Gun Show Las Vegas Antique Firearms Show

gun show las vegas Las Vegas Gun Show Antique Firearms Show international sporting arms show hi it’s AlaskaGranny I just got back from Las Vegas and the Antique Arms Show and if you are interested in antique arms you need to check out this Las Vegas Antique Arms Show that is held in January every
year I have never seen so many unique and extensive collections of antique firearms in my life and I’m a gun aficionado so I
like to go to gun shows this is the largest I have ever experienced everything they had if you like Henry’s Rifles 1861 dozens of them they had at least 200 Derringers if you are interested in that
they had historical guns I have never even seen before little pocket guns that have antique little pouches that people used to carry in their
pocket and unbelievable extensive collections that
were there with James D Julia Auction House it was like going through
museums if you’re interested in antique firearms please check out the the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show and it had like 400 exhibitors it was
unbelievable the dates next year January 23rd 24th and 25th
2015 I would highly recommend that you attend this
and look it up you will just be flabbergasted they had the world-renowned Derringer expert there the Remington people were there
there were experts to authenticate any gun you were curious or interested in purchasing
and there was so much knowledge to be gathered there that it was a fabulous time I hope
you’ll check it out I have my little badge I had to wear it for 3 days and I wish I would have had a neck
carrier to put it on take one of those if a thing that I got that was an artifact I absolutely adore I found this antique pack saddle that was used on mules in Idaho fabulous I’m going to put it on a table I am going to put a gun across it I can use it to decorate I love my pack saw pack saddle that I was able to get from one of the dealers from Idaho fun artifact for me to have and i cant wait to decide where I am going to display it in my home if you like Antique Firearms check out the
Antique Firearms Show held January annually in Las
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