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Gun Violence: Is Now the Right Time to Talk? | NYT Opinion

Nearly every day, there
is a shooting in America. But rarely do we consider
the impact a shooting has on our elected officials. “I’m more than happy to talk
about this in a few days. Right now is not the time.” “There’s a time and place
for a political debate.” “But it’s a little bit
soon to go into it.” “This is not the time to
jump to some conclusion.” “This is not the time
to have the discussion.” “Today is not the day.” Introducing
Aftershot, the only app that helps a bunch of
[expletive] figure out when to talk about gun reform. When developing Aftershot, we
learned that most politicians actually voted against
the C.D.C. researching the scale and scope of
our country’s gun crisis. Many see that as politicians
just not caring about it. But, surely, they care
about innocent people being senselessly gunned down. They’re just confused. That’s why we made Aftershot. We’ve invested
hundreds of thousands of hours feeding mountains
of statistical data through a complex
mathematical equation that creates an
algorithm that takes mere seconds to pinpoint
the exact right time to talk about gun reform. Let’s say you’re a
governor, and it’s the day after a mass
shooting in your state. For some reason,
you’re still confused when to talk about gun reform,
even though 52 percent of Americans want stricter gun laws. That’s the perfect time
to open up the app. You enter some
simple metadata, such as time of
shooting, weapon used, and our algorithm
does the rest. The equation is simple. There’s a shooting
every four hours, plus 44 percent of Americans know
somebody who’s been shot, plus the number of gun
deaths in 2018 so far, which is 11,054 people,
plus there are 270 million guns in the
U.S., plus the annual cost of gun violence in the
U.S., which is $229 billion. Aftershot crunches
all that data to determine, with absolute
certainty, the correct time for lawmakers to talk
about gun reform. [beeping] And, remarkably,
it always says now. [beeping] Oh, I love the app. And it’s so easy to use. As a member of Congress
who receives a ton of money from the N.R.A., I find
it so frustrating not to be able to use my
N.R.A. log-in with other apps. But Aftershot is synced
with my N.R.A. profile, so logging in is
super simple. Oh, I absolutely love
Aftershot’s social media functions. After a mass shooting,
I tend to go on Twitter and offer up some innocuous
platitude to the victims. But, now, with Aftershot’s
autocorrect feature, I can no longer do that,
which is good, I think.” I have a deep distrust for
science stuff and technology, which is why I love
Aftershot’s 24/7 customer support hotline. There’s an Aftershot
troubleshooter there always to interpret their
notifications, which are frequent, because there
are a lot of shootings. To all the
politicians who might be confused by or
scared of having a conversation about gun
reform, we’re here to help. With our game-changing
technology, you will never again
have to utter the phrase, “Now is not the right time.” And to all the
people in America, if your local
representatives are struggling to have a
conversation about gun reform, help them out. Encourage them to
download Aftershot. Or you could just
vote us out of office. You don’t need
an app for that. [music]

100 thoughts on “Gun Violence: Is Now the Right Time to Talk? | NYT Opinion

  1. Even after a Republican Congressman was shot, they still refused to do anything about it. They just don't care because they get paid not too!

  2. To end gun violence we need one State to stand alone and change their laws. Don't expect that kind of intellectual "heavy lifting" to occur in any of the red States anytime soon.

  3. As a legal gun owner and a person who sees gun violence on almost a daily basis you guys clearly do not understand the actual issue of gun violence in this country. The number one biggest issue is big cities who’ve created the most strictest gun laws, is that they do absolutely nothing to keep violent criminals who violate these laws off the street. The next biggest issue is that people with severe psychological issues, particularly people who are more prone to violence, will never be held in a psych facility for more than a week or two. So when you combine these two things that’s where most of your gun violence is coming from.

  4. It will never happen,no one has the solution so everyone turns their head the other way and assume everything is FINE!

  5. From the description that accompanies the video: "This satirical commercial imagines an app that uses a cutting edge algorithm (or really, simple data) to calculate exactly when to talk about gun control. "
    The video doesn't make the point explicitly.

  6. It's our God given right to protect ourselves and I will use any means necessary to protect my family and myself. What do you think the bad guy says

  7. All NRA members need to go to Russia where there are NO gun rights. The biggest threat to the 2nd amendment in the USA are people who respond to the mass shooting of children with "False Flag!!!!" and "Crisis Actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Responding to the very mention of the idea of having a "conversation" about guns with "They're comin for our guns!!!!!!!!!!!!" "No one's gonna ban guns in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is just plain stupid and immoral. It helps our enemies who want chaos and enmity in the USA. No one is talking about banning guns. No one ever has. We just want to be able to talk about it and be reassured that everyone cares more about the lives of children than their AKs. Common sense. Get some.

  8. I actually think this would be a great app idea to implement. I think a big problem with this whole argument is that not enough people know about everything that goes into it. But getting reminded to talk about it could help us all just to come to the table and start figuring out solutions on both local and national scales.

  9. Give up guns & give up your rights. Laws don’t work. Look at DC, New York, Oakland, LA, Chicago. Criminals don’t care about laws. If you want to stop gun deaths you have to go after the most commonly used gun. Handguns. And you’d have to have them all turned in because there are like 250 million of them. And still criminals will have them. It won’t solve anything accept your ability to defend yourself.

  10. The real problem is the anti-gun crowd doesn't want to talk. They just want to ban all guns. And, that's not going to happen. Didn't need their snark to figure that out.

  11. You will get the overwhelming majority if you bar
    – people on psychopharmaceuticals
    – felons; even if just for x years
    from accessing guns. Additionally you should
    – check for proper usage/knowledge; mandatory gun license similar to drivers licence
    – allow free access for the rest of the population

  12. Politician Logic:
    Around 304 people have died from a sinking cruise ship. We know the main causes of the incident, mainly negligence and loose regulations, and that we can change those so that we can try to prevent it from happening again.

    But, it's not the time to talk about it. 🙂

  13. How about this stop using tragedies to push for your agenda that won't stop anything. It's just to make you feel safe or like you did something to save people. Gun laws don't work. Must guns use in crimes are stolen. Almost 100000 firearms are stolen from the police and 400000 are stolen annually including from gun stores. According to the FBI's data. Most crime is small caliber pistols how would an ban on anything or universal background checks stop crime

  14. There's a common refrain that we shouldn't bother passing gun laws, because only law-abiding people abide by laws. By that logic, we shouldn't bother having any laws.

  15. As long as governments around the world continue to stack bodies and remain the number one cause of unnatural death in the world, I think I'll just hang on to my inherent right to self preservation thank you very much. To enact such measures would inevitably have to come down to force/the threat of violence as well, so the proposed solution to ending gun violence in America is to initiate the threat of gun violence on people who have done nothing to harm others in order to steal their property in the hopes of curbing gun violence? Statism, ideas so good they have to be forced at gun point.

  16. Sadly, a satirical video has to made for something that obvious. But I guess it is too soon to talk about that. At least there is infinite amount of thoughts and prayers

  17. I know it's futile to try to convince people on the internet, but I just want to say a few things:

    "The US makes up less than 5% of the world's population, but holds 31% of global mass shooters"

    "The odds that a 22-year absence of mass shootings in Australia since 1996 gun reforms are due to chance are one in 200,000, new research reveals."

    “The majority of suicides involve guns and the majority of gun deaths are suicides,” Dr. Elinore Kaufman of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center said. “These deaths are tragic and state policy may be able to help prevent them.”

  18. "25 innocent people were killed"
    Why innocent? Most gun deaths in America are suicides. The rest are gang-related violence.

  19. There are 12,000 homicides by firearm every year. 1000 of them are the result of police use or from defensive use of a firearm (justifiable homicide). 80% of the rest of them are done by gang bangers with illegally obtained firearms. That makes the number of non-gang related homicides around 2500 per year in a nation of 330 million documented people. Source of these statistics is the FBI. Figure out what is causing kids to join street gangs and you'll dramatically lower gun violence. But that's hard work. It's easier to strip rights away from law abiding people for "feel good" security that doesn't exist.

    "A well-regulated (i.e. the meaning of that term in the 18th century was well-trained) militia (that's us) necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people (that's us) to keep and bear Arms (this doesn't mean muskets), shall not be infringed." Owning a firearm is a right that was reaffirmed by the Constitution. There's a simple solution. If you don't like guns, don't own one, but remember that depriving a person of the means to defend themselves and their loved ones is evil.

  20. I need an Aftershot tee shirt, like what Terrance is wearing….does it say "Is now the right time to talk?" on the back? Please !

  21. YouTube is probably a hidden accomplice of Russian propaganda. Thousands of Kremlin bots form public opinion in Russia.
    Complaints did not solve this problem.

  22. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  23. Can u make an app to stop corruption and world peace also one to stop greedy corporations from stealing resources from poor countries

  24. After watching this I need to order my high capacity magazines and scary looking guns while I still can. It's a great investment. Nothing boost gun sales and the price of firearms like Democrats.

  25. lol imagine a general in the military telling his troops to turn in their civilian firearms. Ironic how the most conservative institution such as the military and police force will be the people collecting the firearms

  26. I think the problem is that most of the politicians quoted were speaking day of, which I would argue, is not the time to talk about a polarizing issue.

  27. Hey,here's an idea….repeal the 2nd Amendment. No problem! Getting 38 state legislatures to go along should take more than 6 months.

  28. I bought a gun last week. It will be 7 months before I can bring it home.

    Gun control laws need to be stricter?

    Seems like liberals want guns out of the hands of the poor and blacks.
    Those are the ones in which laws affect the most, do they not?
    Liberals are classist and racist.
    They say “gun control” but have NO idea what that means nor what to do about it.

  29. I banned citizens rights to own firearms in 1925. They were fine with it when they noticed that people who opposed me were sent to gulags. Yay communism!!

  30. Prisons have no guns qnd look at them people dying all the time from being stabed and you think it will work out in the world.

  31. The ultimate authoritarian goal is to turn the rights which the Bill of Rights was written to protect, in to privileges that will be lorded over by a bureaucracy. To them the truth is a nonissue. That is why they lie about the complete ineffectiveness of gun control. It's why they lie about the capabilities of firearms and deceptively mislabel weapons in order to demonize guns and gun owners. It's why they bombard people with censored data and expurgated stats. It's why they refuse to have an open debate about the unfettered facts and the whole truth.

    It's disgusting how tragedies and even kids are being manipulated and exploited by an anti individual rights agenda. They're using fear to evoke peoples' emotional attachment to their propaganda, which is purely based on lies and half truths.
    The truth is violent crime and homicide rates, which includes mass murder and mass shootings, are at one of the lowest points in over forty years. Kids today are not living in a time where they are more likely to be murdered. But they've been dupped into believing this utter fantasy by anti rights propaganda and the incompetent puppet media, who peddle this lie every day.
    Not only were the violent crime and homicide rates in Australia declining years before they implemented gun restrictions and bans but saw a trend reversal and increase shortly after their implementation. The reality is that neither gun bans or restrictions have shown correlation to reduction in overall violent crime or homicide rates, and violent crime and homicide rates in the US are at one of the lowest points in over forty years. That's why anti 2nd Amendment advocates don't show data on trending overall violent crime or homicide rates compared to gun possession or availability rates. It doesn't support the false anti rights. It doesn't matter even if you have ZERO gun crime or ZERO gun homicide. If overall violent crime or homicide rates go up or continue as previously trending then ZERO lives were saved.
    The bans and restrictions being proposed will do nothing to save lives. They have already been proven completely ineffective. The deadliest mass murders aren't even perpetrated with guns. Removing one method of violence without removing the propensity for violence will save ZERO lives. They are nothing more than a means to undermine the 2nd Amendment and move the US closer to complying with the European Firearms Directive. As long as weapons exist and people have the right to life, then people have the right to be armed in defense of life.–5E series/vt/1-9/vt01.html series/tandi/341-360/tandi359.html

  32. The right to keep and bear arms.

    Arms. aka armaments.

    Like missiles, tanks, nukes.

    We have plenty of infringement on the 2nd Amendment already.

    Legalize all forms of personal firearms.

  33. I remember in the 80s kids in Japan jumping off of overpasses because they got a "b" on some unimportant high school test. I was confounded, why do they do this and we didn't? It's cultural, just like American mass shootings. Guns aren't the problem and the only way to fix this is through societal change. I am not American and i do love shooting guns…. You want this to end? Have free healthcare and change the culture.

  34. How about we talk about Perpetual Warfare?
    Do you think that has something to do with it?
    But don't worry you won't hear any anti-war message from the New York Times.

  35. PEOPLE!!! You can't forget this side of the coin! As for determining
    how many lives are saved by guns, regulations bar the CDC from
    conducting original research of the defensive use of firearms. But after
    the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012, President Barack Obama issued
    an executive order allowing the agency to review existing studies on
    causes of and ways to reduce gun violence. As to defensives uses of
    guns, the CDC report said, "Studies that directly assessed the effect of
    actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was
    'used' by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an
    offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using
    crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective
    strategies. … Almost all national survey estimates indicate that
    defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses
    by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000
    to more than 3 million per year, in the context of about 300,000 violent
    crimes involving firearms in 2008." ~ CDC

    Twenty years ago economist John Lott, author of "More Guns, Less Crime,"
    and his research partner wrote: "We find that allowing citizens to
    carry concealed weapons deters violent crimes and it appears to produce
    no increase in accidental deaths. If those states which did not have
    right-to-carry concealed gun provisions had adopted them in 1992,
    approximately 1,570 murders; 4,177 rapes; and over 60,000 aggravated
    assaults would have been avoided yearly." ~ Criminologist and researcher
    Gary Kleck and economist John Lott, author of "More Guns, Less Crime.

  36. “Gun crisis” you mean minority gangs blasting each other with illegal guns in the streets brought in through the border? Oh no of course you mean the ultra minority of white people going on psychotic rampages.

  37. Generally speaking, the more dangerous something is, the more laws it should have. Yet for some strange reason, the second deadliest thing after the nuke, guns, should have basically 0 laws, apparently? I mean, that's either one of the biggest paradoxes we'll ever have in the history of laws, or conservatives are just lying through their teeth and distorting facts so they can live in a lawless neo-feudalist society.

  38. No, they REALLY DON’T CARE about Americans:
    a) Dying from a ‘Healthcare System’ that is the SCANDAL of the ‘Western’ World.
    b) Accepting The New York Times inane Apologetics, this is: #ProbablyWorthwhile,
    I reference here only my private use of #Metadata ….an App. Which Had a Dropdown
    Function—and conveyed all the Data that was available on ‘The Wire’…thus I have a
    Record of HOW OFTEN the Obama Administration #DroneBombed : #Yemen.
    c) PLEASE SEE: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Discussions of *TheSecondAmendment :at #PoliticsandProse
    and others regarding her Book 📚 “Loaded” which answers the question, ‘Why IS this Right
    to bear Arms’ so Prominent in the #UnitedStatesofAmerica’s #Constitution…??
    a) Killing Indians and b) Runaway Slaves—>Please Understand this #Historian!

  39. Forget that bullsh*t word ‘Conversations’!!
    Read UP: On how Broke and Broken the #NRA is Right Now!
    #NRA= Not Really Anything!
    In The RED!🚩🏳️🚩 The #NRA is fiscally DEAD!

  40. This is a piece of art! Combining satire with a mock of an ap ad (even throwing in an middle eastern/Indian looking guy!)…finger licking good!

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