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GUNCASTER – Doom Mod All Weapons Showcase & Explanation

Guncaster is one of the best mods to get when you want to play DOOM, especially the hardest maps with thousands and monsters, smooth gameplay guaranteed Mod – Guncaster 3.5 / WADs – CHECK DESCRIPTION / Addons – SimpleHUD addons If you want just to casually any type of the WAD, this mod is truly for you – amazing experience of sheer firepower, you are a huge Dragon! In this video I’ve only covered the weapons, doing such a video together with tons of Spells and Powerups, would make this video way too long 🙂 Longhorn Revolver is your starting weapon, but because you are a huge Dragon, this one packs a lot of damage, destroys any smaller enemies in one shot Strucker Automatic Shotgun fires two shells per one shot, really potent weapon when you are surronded by multiple Pinkies or annoying Lost Souls Ironblast Octashotgun, if you thought that Super Shotguns are powerful, what would you think about 8 barrels? Sandman 30mm Chaingun is is a powerful heavy caliber fully automatic weapon, you will have no issues at eliminating groups of low to high tier enemies with this Matriarch Autocannon is s really powerful even when you pick it for the first time – with possibility to upgrade its damage three times, becomes a powerhouse Mourning Glory Cannon is a mobile tank cannon used by Cygnis, fires armorpiercing high explosive shells that leave damaging radiation for several seconds Augur Railgun is weapon in the roster that can pierce through multiple targets with each fired slug, small splash damage is also present, deals tremendous amount of damage Golden Emperor Rocket Launcher, oh boy… this weapon is just your ultimate choice, just don’t use it if you want challenge during some maps, really 😛 If you really appreciate my content and videos, please leave a like and subscribe to it (REMEMBER ABOUT BELL!)

15 thoughts on “GUNCASTER – Doom Mod All Weapons Showcase & Explanation

  1. So, which weapon is the most versatile to use?
    00:00 – Melee

    00:36 – Arm Cannons

    01:36 – Brimstone Sword

    02:35 – Longhorn Revolver

    03:47 – Strucker Shotgun

    05:06 – Ironblast 8barrel Shotgun

    06:29 – Pulverizer Minigun

    07:57 – Sandman Chaingun

    09:00 – Dynamite

    09:36 – Matriarch Autocannon

    10:25 – Mourning Glory Tank Cannon

    11:15 – Augur Railgun

    12:29 – Ol' Dreadful BFG

    13:35 – Golden Emperor Rocket Launcher

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