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GUN Vs GRENADE “Shooting A Grenade” (Experiment)

I know what do I got in population from human be always back with an awesome does versus objects video that’s right today we’ve got ourselves a gun and we’ve got ourselves an awesome object and the main object for today is gonna be this grenade that’s right it’s a grenade I get you guys the Papaji if you doing a gun versus object video you better be 100% thousand times exactly what we’re doing this ain’t savage enough for you I blew it well we are going to be going through a bunch of objects today and we’re going to be shooting them and it is going to be awesome and then of course we’ll finish up with the Big Bang the big finale good Renee we do guys what we’re doing is that if you guys want to continue to search if you guys want to continue gun versus object leave a comment down below on what the next objects to go and let’s aim for 10 like you’re really stand out like to do the next gun versus object via any kind of fear savage 100% all right it’s like 2% milk plus 98 and you know how much I love milk I believe now that part it’s a walking goods and we got a rule figures in here and we’re gonna be begging it under hood and see what happens that’s like a medium part that’s like apology and then you got a loaded part but what do happen jumpers do the Whoopie justice you broke to play I think I don’t heart all right let’s move on to the next object alright guys so myself you know whoever shoulders into your I’d a little bit um and I’m not myself acts I don’t want to praise please sponsor me please I love your training but for real we got something to get a bit hungry so literally when we open up rendering tomorrow we do 100% savage through the gut that’s how we open a pretty little Papa Joe is what the gut so one fourth unit I want to know in the comments who was gonna object pretty when you go down world yo a Pringles and water pistol Mel do you wanna eat you know IP bring love to the chat guys we needed all right be friggin awesome chatter yes I’m Annette so look I’m willing to give you guys five thousand dollars in gold every one of you that likes this video I’m gonna pay you right here that is genuine gold nugget we call them goggles here that right there with five thousand dollars I will ship out one of these for every single one of your boys the smack that like button right boom I got enough for every one of you this isn’t even a cent a quarter when I get this is just some of the gold point that I got the wood and we’re going to use these today I’m gonna shoot through them let’s see what happens that’s like $50,000 worth of gold coin let’s do this alright guys zero dope $50,000 where the gold point versus one God what’s gonna happen five four three two one dude rolling up oh my god you’re cool quit school in there look at that it would read into the word the gold melt that’s your gold worth check out the bootleg ricochet off your second imprint of the gold coin at the bottom zoom that danger Steve I will wear forever gonna remember the gold coin I’m save the rest of you to send I you would yo put anyway guys we’re the heck is that you ain’t mr. pinky who are you you mr. chicken yesterday unique sauces and you added a proper video so we get no life you hate our video y’all there’s one messing with the wrong guy we should show a Papa take just people who mess in their videos you’ve never liked you shared one of our videos you watch it with that block oh we don’t take care of mr. chicken boy everyone say you the tom men alright eNOS chicken to be going down and singing you get a faithful God you okay hey like we’re gonna sing it okay alright to go out here we go ah Jonah’s ain’t working I wanted to use it and I want to find my friends dork dinosaurs then they working so I think we speed it up all right we got a hammer we’ve got I don’t even know what this is a weird screwdriver these aren’t working you know we used to find dinosaurs a popinjay clamp a gun that’s right we all find all the dinosaurs with my gun okay normally you’d use a hammer and a pickaxe you’d be looking like oh yo where’s the trance or Rick you might go find transference Rex like that you need a 9-millimeter and a whole lot of love and a whole lot of milk all right here we go searching for guys brother proper Jake holy fuck dude I think you like destroyed the artifact dinosaur bones check it out Stegosaurus now so I follow bad guys a little disappointed we only actually had two dinosaurs we had district and we had just sink and if you guys know what they are let me know down below I love Philter Godzilla dinosaurs these are what I found these are by now this is my pocket let me keep these I mean know what’s left over dinosaur toys all right guys next up we have one that you guys been asking for in the comments and it was to shoot a box of matches with the gun so we got a box of matches we got our done I’m gonna begin to keep all the matches inside here I’m gonna point it down shoot and do what happen do this three yeah what oh my god frog oh my god the gun exploded yo alright guys so unfortunately the gun is actually broken pronounced so gonna have to just light the grenades straight up which I guess I kind of the same thing because really as long as you’re shooting on the gun the same exact thing would happen with the grenade but guys if you want to revisit it once we get the gun straight or maybe even go bigger with multiple grenade or even bigger explosions now I want you guys to fast out like one down below let’s go for five thousand lights on this video and let’s like this green alright guys here we go we’re gonna light it and we’re gonna get out of here who have no idea what is going to happen hopefully it’s pretty cool looking right do this beautiful oh my god we know let me come come on check that out is complete oh my god you dude what is the soldier bro so deep the quick to lock this is definitely shadow holding my hot y’all excuse is that it hit you like I make you dead bro I think your head turned over to shot over there guys this has been absolutely insane if you guys like this if you guys wanted to do more crazy stuff like this if you guys want us to take this a step further smash that like button hit that subscribe button and we’ll be back looking out the option video even watch Papaji you

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  1. Papa Jake you said that your gonna make a video like this in the gun vs pepsi challenge and you did it
    Thanks Papa Jake

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