They could out to a 1,000 meters. That’s where they spend their time training,
which is great if that’s what you want to do, but that doesn’t make you any safer
in the home. You need to start thinking about how to train
inside the house and train with what you are wearing. So we are out at the range today. We are continuing with this thought process of training with
the clothes you live and work in every day. So today I’m running a regular suit here.
Got my concealed carry weapon, the Glock 19 that you see in most of our videos.
Got a spare, on-board magazine. The only other thing I’m going to have on
now other than what you see is eye protection and ear protection because I don’t want
to lose either of those training. Again, think through this stuff, as your working.
Don’t spend all of your training time with full kit on. Don’t spend all your training
time with combat boots, knee pads, plate carriers, and all that jazz.
It’s wonderful stuff, but if this is how you live. If this is your daily attire, train
in that. Don’t want to get your suit dirty? Put it
on and take it out the day before you take it to the dry cleaners and see how it actually works. See how your dress shoes allow you to move
around. Are you going to slip and fall? You need to think about these things.
If you actually have to run and fight, make sure your clothes are up to that task. Ok, ready?… rolling Do it again. Do it one more time. Cool. I’m going to grab a fresh magazine. Hey buddy, I told you. You can have my wallet.
No, no, no! Hey man, I told you. I’ll give you my wallet.
No, no, no! Somebody call the police! Hoah! So we showed you a little taste of what it
looks like to run in what we call, unconventional range clothes. Did the 5.56 pistol. We worked
out of our Glock a little bit today. Again, what we are going to might be unconventional
clothes for the range, but they are probably conventional clothes depending on your job.
We’ve said it earlier. If you are a delivery driver, train in those clothes. If you are
a banker, a baker, a dancer, whatever you’re going to be out and about in your daily attire…
train in those clothes. This is Mickey with Carry Trainer dot com.
Watch these videos, like them, share’em, use them, learn from them, and I hope if you
have questions you’ll pass them on. Train hard. Train safe. Send Drew some emails.
He loves the fan mail. Warms his heart. Out.

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