Gundarr – Pistol Passing (#18)

[Toddy:] Nyehehehe-hu-hu-hu! [Gundarr:] RrrraaARGH *bang* [Gundarr:] Good boy, Gunnie! It be you and me together forever, pal! (Barking) *wheezing* [Gundarr:] What is it boy?
What be wrong? *cough* *gargling* (Gundarr whimpering) [Gundarr:] We had some great times, boy. *sniff* When we get you out of here,
*sniff* we gonna shoot all of your favorite things! You’ll see.
*sniff* It be great again. *sobbing* (door knocking) [Toddy:] Gundarr? How’s it goin’ big guy? I heard the bad news, and I just wanted to stop by and, well, I wanted to say Nyuh-hu-hu-hu-hu! That’s what you get, you stupid idiot! Screw your gun! I win! I wiiiiin! [Gundarr:] Rawrr! (machines beeping) [Gundarr:] Gunnie? Gunnie? Don’t you die on Gundarr! GUNNIE!!! [Gundarr:] Well, doc? How be Gunnie now? He be okay, right? [Doctor:] I’m so sorry, Mr. Gundarr. We tried our best, but
we just couldn’t save your gun. But SHE left behind
something very special indeed. This hospital bill for 15 million dollars. Oh, and she was also pregnant and
delivered a baby before she died. Gotta go! [Gundarr:] Aww! [Baby:] Da da! *boom* [Gundarr:] Gunnie Junior! *sniff* Oh, we gonna be just fine! *boom* *Gundarr outtro*

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