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GUN SHY Official Trailer (2017), Action, Movie HD

My phone.. ..stopped.. Why,?? you’re the most irrelevant person I know- Listen……carefully.. I’m speaking code. my wife and I… …were on a lovely Vacation… I had an Important Meeting *snores* Where is your Sense of Adventure? so she went out to see the local wildlife…. ..Wow.. What is wrong with you?! and met up with some…. …fans… you…are Turk Henry’s wife… And now they want to meet me.. This Could Be Straight Forward Kidnapping Or something more sinister like.. Terrorists.. Terrorists?? Terrorists..??!! We heard some Chatter.. over The Homeland…NSA…meta Data Harvesting machines Up in outer Space.. I have had to make the choise… ..between starving.. ..and Freedom When I was Modeling I had to skip me on all the time too…. I’m getting my wife back. and I’ll bring you the head in a bag.. I don’t want her head in a bag… ..where would i put it?? The fridge. *aaaahh* That’s what I have to deal With on a Day-To-day basis you

53 thoughts on “GUN SHY Official Trailer (2017), Action, Movie HD

  1. Ag, no! Antonio Banderas' career seems to be ebbing from bad to worse. I really sorry for the guy. This looks terrible. Simon West,. come on! You can do better than this!

  2. Why do all my childhood memories have to be ruined? Seriously, why are action stars still doing these movies in their sixties?
    They can't possibly be out of money – just stop already….this is just sad. Now I'm sad. 🙁

  3. The Hitman's Bodyguard Full Movie
    The Hitman's Bodyguard :

  4. I don't want her head in a bag; where would I put it? 😂
    A lotta people like their head given without the bag I reckon …

  5. alguien que me explique en que momento perdimos a Antonio Banderas… tiene años que no hace NADA bueno y esta creo que no será la excepción…ayer por lo menos lo vi interpretando a Picasso en una serie sobre este genio de la NatGeo…y creo que es lo mas decente que le he visto hacer en varios años…uff que desperdicio…

  6. ¿español?, ¿donde esta el español? para que engañas en el titulo para tener mas visitas , lastima ahy va un dislike

  7. wosrt movie ever.. they show llamas in santiago.. there are not llamas, they show valparaiso as santiago haha and the accent of chileans is mexican.. very wrong

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