8 thoughts on “Gun violence a contentious political issue for 2020 presidential candidates

  1. Bump stocks was a foot in the door to destroy 2nd amendment , – you can not infringe The Right To Bare Arms , no matter how Many Government Loose Cannons Go Off hiding behind MK-ULTRA – Or whatever else they have going on – Give it up – even if you pass laws on Gun Control – Criminals dont give two fks about the Law , but you'll attempt to take Law Abiding Citizens Rights away go fk yourselves.

  2. 7 killed 36 wounded over the weekend in Chicago. You don't see any of the Democrats talking about that. Why don't they care about black lives?

  3. Beto thinks by cursing he will get support. He admitted he would confiscate rifles. Swallwell said the same thing and was 1st to drop out. You can't take law abiding citizens guns away because some crazy dude committed a crime. That's not due process.

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