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Kumar, our leader’s film had been
released more than 200 times in this theatre. Why do you want to burn camphor
before starting the movie every time. lt’s time for the show. Shall
l take the print box inside? Whether, it’s 200 times
or 2000 times. Till our commander comes &
lights this camphor, We’ll not allow you take
the print inside. Okay, but, where is your commander? Greetings commander
– Greetings…. Leader. Ready? – Everything is ready. Take this print inside. Leader. l’m really proud
that you’re my fan. Help the poor that’s
possible for you. We can find God only in the
smiles of such poor people. Okay leader. Yes, leader. Yuck. Leader had come
into my dream. Who asked for this
man’s good morning? One has to face 1000 hurdles
before talking to a beautiful girl. l don’t smoke. – You’ve some
good habits sir. Sir, tea, coffee.
– Give me a tea please. l don’t take tea. What’s this sir?
You’ve so many good habits. Even my friend Venky is
exactly like you. He’ll not take tea or
coffees in day time. But in evenings…
..He’ll take drinks. Not only that, he’s working
in goregao He travels everyday to Palghat
from Pollachi by train. He never reaches the
destination properly. As soon as he gets into the
train…he dozes off. Where’re you going? l want to go to Dadar
– We are crossing it. What? Have we crossed Villivakkam. Priya, do you know the time?
Get up. There’s a clock in the hall,
isn’t there. Go and see yourself. Why’re you disturbing me? lt’s time for the groom’s people
to come. Please get up. Aunty, l’m ready.
How’s my dress? lt’s nice dear, did you see her? She’s younger to you by many
years yet she’s ready. You must learn punctuality &
discipline from her. Okay, l’ll take tuitions from
6 to 7 in the evening. Don’t disturb me now. Why’re you disturbing her, aunty? Get the groom married to me
l’m ready. Knowing your father’s attitude very we’ll
how can you sleep bravely? Get up. Greetings. – Greetings
– Welcome…. Did you call me? What’s this? Where’s Priya?
– Priya is taking bath. Taking bath! What’s the time now?
– l’ll get her ready. What’s the time now? Aren’t you punctual in anything? lt’s time for groom’s
arrival & you’re giving me tension. l’ll get her ready in 5 minutes.
– Get her ready quickly. Hey Bommai. – What? What’s in your hand.
– Coffee. – Bring it here. Take it. Have it quickly & give me the glass. Why is it too sweet? l always have it very sweet.
– Was it for you? Did you drink it? – l gave it to you
after tasting it. Why didn’t you tell me earlier.
– You didn’t ask me. When a gentleman is talking to you,
you’re walking away disrespectfully. Shouldn’t l brush my teeth? Didn’t even brush your teeth? How much? – Rs.200. What? Rs.200? Such a huge train
with attached toilets. They’re charging only Rs.150
from Coimbatore to here. Why’re you asking Rs.200?
l’ll give Rs.50, be satisfied. Look at him for Rs.50 you won’t
get even a fish cart. Take out my fare. Don’t know whether fish cart
will ply or not. But anyone getting in an auto
will surely get heart attack. Take. Some policeman will flick it from you. He’s has come…Come…. Just go & tell my friend that
you’re Mani’s son. Welcome will be different,
so said dad, l think it’s true. They’re coming with garlands. Why all this? l’m just a
young boy. No need. Looks like they’ll not spare me. Okay, why should l spoil
your enthusiasm? Garland me. Who’s he; standing in the middle
of road & praying. Why’re they going past me
without looking at me? Garland the groom
– lsn’t the garland for me? Welcome…son-in-law…Welcome…. What’s it, Viswanathan?
– Welcome, kinsman. Priya, aren’t you still ready? Grooms people have arrived
get ready quickly. Shall l come in this dress? Talkative girl…You might come like this
…Get ready quickly. Aunty, who’s getting engaged?
Me or you? Why’re you getting tensed up?
l’ll come…You go now. Come quickly, your father is
shouting at us. – l’ll come…. Welcome… – Go…Go…Go… Welcome dear… – Go…Go…Go… Go…Get man. What’s this? You’re chasing away
the guests by asking them to go? l’m respectfully asking them to go in sir. Say like that…
You go in. Sir, l must to meet
Mr.Viswanathan. – You? l’m Pollachi Mani’s son, Bhoopathi. Oh! Are you Pollachi Mani’s son?
Where’s your father? Harvest is in progress…so he couldn’t
attend…he told me to tell you. Okay, today it’s my
daughter’s engagement. We’ll discuss after the function is over. Hey, he’s my friend’s son. Make him stay in upstairs &
take proper care of him. l’ll take care of him
give me your bag, sir. Are you everything to Mr.Viswanathan? How could you guess it
so perfectly? How? l can make out from your appearance. By the way, what is your name? Wait…Wait…l know the reason
for your laugh. l know sir. With Kattabomman as my name… l’ve drawn a moustache without
sporting a real one. Didn’t you laugh at that? One who has will sport a moustache
one who doesn’t have will draw it. You’re a guest. Shall we go now? Laughing at me. l forgot to ask. What do you do? l’m an unemployed youth in Pollachi.
– Please, say it Tamil? Don’t you know English? l know a what is necessary.
Now tell me in Tamil? Yes. To, say it in Tamil…. Still now a word of Tamil…. You can say l’m an unemployed youth. So much of airs when unemployed. What’ll be your level of
airs after getting a job? lt’ll depend on the job,
l get…. – Stop it. Take your bag. Your room is upstairs. – Go… l say…Go…. Look at him. Why’re you staring at me?
– You only asked me to face you. Look at him. – Your face isn’t worth
seeing a second time. Mother & Father are down stairs. l came here to see you. You’re looking very beautiful
in this costume. Generally, soup is served
before lunch. Do you know, why?
As an appetizer. Do you know why milk is served
on the nuptial night? To create a romantic mood. What’ll make everyone happy
before engagement. l’ll tell myself. What?…Go ahead. We’ve to start the party
come quickly. – l’ll come…. Hey, who’re you? Who’s that man? – He’s the groom. He’s getting engaged to an
innocent girl down stairs. Upstairs he’s discussing
first night with another girl. Don’t imagine & blabber non sense. l’m the girl who’s about
to get engaged. ls it? Really? Truely? Groom is handsome.
But his taste is little cheap. Kinsman, are you waiting for someone? No my sister has to come…
so… No problem, we can wait…. No…let’s go ahead. What do you say?
– We’ll go ahead, brother. Priest. Coming 12th day of January…. ”Miss.Priya daughter of
Mr.Viswanathan of Villivakkam”. ”Mr.Chandrashekar’s son Prakash…” Elders and other relatives
agree to get them married. Why’re you still watching?
Exchange proposals. Hey Mani, it’s me. Vichi, how’re you?
l was expecting your phone call. Has my son come there? l saw him in the morning. l told him we’ll discuss everything
after the function. He’s not to seen any where here. l think, he might’ve gone
to meet some friends here. He doesn’t have any friends there. ls there any cinema theatre near by?
He would’ve gone to watch a movie. What’s this, bad habit?
What’s this?…You…. Your son has come. Call Boopathi, l’ll talk to him.
– What’ll you ask him? You’re going to ask. Whether
he liked the movie or not that’s all isn’t. l’ll ask that myself
Cut the line now. Sir, milk. Come here. Where’re you coming from? lsn’t there a place known as beach? l had gone there for few
whiffs of fresh air. Got it? Beach was very crowded.
Not much of breeze. …l thought of coming back home. A movie with a mesmerising
lady was playing. l went to watch the film
so, l got delayed. Who’s that mesmerising lady? Who’s she? That lady who appearance
will set fire to you. Didn’t you see her movies? Yuck. Your father is requesting to seriously
find a job and send your abroad. You’re roaming irresponsibly
on the beach & watching movies. Okay, what else do you know? l’ve a little interest in music,
uncle. – Music! Which instruments can you play? Piano, Tavil & Tabla. Have you brought all
those instruments here? Oh, no uncle. lf you want, l’ll ask Mani
to send it by ABT parcel. No, let them be there only. What’s your qualification? Okay, l’ll get you a job
in one week. Till then, don’t go to
beach and movies. Hey Bommai. – Sir. Take him and make him stay comfortably
in our out house. As you say, sir. Out house’ll be comfortable,
isn’t it? Even if it’s uncomfortable
you’re staying there only. Go… Sir, did you see his style? Hey, be strict with him. You’ve told me haven’t you
watch my style now. Move man. Why’re you rushing in? ls it a theatre?
Are they issuing tickets? lt’s out house. Sorry, l rushed in thinking
it was a theatre. You’ll think! This thoughts will spoil
your livelihood. Okay, brother. What’re doing? What did l do? Shouldn’t you’ve some discipline?
You’re tossing all your things. Where should l hang it?
– Hang it on my neck. Okay, brother. – Look at him. Hey. What’s it now? Where’re you going that side? l went to switch on the fan. – Fan? Are they supplying
electricity free of cost? lf you dare to switch on
without my permission, l’ll tear you in shreds. Okay, brother. – Keep it up. Do you know with whom
you’re playing truant? With Lord Anjaneya. ls it the emblem of
ABT parcel service? Didn’t you see Lord Anjaneya
any where else? No, brother. Hereafter, you’ll see him in my form.
You’ll see him often. As far as this house is concerned. Sir is Lord Rama, madam is Goddess Seetha
& l’m Anjaneya. That’s why, this house is
named as Ayodhya. Then, is this out house cylone? Busy this criticism, wit, retort,
repartee in Pollachi itself. Okay brother. Okay brother. You had already said that, hadn’t you?
Why’re you saying it again on my back? No, brother. Thinking he has just drawn moustache.
He’ll not do anything. Don’t play tricks on me. l’ve plenty of courage inside me as
my name suggests. Don’t invoke it! You’ll not
be able to bear it. Why’re you making faces? Just like that. Come here for a moment.
Just like that. Come here for a moment. l forgot to ask you about a
very important thing. Do you have the habit of
smoking cigarettes or drinking liquor? Look, shake your head
in any one direction. Shake like this or that. lf you shake on all sides
how can l understand? Brother, sometimes…. No smoking even sometimes. You must never smoke. lf l see any cigarette,
butt here…. l’m not responsible for the consequences.
– Okay, brother. – Got it? Brother, this side…. Why’re you hitting on my back? Brother, l thought you had gone. No…. l know how to close a door. What’s this injustice? They’ve imposed umpteen rules & restrictions
on me as if this’s Taj Mahal. They can’t confine me in a cage. l’ll sing, dance & do somersaults. Mummy, l’ll do whatever l wish. Even Mani never stops me
who is he? Stop…Stop…. ls it a bus stand to
go around a circle? Brother. – Yes.
Bring the bag inside. Come on get down. Engage a cooly to lift your luggage.
First, give my auto fare. Okay, tell me the meter reading. What did l tell you when
you boarded my auto? Didn’t l tell you there’s no meter
and fare will be Rs.20? You’re talking foolishly
after coming here. Are you eating food or something else? What did you say? Food….Food… Hey, did you dare to beat me? l’ll not spare you. lf l don’t smash your face with
the coconut. – Hey, wait…Wait… l’ll not spare you.
– Wait…Wait…Wait man…. How much do you want?
– Give me Rs.50. You said Rs.20. That was earlier. Now that you’ve beaten me.
Give me Rs.50. Give me quickly. Take it. He didn’t give an opportunity
to break the coconut. Come to Koyambedu, l’ll wear
your intestines as a garland. Who do you think l’m? Only if l come to
Koyambedu market? Boopathi, come here. What’s it brother?
Did you call me? Pick up these bags &
bring them inside. Me? l’m a man earning Rs.3000 as salary. l went all the way to Koyambedu
market to buy vegetables. Without doing any work or earning a pie,
eating 3 square meals. You’re reluctant to do work? All you want me to do is carry
the luggages, isn’t it? – Yes. Why didn’t you tell me that earlier?
– Why’re you getting so emotional? Look at him! What did
l tell you earlier then? Hey, do what l’ve told you
l’ll take care of that. You pick up this. Don’t know why you’re
shouting too much on me? What?…What? Just a minute. Give those bags to me
You bring this coconut. Why? – l’ll carry it. l’ve brought it up to here,
only a little distance more. l’ll carry it myself.
– l’ll carry for that short distance. Why? Why don’t you just follow my orders?
Why’re you arguing? Okay…Okay….brother. l’ll rip you apart. Sundaram, have you arranged for
a flower decorator? Oh! l’ve booked a man & payed advance.
lt’ll be done automatically. Bomma. – Yes madam. Why’re you alone exerting
yourself too much? Couldn’t you take some one’s help? Who’ll work other than me
for our Priya’s marriage? Couldn’t you take Boopathi’s help? Who? That boy from Pollachi? Look at the help he’s doing. Look at him. He’s bowling
with a coconut bought for worship. He thinks he’s Sachin. Enough of your bowling
Give me the coconut. First you took this & gave me that,
now vice versa…. Why’re you behaving like this
before elders? lsn’t it embarrassing? Why’re you threatening? Will you betray me? l’m working here since my childhood
l’ll rip you apart. Give me the coconut. Some day you’ll get caught off guard
Ya! l’ll see to you them. Why’re you standing there?
Come and sit here. Canopy must be decorated
grandly with flowers. Arrange a good flower decorater.
– Do you need to tell me? l’ve arranged a man to decorate
entire stage, sister-in-law. No one must pick holes
in the matter of feast. l’ve handed over the responsibility to
a catering man. Nothing will go wrong. l’ve arranged a separate man
for chairs, tables & tent. Everything is arranged
perfectly sister-in-law. Good show, Sundaram. By fixing a separate
person for everything. You’ve reduced our tension by half. Madam, why all these
unnecessary things? Why do you need a separate
person for everything? What’re you saying?
– There’re people known as marriage agents. lf you call & hand over
your responsibility. Putting up tent,serving the guests… Tying plantain trees on the threshold,
putting up festoons… Sprinkling scent on the guests, From playing marriage band to
inviting trouble. He’ll take care of everything. All our job is to bless the couple. Wearing new clothes, blessing them give
pose for photo is our job. World has shrunk to such a small size.
– This also sounds good. Padma, isn’t Bommu’s idea
also good? – Yes, sister. Bommu, call the agent immediately.
– Order me like that. Boopathi, why’re you leaving? Marriage isn’t like giving contracts
to contractors. As far as l known it
isn’t a marriage at all. How should it be arranged? Tell me
– Ask me like that. Aunty, first have this. Take… …Tell me. We must invite friends & relatives
personally a day before marriage. Entire house must be filled with
relatives a day before marriage. Receiving guests standing at the threshold
…With folded hands. lf it’s man welcome him with
sandalwood paste. lf it’s a woman, welcome her with vermilion. Ushering them inside & making
them sit comfortably. When you’re busy with this. She’ll come there.
What’s your name? Padma, good name. You must hand over the responsibility
of guests to her and move away. When you are ordering her
your cell phone will ring. Some VlP will be on line. When you’re speaking to him then…Then
Priya’s friends arrive. How are you? Look at them, l’ve not yet finished
& they are here. Welcome…Greetings
Please sit down. Tell me, what should
l do after that? Next…? Why’re you standing here
with open mouth? Get coffees for the guests..Go…
– What? Disrespectfully? Brother! l’ll not say that
madam will say like that. That’s why, l suggested
a marriage contractor. He’ll take care of all things.
lt’s affecting me. Why’re you talking like this brother? Do they know about our being
close or distant relative? We must go to the place
where feast is being held. We’ll order Sambar to be
served to this guest. The guest says that he’ll prefer Rasam
instead of Sambar. We’ll order the server to bring
Rasam instead of Sambar… The guest sitting next to him requests
for a helping of vegetables. When we’re ordering for vegetables. Another voice here will
request for pudding. Madam must bring it quickly
and serve pudding. lsn’t it? lf we take care of all
guests personally. They’ll talk great about the
hospitality of Viswanathan. Will contractors be able to do
such personalised services. Shouldn’t they have sense? Who? – The contractors! So, no need of any assistance.
We’ll do everything ourselves. Pollachi boy! Are you still
living in the past? Marriages are being settled on lnternet,
without the bride & groom meeting. And you’re suggesting personal touch
in all the marriage arrangements. Don’t talk non-sense
Go out man. Marriage isn’t done in
a jiffy, Meenakshi Sundaresa.TAMlLlNlGo to a village and observe the marriage
conducted there, Meenakshi Sundaresa.
TAMlLlNlGo to a village and observe the marriage
conducted there, Meenakshi Sundaresa. We must welcome. Our mouths must pain
welcoming guests. The guests must be looked after well. Our hearts must be brimming with content
with their blessings. Who told you that marriage
in a one day affair? ‘Thirukkural’ has described wedding
day as auspicious day.TAMlLlNlBring down the rainbow &
put up a tent with it. Pluck out stars and arrange
it as decorative bulbs. Request the sun of the become
a plate for warding off evil. Give all the guests pearls
to bless the couple. When all relatives join together
to conduct the marriage. lt’s fun all the way. The marriage will be like a
beautiful bloomed garden.TAMlLlNllf you pay money you’ll get
people to put up tents. You’ll find guests only
if you invite them personally. lf you pay advance a beautiful car
will come to go in a procession. Only people who love you
will join the procession. After great toil when you hear
the sweet marriage bond. Why did you come?
Don’t talk to me. Sorry dear, you’re angry for not
attending the function, aren’t you? Actually, what had happened was..
– Did l ask you the reason? Listen to me, Priya
l was planning to come here. At that time l got a phone call saying
my grandma isn’t well. Could l avoid going to meet her after
knowing she’s seriously ill? What happened to grandma? Did she kick the bucket? l would’ve said good bye
if she had kicked the bucket. Grandma, defied death and escaped. Watch out. She might’ve escaped
for engagement And might tense you during my marriage. Can’t say anything
She’s always a danger. You’re lucky to marry at
the correct age to enjoy life. You’re talking as
if you’re a grandma. l’ve the right age but it’s going waste. lf l hook up some man
l can also enjoy life. Don’t you know anything
else other than ‘enjoy.’ l know, if l tell anything, you’ll say
that l’m talking sexily. No problem, go ahead. No need of marriage straight
away first night. Yuck, of late you’re
talking very cheap. Who’s that man? Hey, l’m asking you
who’s that man? He’s building body in day time.
– He’s dad’s friend’s son. Boopathi is his name. His body condition is good.
– But his Bio-data is in very bad condition . Okay…Come…. Priya, l’m leaving now. Shall we go to a movie
this evening? No chance, l’m afraid to ask for
permission from my father. Don’t come out anywhere
stay put indoors only. Okay, l’ll go. Showing too much. Looks like he’s trying to compete
for Mr.Madras contest. May be… You’re getting late, aren’t you?
You go now. Call me after reaching home. Unable to control this creature. Priya, why is Boopathi making
a big drama here? Pride…Pride
pride to the core. l’ll tell Kattabomman and get
all his pride neutralised. Brother, did you call me? What do you think of yourself? Have you come from Pollachi
to defy all my orders? What’s this brother? Which order
of yours didn’t l follow? Why’re you getting tensed up? You’ve done everything and asking me
innocently why l’m getting tensed up? What’s this? What’s this? Brother, don’t you know what’s this?
Underwear…lt underwear. Don’t l know it?
Haven’t l seen it before… l warned you many times not to
retort, you’re not listening. Why did you put it for drying in the
middle of the house? l didn’t find place outside
so l hanged it here. No place! There’s place here equal to
chepauk cricket ground. Can’t you find a little space to
hang out your underwear? You know there’re young
women in the house. Aren’t you embarrassed to wear
revealing costumes before them? Leave it, brother. You’re blowing a small
issues into a big one. Am l blowing it into big issues?
Am l a balloon seller? Am l a balloon seller? l’m asking you ignorantly. Where did you get this innocence
oozing face of yours? l’m asking you only.
l’m asking you only. First stop the batting of eyes
..Stop l say. Why’re you staring at me? Look at him. Why did you close the door
when l’m talking to you? Why did you close? Oh! For prestige’s sake. You don’t want outsiders
to hear me scolding you. lf you’re so sensitive! Then you should
behave properly, shouldn’t you? Look at him, again. Why’re you clenching your fists? Entering of fox in the neighbourhood is wrong.
Moreover it is shouting also after entering. Who’s a fox? – Who was shouting? l was shouting. – Then,
you’re the fox. You asked where did
l find this face? Why again? You’ve completely
taken over me. Why’re you again taking out the belt
like the hero MGR in a film? Come here. Hereafter…drying the underwear…
– Hang it anywhere. lf it isn’t possible. Put it on my head
l’ll get it dried & give it to you. About switching on fans… lf it is possible you do it or else
l’ll come & switch it on. Take it. – Thank you
very much sir. This is not for you. – Oh God
Got a cigarette pack for me. ls it? Okay…Okay…. Hey. – Yes sir. lf anyone comes to know here
that l smoke… You’ll hang me again. No, l’ll rip out your skin
and then hang you. Why do you get so tensed? Look, l won’t even allow
the smoke to go out. ls it enough? Whatever, l did was for fun.
But, you’ve taken it seriously. Oh no. Why has he changed like this? ls it a courier?
– Yes, it is… Did the pen come in the courier?
– Sign it & give it back. What’s this? lt’s like the big Dinamalar
Pongal Magazine. Who’s this Mani Goundar? May be this was for the man
staying in our out house. – May be… Shall we open & read it. lt’s not good manners to
read others letters. l don’t have any manners. l’m going to read it. lt’s upto
you to join me or not. Hey, it’s such a big letter.
Has he written his autobiography? Wait, l’ll read. From Mani to dear Viswanathan… Because of the soaring STD bills
l didn’t tell much about my son. l’ve written all those things
in this letter. Don’t mistake me if l don’t say
great things about him. l can only tell bad side of him.
For example…. He was about 12 years…. lt seems, your son will study well &
become a famous doctor…. And will make our village proud… Do you really think so?
– Then what? Our children are sick &
are standing in a queue. Like a doctor, your son is
writing prescriptions for them. What’s it Mani?
– Come here doctor. Wait, l’ll be back. What’s the matter Mani?
– Come, my dear… Boopathi, you’ll become a
doctor, won’t you? No…l’ll work as booking clerk
in our Sami theatre. You stinking fellow! Carry on. Even l was shocked.
He was just a small boy. l thought he’ll get reformed
when he grows up. But even after growing up
he gave me great shock. Who’s he? ls he our Mani’s son? Are you coming back after
watching our hero’s movie? – Yes. Wow! How well my hero fought…
Superb! Could you spare me a box of matches? He smoked it till the butt. lt seems, he is the most
affected person during a famine. Sir, are you going to still
smoke this? Show me how you’ll smoke? Mani…ls it you?
Without knowing it was you… Oh God! Read it. Between these small problems
a big problem took the centre stage. lt was his final exam. The crooked thing which l did
to make him a graduate… No other father in this
world would’ve done. No questions were asked
which l had studied. Have they given the
wrong question paper? Why’ve you come so late? Okay, give it. Hey, who’s that throwing small chits? You leave the students who copy from
the books. But you’re chasing me for giving
a small chit. Oh God! Then, what? He might commit any no. of mistakes.
But l’m unable to question him? That’s my weakness. l felt that he’ll come up in life
if he stays away from me. That’s why, l sent him to you. Send him to foreign countries like
America or Africa. lf that is not possible
atleast send him to Pakistan. l want to feel proud saying
that my son is working abroad. Regards Mani. Puppy, let’s go away.
– Keep quiet. Welcome, why’ve you come to the
out house all of a sudden? Just like that. The dog you’ve painted looks
very natural, isn’t it Puppy? Dog? That’s a horse. ls it a horse? Sorry. Some horses look like
the dogs he has painted. Did you both come here to tell this?
– No…No…Not for that. Till yesterday, we thought
that you’re only our guest. But only now we’ve come
to know about your History. How did you come to know about
my history? – lt is… Our mummy told us.
– Oh aunty! Yes, she would’ve told you. You’ve come to know about me.
But, l know nothing about you. Don’t you know the pincode? She’s Priya.
She completed her B.A. last year. She’s going to get married this year. What is she going to do next year? Let her do anything. Tell me about your dream in detail. My dream is to become
an l.A.S Officer. But for the time being,
l could only complete B.Sc. What? ls becoming an l.A.S officer
your dream? l’m surprised. Don’t get surprized for this. lf you know my dream fully,
you’ll get shocked. lt’s alright, please tell me. My dream? l’ll tell you…. After clearing l.A.S exam, l’ll become the collector of
Coimbatore District. And l’m talking to the Chief Minister. My daddy has come to
see me at that time. The attender has made my daddy to sit
in a corner saying that l’m busy. He also sits there without getting angry. And he’s admiring the way
l’m talking on the phone. l was talking to the CM & suddenly
turned back & saw my daddy… CM is on phone, my daddy
is sitting outside. l didn’t know what to do… l requested the CM & cut
the line saying that… My father who wanted me to become an
l.A.S. officer has come to see me. And l came out running. My father stood up after seeing me. l fell at his feet. And asked his pardon for
making him wait for so long. He lifted me by
catching my collar. And said that l’ve made him proud
by becoming the district collector. And started crying. He cried…
& l cried after seeing him. …He cried….l cried.
On seeing us, the attender cried. The entire collector’s office
was filled with tears. Sir… – Has he come? He asked you to come.
– What for? l don’t know. But on seeing his face…
l knew that there’s some problem. Don’t feel bad for going away
in the middle of the dream. l’ll come back & continue. He’s a Dictionary. Did you call me? Do you know what it is? Have you written any story
for some magazines? l didn’t write this story. The story is about you
written by your father. ls this story written by Mani?
What did he write about me? lf he tells about you on the phone, He’s scared that his financial
position might go down. So, he has written this big letter. Mani is always like this. He keeps doing such funny things. You don’t attach much importance to it. What kind of a job do you want? An lAS….lPS Officer. lt’s enough if l get a simple job
according to my qualification. l thought that my duty will be over
if l get you a job. But only after reading this letter
l came to know, that, Getting you disciplined is more
important than getting you a job. No uncle. Yes, l need a little…little. Don’t try to crack silly jokes here. l’m not a good man like your father.
– Oh! l know. Uncle, l knew that you’re
better than my father… You seem to talk too much,
talk less. Why’ve you stopped talking? l’m under control, uncle. Bhoopathi, your dream was very interesting. Tell me, the remaining part orelse
my head will break into pieces. Yes, if someone narrates such
unbelievable stories… Our heads will definitely break. You mean to say that Bhoopathi
was bluffing us. There’s no doubt about it. lt seems he’ll study for lAS exams…
Become a collector. And talk to CM directly. lt seems, his father will
cry on seeing this. And he’ll start crying
seeing his father. On seeing them, attender
will start crying. And then the entire Collector’s office
will be filled with tears. Why’ve you stopped laughing? Laugh….Laugh… ls it wrong to dream about becoming
an lAS officer, And becoming a collector of
Coimbatore District? Do you know why l
was weak in studies? You can never imagine.
My life is a big tragedy. Priya, you’re going to get married.
Have you ever cooked in the kitchen? No need. Have you seen
how a kitchen looks? We’re not like you. My mother passed away
when l was young. Do you know that l started to cook for
my dad Mani at the age of 5. These hands which are supposed to write, Started serving tea,
cooked food & prepared gravy. After that l go to school & study badly. Then l come back home,
cook again in the night. And clean all the vessels after
my father finishes his dinner. By the time l come out of the
kitchen, it’s around 11 p.m. Shouldn’t l sleep after all
these things? Then how could l study? My dream of becoming a collector
was burnt to ashes by cooking for my Mani. How’ll you know all these things? You know only to laugh at others. You need an innocent guy
like me to pass the time. Laugh…Laugh well. lf you can laugh when l cry, l’ll come to your room everyday
& cry for an hour. For not able to become
a collector. You both laugh. Hey spectly! You too laugh. Why’s he crying? Why’re you crying like a woman? Your father stopped you
from becoming a collector. By putting you in the kitchen
& ruined your life. That’s why l’m crying. Don’t worry. Some day or the other,
you’ll become a collector. Don’t know whether l’ll be become a
collector or not. But you’ll get admitted in
the hospital. You stupid! Go & mind your work,
you mad fellow. Mad fellow? l was crying for him &
he’s calling me a mad fellow. My efforts are in vain. Who’s it? Hey Mani, it’s me.
– How’re you? My honour is stinking…it’s stinking. Do you have any brains? Till now, only our villagers
were asking that question? Now you’ve started asking? Like Napoleon’s auto biography,
you’ve written about me. And sent it to your friend. Are you not ashamed to write
about your son like this? l didn’t do it wantedly.
Just like that… Not only that, did l ask you
to bring chits for my B.Sc exams? You wanted me to pass the exams,
you threw the chits & got caught. After reading all that, did Vichi
scold you for accepting chits? l won’t mind if Vichi had scolded me. The two girls in that house read it
& mocked at me. l’m not able to go out in public.
You’ve polluted my history Mani. Don’t cry…Shall l do onething? Shall l write a letter
to each girl saying that, The story l had written
was for a magazine. But Bhoopathi is a good & an honest man. No need…Mani.
Listen to me. Don’t write any letters to me
on this address. lf you really want to write a letter,
write it to your late Palaniswamy. l don’t know his address. Put the phone down. Buddy, puppy is a complan girl.
– l’m growing up, mummy. Puppy, are they teasing you very much?
– Yes Bhoopathi. You’re very angry, aren’t you? lf you’re angry with someone, Don’t cry like a woman. Look, close your fist like this.
lf you hit in the abdomen. He’ll never get into the
bus the whole day. He’ll only get into an ambulance.
– ls it true Bhoopathi? Go & punch him,
l’m here with you. What’s it? Why’re you staring at me? That’s it. You’re finished. You gave me a superb idea. Whenever you’re in trouble
continue this technique. l’ll tell my brother
to teach you a lesson. Be careful, you may fall down. Hey getup. l can understand your feelings. Your boys teased the girl very much. l didn’t want this to become
a case of eve teasing. So, l just asked her to give
a small punch. That’s all. Stop. You got my brother beaten up by a girl,
and narrating a story to me? Look at him. What’s it puppy? Do you want tea or coffee?
– Why? Do you want me to do any favour to you? l want & bouquet Boopathi.
– l knew it. But for whom? – For my sister. Look puppy, l’ll help anyone
in this house. But not your sister. lt’s getting late for the party. lf not for my sister,
atleast bring it for Asha. What? For Asha?
– Yes, my sister’s friend Asha. She came to our house on that day.
Have you forgotten her? Can anyone forget her? Bring it fast.
– Puppy, don’t beg him. We’ll buy it on the way. Boopathi, what happened? When l saw your sister’s
hair style, My stomach got upset
& l started vomiting. You don’t have to comment
on my hair style. Do what l say. lf you go like this, birds will build
a nest & live in your hair. Open hair & go. l know what is good. l told you in a friendly way.
lt’s your wish to listen to me or not. l’ll get the bouquet for my Asha. lt’s time for the party to begin. He went to buy a bouquet
but still hasn’t turned up. We ourselves could’ve bought it. Open hair & go. Shall we go? Okay, let’s go. Where’re you going?
– To the birthday party. We’ll go. You can leave.
– Why are you playing with me? lt’s our Asha.
l’ll greet her & go away. That’s what l’m telling you. We’ll wish her on your behalf.
You can go. Why’re you chasing me out? When she came to our house,
you ogled at her. And bought our honour down.
That’s more than enough. Don’t attend the party
& insult us. l don’t have to run
after girls at all. My personality isn’t so bad.
Give me 10 mins… Not only Asha, even the beauty queens
will be after me like the pomaranian dog. Neither you’ve so much power,
nor she’s easy girl to be trapped. Bet? Will you bet? Shall we see?… – Sure. Okay. lt’s time for the party.
Let’s go. l was waiting for you yesterday
for a very long time. Then… How did you find out? Your dress & movements
speaks about it loud & clear. What’s your name? Look, l don’t know you. lnfact
l didn’t even invite you to the party. l spoke to you just because
you’ve come with Priya. You’re simply walking away. When l came near you, you were walking
away as if you don’t like me. What do you think of yourself? l’m brave enough to tell you
what’s in my heart. But l don’t know whether
you’re brave enough to listen to it. You got down from the car,
came to the house like an Arabian horse. The moment l saw you
l lost my heart to you. My heart which never fluttered, Even after seeing beauty queens
& village belles. lt fluttered on seeing you. When l was yearning
to see you again. l came to know that
today was your birthday. Since you didn’t invite me
to this function. l was in two minds whether
to come or not. Even if l was insulted
it would’ve been for you. So, l came to this function
to wish you. Oh God! Don’t look at me like that. Your looks are disturbing me,
my heart & my youth.TAMlLlNlYou come like a flower, like fire,
like a deer & like rain. You came like wind
& like a song sung by me. lt’s neither a dream
nor any imagination. You came like a boon, like a tune &
like a penance of a flower. Oh sweet heart! Shall l express my love. Shall l express my love in poetry. Shall l fan you with the moon? Shall we exchange our hearts?TAMlLlNlSince you’re born in a flower,
your words emit fragrance. Since you’re brought up in moon
you emit soothing light. How did her cheeks
turn yellow? ls it because of the
mixture of dawn & dusk. l lived with the earth as my library
& flowers as my books. Now, l found out from you that
a girl is the library & her eyes are the books.TAMlLlNlWhat’re you doing here? Asha is searching you like
a Pomeranian dog. Come. Atleast now, you must’ve understood
my power. Atleast from now on, respect me. Forget about me, she is eagerly
waiting to talk to you, come. What’s there for me to talk
to Asha? l don’t know what spell did you cast
on her. She’s wandering in your memories. She has decided to marry you only.
Come. Since l made a bet with you
l pretended to love her. Don’t trap me into that. Asha’s father is on line. He wants to
talk to you on an important matter. He had asked me to
bring you immediately. lt was wrong of me to have attended
this party. l’m not here. Where’re you running?
What’ll l tell Asha? Tell her that l’m already married. lf she doesn’t believe it,
then tell her that l’ve 2 daughters also. Leave me. Come, let’s go. Brother…. Why’ve you come all of a sudden? – Hai aunt l would’ve come to the station
if you had phoned me. l thought of phoning you brother. But l knew that you people would be
angry with me, For not attending Priya’s engagement. That’s why, l thought of giving
you all a surprise visit. Our anger will not subside
even if you give us a surprise visit. Tell her. – What’s this Parvathi? Sorry sister-in-law. While l was about to start,suddenly my
mother-in-law fell ill, She had to be admitted in
the hospital. There was nobody to
take care of her. l’ve already told you everything
on the phone. Your anger hasn’t subsided yet. Aunty, we’ll get convinced.
But Priya is very angry. Oh God she too!
– Hey be quiet. Why’re you people talking
while she is standing? Go and bring coffee
– Brother, not necessary. First, let me explain everything
to her. Where’s Priya? ls that piano more important
for you than me? Yes…Your mother-in-law is more
important to you than me, right? No Priya. Don’t touch me.
l’m very angry with you. Do you know, l was very upset
when you didn’t attend my engagement? l’m very fond of you since childhood. So l diserve this, even more than this. Aunty, what happened?
Did l hurt you? lts me who has hurt you. You’ll not understand even
if l try my best to convince you. Even l was bossing here like you.
But now l couldn’t…. After marriage, even to meet
brother & sister-in-law. l’ve to beg & get my mother-in-law’s
and husband’s permission. l can’t come here anytime l like…
And l shouldn’t…. l can’t understand onething Priya. Whenever a girl goes out before marriage,
they send someone to accompany her. Even if she has to study
away from her place, They think of putting her in the hostel
or in her relatives house. Even if she goes abroad on official work
she must stay in her relative’s house. Why so? To go for shopping,cinema,
& even to the temple, They send her only with
the persons whom they know. But regarding her marriage
they fix a stranger as her groom. And send her away with him very cooly. But we…after accepting him
as our husband, Hold his hand, go round the holy fire
While departing when we turn back, We find our parents & relatives
like tiny dots for away. Before, parents were in our heart. Now
our in-laws should take over that place. ln the place of siblings our
co-sisters & co-brothers should be present. Forgetting our friends
our people & everybody. Whether we like or not,
We’ve to live with new persons. l don’t think we need that married life
which discards our family people. lnstead of this, it’s better to live
with our parents for the entire life. l feel that’ll, atleast, be peaceful. Aunty, please…. Forget about it. Priya, who’s that?
– His names is Bhoopathi. A wastrel. What? Wastrel? – Yes.
He’s my daddy’s friend’s son… His father has sent him here because
he was roaming there like a vagabond. He’s staying in our out house
& torturing us. l’m Prakash speaking. You…? From where’re you calling? l’m calling you from the STD booth
next to the white house of America. Please be on the line…
l’ll give it to my daddy. l want to talk something
personally to you. To me? Go ahead. That’s…During our engagement
in your house… There was a handsome
smart guy, right…? Oh that Pollachi guy…
He’s Bhoopathi. Yes…Him only… Don’t take him to be a wastrel. Not only that Priya… He’s like the brother of
legendary ‘Karnan’, Who bequethed everything to his seekers. ls it true? l promise, Priya. l’ve a friend named Velusamy
who’s a computer engineer here, in America. When he didn’t have money
to come to America, He sole his land…. That is , this Bhoopathi had
sold his land & helped him. You’ll not believe Priya. My friend is offering prayers daily
to Boopathi’s life size photo. Having known his noble heart your daddy
allowed him to stay in the out house. You’ve very lucky
to get such a friend. What? Come and see.
What a tricky person he is. Now, if he’s in front of me… l’ll even fall at his feet, you know. Look Priya, dear, don’t be harsh
with him without knowing him well. Whenever you see him. …Wish him like this. Okay dear… l’ll call you again
when l need…Okay? We were talking for a long time. We’ll talk later. Madam is waiting
to make a call. Hey, don’t talk, l thought
you’re just a wastrel. But only now, l know that
you’re a fraud. Priya, l just did it for fun There’s a limit for fun & jokes. And, you’ve crossed it. For letting you stay here just
because you’re his friend’s son. He should be blamed for it. Please Priya…
Don’t tell this to your daddy. Please forget it as of now. Hereafter, if you mimic your
voice & talk…l’ll kill you. Bhoopathi, you’ll not misunderstand
if l tell you something, right? Oh No! What are you saying madam? l’ll consider elders
words as God’s words. Tell me anything you want. l think, you smoke lot of cigarettes. So please control yourself
it’ll not be good for your health. Oh God! …l’m not a chain smoker. At times…Only one…That too
l’ll not smoke the entire cigarette. l will take 2 puffs & throw it. Madam, l think she has said
something wrong about me. Don’t believe it. Because, whatever l do
she’ll exaggerate it. That’s her habit. What did l exaggerate? Why did you tell him wrong things
about me? He didn’t tell anything
wrong about you. Just now this one said that… This? – Did you see? She’s not respecting me neither
as a guest nor as a man. Hello, if you’ve guts
talk to me directly. Don’t complain against me
to other, like women. Oh God! …No…l’m afraid
to talk to you directly. Look my hands & legs are shivering. Kidding? You’ll lose your teeth
if l bash you up. Hey Priya…Why do you fight? Sit down. Always talking against….
Talk a little respectfully. Okay leave it. Some’ll not listen even if we teach
them nor they have their own sense. What can we do?
– Who doesn’t have sense? Aunty, you don’t know him. Do you know what this one did yesterday? He phoned up from our house. By changing his voice
like the America’s groom. Blew his own trumpet saying
Boopathi is good & generous. Hey, l agree that l changed
my voice & spoke. But why and who made me
to talk like that. Tell me who…Who…? Madam, you yourself say… You asked her about me when you saw me
for the 1st time, right? What did she tell you that day? Forget about it now. – l can’t… Branding such a brilliant person
like me as wastrel! Mani sent him here because
he couldn’t bear his torture. He’s a free loader living
in the out house. Won’t l get angry if
she says like that? Hello…l didn’t say like that. You don’t concoct something
on your own & talk. You please be quiet
– You be quiet aunty. Wait. Wastrel gives
all these meanings. lf you want, check it
up in a dictionary. The filthy look
you gave at that time. There’re no words for
that in the dictionary. Hey shut up,
you’re a mannerless fellow. You don’t talk as if you’ve
invented the word manner. You stealthily opened my letters
which daddy has sent me. Where were your
manners at that time? You don’t talk as
if you’re perfect. When l asked about
your future plans. You lied that you’re going
to become a Minister or Collector. l know only to tell the truth.
Only you people know to lie. Am l lying? Get lost, man.
– Yes. Only you’re telling too many lies. Hey, you’re talking too much. You’re only talking, too much. Hey, why do you point your
finger at me while talking? – Shit. Aunty? Aunty take care bye. Madam, l’m not a very
bad person as she said. He’s such a type of person only…
Don’t believe him. Hey, shut up. l’ll phone you up personally
& explain my character to you. Sir, give me your ticket.
l’ll phone you up personally
& explain my character to you. Sir, give me your ticket. Don’t keep this in your heart.
Sir, give me your ticket. Don’t keep this in your heart. She gave it to you
& went, didn’t she?
Don’t keep this in your heart. She gave it to you
& went, didn’t she? Who’ll keep you in the heart?
– Look at her.
She gave it to you
& went, didn’t she? Who’ll keep you in the heart?
– Look at her. That’s her’s, give yours…
Who’ll keep you in the heart?
– Look at her. Who’ll keep you in the heart?
– Look at her. Hey Priya, give my ticket & go. Who’re you man? – Look at her. Look Priya, we’ll continue
our fight at home later, Not here…. Hey, you take care of
your problem at home. First give your ticket. Sir, both of us came together
to give see off her aunty. There was a small problem between us
before we could put her aunty in the team. She’s angry & taking revenge. Hey, am l paid by the Government
to hear your sorrowful story? First give your ticket man. Sir, you’re very naughty. Why’re you playing the fool? You’ve so many tickets with you. So why bother if you don’t get my ticket. So you’ve come without ticket. Rs.500 penalty & 6 months imprisonment. Sir, please leave me considering
me as your son. l don’t need such a son who
doesn’t buy tickets. – What’s this sir. Sir, don’t take this as bribe. Consider it as a gift.
Take it. l don’t want.
– Please take it sir. l don’t want.
– Please take it sir. You people’ll not understand at all. Oh God! Hey…Be careful
did you buy platform ticket? Since 5 yrs, l didn’t buy
ticket even to travel by train. They’ll spare the one’s
who travel free of cost. But catch the ones who don’t
buy platform tickets. Oh God! Are you laughing
after doing all this? Did you think that they’ll permit
the entire family inside with one ticket? We’ve to buy tickets per head. Hey, that’s your ticket..
Why didn’t you take it for me? This is your ticket. Were you playing the fool with
me after buying the ticket? Yuck. Did you put Lakshmi
safely in the train? – Yes. You’ve an interview on Monday
morning at my friend’s company. lnterview card has come…
Take it. l don’t know what trick is hidden
behind this ”gallent knight”. Lets see. Have you got up only now? You’ve to be lucky
to sleep upto 9 a.m. Okay, where’re you going
early in the morning? l’m going to attend an interview. What happened to your interview? Why do you ask that sorrowful story? Why? Did they chase you out asking
questions continously. They’ve put an end to my happiness. Say it in a way so that we
can understand. l’ve got the job. lt seems 6 months of training here
and then posting in America. Hey, you’ve got a job
in America, have you? He’s walking away sorrowfully
as if he got a job in the forest. Sir, when’re you going
to give me party? You’re going to get your first pay. Shouldn’t you give me a party? What a great job? lf you want, you take
the job and the salary. And give me the party. Why? Aren’t you interested
to go for work? – Not at all. Then, l think its true what your
father has written about you. Tell me if you don’t like me
to stay here. l’ll go back to my place. l’ve 10 acres of land & a tractor. l’ll plough & eke my livelihood. Did you father educate you with
all difficulties to do agriculture? So for bringing me
up with difficulty. lf l sent him money
after working in America. Will the account get
squared up? Tell me, is this is a business. Assume that l’m buying a car
there out of my earnings. How’ll l share that happiness
with my father from there? l can only take a snap standing
next to the car & send it to him. But if l work at my place. Atleast l can buy a scooter &
take him for a joy ride. There’s a happiness in it. Why only that? At the time
when my father falls sick. l can only Phone him from America. And ask father whether he has
consulted the doctor, taken medicines, etc. But if l’m near him. l’ll take Mani
to the doctor & get medicines. And take care of
him properly, right? That’s what l wish for. You only know about the things
which Mani had written in the letter. But there’re many things
which he hasn’t written. My mother died
when l was a child. He didn’t marry again for
his happiness. He lived only for my happiness. l want to be near the
one who is living for me even now. ls this wrong? My routine will be to work in
the fields in the morning. Smoke & roam with friends
in the evenings… And watching the movies of
our favourite film star in the theatre. Coming back home at night. Eating while
getting scoldings from father. And lying on his lap.
That life is enough for me. The happiness which
we get out of it. We’ll not get it even if we go to
any nook and corner of the world. You’ll not understand
my feelings, Priya. Because, after marriage, forgetting
the parents, siblings, friends & everybody. Going away with the husband
thinking him to be God. lt may be easy for you.
But its difficult for me. Your husband’ll be
everything to you. But my Mani is everything to me. Priya…Star Bharani. What’re you doing here? That’s… That’s…You’re going to stay far
away from all of us after marriage, right? So, l’m praying to God who’s at the
tower, for you to lead a happy life there. Don’t lie in the temple.
l’ll get angry. What do you think of yourself? Wait…What mistake have l commited
for you to shout at me like this? After doing everything
you’re asking, what you’ve commited? Hey didn’t you ogle at her? Have you come to know about it? What’s the use of you knowing it? But that dimwit couldn’t
understand my love. Please recommend me to her. Do l’ve to help you to love her?
You’ll not reform! You’ll not reform at all.
– Hello, why should l reform? For your range, your father has
selected an American groom for you. But l’m not like that. l’ll get only a local girl
who has studied up to 10th or 12th. To get a modern English fluent
a more complexion girl than me. l’m trying in the temple area.
ls it wrong? Hey, why’re you ogling?
Leave the place. l shouldn’t see you
in any area hereafter. Go… Oh God! She’s going. Hello, l’m asking you, lf l ogle at anybody
why should it bothers you? Why did you interfere
unnecessarily & chased her away? Go…Pray to God that your
married life should be happy. Go..Go…You please go. l prayed to God that
l should get you. l like you Boopathi. Hello, isn’t there a
limit for fun? Go & pray. Hey, won’t you understand
if l say once? l like you. l’ll kill you if you ogle
at other girls except me. Understood? l prayed to God that
l should get you. l like you Boopathi. Look, its alright even if you get
a name wastrel in Vishu’s house. But don’t create a situation for both
of our friends to seek each other’s pardon. l’ll not behave in the way
to tarnish your name, enough? Neither to ask you
why you left the house, Nor to send you off,
brings me here. l’m also coming to Pollachi. Not to point out your mistakes
to your father, But to seek pardon from
my friend, Mani. What to do? Friendship between your father
& me calls for it. lf a person is in the
good position, He gets appreciation,
popularity & goodwill. But, when l was down & out. Mani believed that
l was an achiever. During our friendship, l sought
his help many a times. But, he didn’t seek mine, ever. For the first time, he asked me
to find a job for you. For the person who’s such a
great benefactor to me. ls it a great help to him to find a job
for his son? Didn’t you like the job
which l had fixed for you? Or did someone in my house hurt you.
l don’t know… Uncle, nothing like that. l thought of seeing my father. So, you left the house without
saying anything to anyone. How can l face your father? Uncle, nothing should hurt the
friendship of you two. Sorry uncle, it was wrong to have
left the house without informing you. Come, let’s go home. Why’re you hesitating? Hereafter, you’re not a guest
in this house. You’re one of my family, okay? Where’re you going?
Come, let’s eat…. Priya please, listen to me…Priya. Don’t challenge me.
l’m a talented person. Don’t force me….
l’m a great fighter. So you’ve come?
– Now, why’re you crying? ls it because l left the house? Or that l’ve come back?
– No, wrong… We’re close friends. You left the house
without informing me. ln that hurt l was crying. Dear, it’s nothing. They say, cure the wounded heart
by smoking. l’ve smoked too much. That’s why,
there’re number of butts. No. lt seems you’re in a happy mood.
– Because you’ve come. A few moments ago, l was like a
dead body because you were not here. lf you were late by 2 minutes, l would’ve died by drinking
these 2 bottles of beers. lf you take 2 beers, will you die? lf you’re not habituated,
it’ll be poison. Will it become poison,
if an unhabituated person drinks? lf you ask me in a round about way, what
l can say? What’re you driving at? What you mean by round about way? lt may lead to flash back
when l was hit on the mouth. You’re looking tired. Take rest.
l’ll stay outside. Then? This beer was bought
in a sad mood. Now, l’m in happy mood,
shall l drink it? l mean it may go waste.
Why’re you removing your belt? Hey, l’m removing my pant, go man. You tell me to go only then, l’ll go. Go away, blacky… – That’s it. Still, he acts like a child. Listen to me. No, no, no, Priya….
l’ve to go on Duty. Please. Thank God! l had asked you to clean my mother’s
photo & you’re beating her? Now, what do you want? Here Garland my mother’s photo. Hey, what’s this? ls this the
way you garland? You should garland nicely with
both your hands. Hold this garland. You’ll know the strain of any work,
only when you do it yourself. Don’t order me & talk unnecessarily. You yourself garland your mother the
way you want to. Okay? Go, man….Do you think no work
can be done without you? Priya, dear…. – What’s it, uncle?
– Come, my dear. Why did you call me?
– You garland your grandma’s photo. Oh God! me? Why not? Who else can garland
your grandma? Some rascal is talking insolently. Take….stand on this stool &
garland her. Go ahead. Priya, be careful. – Don’t get scared.
Garland confidently, l’m here. Which fool asked you to come inside?
– You only. Of course, l did. Should you open it like the door
of ‘Srirangam Temple which leads to heaven? Look, Priya fell down on one side
& my mother on the other’s side. Thank God! Nothing happened to
my mother. Only glass has broken.
We can change it. Am l right, dear?
– Oh God! Uncle. What’s it? – Where are they eyes?
– Whose eyes? – Grandma’s eyes. Some rascal have removed my mother’s
eyes. – lt’s you only. Then, what? lt was painted
in water colour. You’ve scratched them roughly with
your hands. That’s why… Shut up. My mother lost her eyes
because of you only. Daddy, Bhoopathi paints well.
Ask him to redraw Grandma’s eyes. Bhoopathi, now my life is
in your hands. Uncle, what’s this? l have seen your
mother’s photo only once. l don’t remember her face.
How can l draw her eyes? Now, nothing has gone wrong. She has worn white glasses, right? lf you put black paint on them,
it’ll look as if she’s wearing cooling glass. Eyes problem will also be solved. l’ll kick you out. You fool. Brother, these’re not your hands. l’ll beg your pardon considering them
as your legs. Before my brother comes home,
somehow you draw her eyes. Otherwise….if my brother comes….
He’ll gauze my eyes out. Uncle, you’re talking without
having any drawing sense. Eyes play a major role in painting. lf they’re not drawn properly,
the picture will look horrible. Uncle, l can’t draw. Now, what do you want? You want eyes, which resemble
your mother’s, right? Come, my dear… – Uncle, what’s it?
– What? Come on, dear. Priya’s eyes look like my mother’s.
You draw by seeing them. Brother, what’re you thinking? l’m on death bed.
Now, are you thinking? Brother, somehow you draw by
seeing Priya’s eyes. Brother, please…try please… Have you drawn? Dear, did you see?
it’s just like before. Brother, you’ve given life to my dead
mother & saved my life. You should live long….
You should live prosperously. My mother. What type of look is that! Like in the film ‘Padakoti’. Actress Saroja Devi gave the same
look to actor M.G.R. lf l had slipped a little,
my life would’ve been in danger. Bhoopathi, you’ve a steel body. No girl’s fire of her looks
can melt you. No chance… Why’re you getting
scared unnecessarily? But, to be on the safe side. Please avoid seeing that girl directly. Oh God! Bhoopathi, what happened to you? l couldn’t sleep even after covering
myself with the blanket. Nor even after changing my position. Bhoopathi, do these eyes disturb you? Who said? l didn’t like your eyes.
l didn’t like them.TAMlLlNlDon’t want….Don’t want…..
Will l get flattered? lf l see your eyes,
will l get flattered? You’re laughing &
taking away my life. Are your eyes atom bombs? Are they flower garlands? ls there any ecstatic jail? Do your wet eyes have place? lf God comes to earth,
He should see your eyes. He should vanish saying
humans are poor.TAMlLlNlRivers aren’t rivers
which doesn’t bend. lf there’s no anklets sound,
there won’t be music. You made my lap as your pillow. Slowly, you’ve put my heart
in confusion. You’ve violence in one eye. And balm in the other eye. Oh! Mesmerizer….mesmerizer…. Every day you should come & torture me. You should remove the obstacle. Shall l hug your heart?
Shall l steal your heart? Shall l enter into your eyes?
Shall l forget my path?TAMlLlN lOh Hitler lady!
What did you do to me? Did you see my hormones
playing harmonium? Moon will kill me &
bid ‘adieu’ to me. lt gives cool looks. Even God will be in tension. Oh! Blossomed jasmine!
Blossomed jasmine. You’ve changed into
butterflies. You’ve touched me and
made me speechless. l’ve lost you within me. You search me within you. Name it as ‘Love’,
if two souls gets united. How is your work going on?
– Uncle, it’s going on well. How are your co-workers? Uncle, a girl name,
Sumathi is good looking. Hey fool! Your tongue is your enemy.
lt’s not under your control. Boopathi, l’ve a board meeting.
You take Priya with you. No dad. l’ll go by an auto. BOOPATHl, do you’ve any other work?
– No, uncle. – Then, take her home. Priya, shall we have a
cup of coffee? Since morning, l’m very much
tensed in the office. You too took tired after
going for shopping. So, let’s take a cup of
coffee for relaxation. Priya, instead of just having coffee,
Shall we’ve light tiffin? 2 sambar idlies, sambar
should be hot. lt may take time, sir.
– lt’s alright, we’ll wait. lt won’t take time to bring.
lt may take time for you to eat. l’ll blow & eat them. Go & bring. Priya, this restaurant
is nice, right? Colourful chairs, tables, spoons. Even fork is there. Usually you’ll find this in
all the hotels, right? What have l done?
Why’re you not talking to me? After meeting you in the temple,
l’ve been watching you, lf l come & talk to you,
you’re avoiding me. When l’m going to the office,
you’re pouring water on my dress. l’m noting all these in my diary. l’ll also get a chance. Look, l’m telling you
in a friendly way. Hereafter, we shouldn’t have
any problem between us. Let us forget the past. Because, within few days,
you’ll get married & settle in America. As men in the office couldn’t
bear my torture. They’ll send me back to
Pollachi again. Then, we’ll become strangers. Atleast for these few days,
let us be happy & friendly. lf you really don’t like to see me,
sleep upto 10 a.m. daily. l’ll go to office at 9 a.m. There won’t be any problem. ls this okay?
Hereafter you follow this. You should shake hands
with your hand. Priya, what’s this? Sir, where’s that sambar plate? Plate? – Sir, was sambar hot? Yes. lt burnt me nicely. Take this. – For the bill? Buy a dress. – For me? For me. – Size? Go, man… – Okay, sir. You’re questioning me. Oh God! l can’t bear. Don’t tease me. Take the money & go. lt seems he’ll fly now. l’m your boy friend speaking. Yuck! lt’s you?
l’m seeing your weeding card. How’s the design? – Superb. You & PUPPY should definitely come
to my wedding. Don’t fail to come because
it’s far off. l’ll ask daddy & tell you. No excuses. You must come
to the wedding. What’s the problem between you two? She wants me to come
to her wedding without fail. How can l get father’s permission? You want to go to
Asha’s wedding, right? l’ll get the permission from uncle.
You come with me. Uncle, l want to talk an
important matter to you. Tell me quickly. Priya’s friend Asha is getting
married in Ooty. – Good news. We both want to go there. No need. You give her a telegram
and be at home. lf we don’t attend all the
marriages, Then, l’ll get only telegrams
for my marriage. l & my husband alone
will be on the stage. Uncle, please we’ll go there & come. Why? Will the marriage stop,
if you don’t go there? Yes. She said like that only. Okay. You do one thing. l’ll book tickets for you
in the train. You go. No. We won’t go by train.
We’ll go by car. Tomorrow l’ve lot of work
in my office. lt’s alright, if you don’t
come with us. lt’s enough if you give us a car. Did you see? Priya’s wedding will be the last
wedding in our house. She may elope with someone,
the way she talks. Uncle, why do you talk about wedding
when l’m talking about car? Whom can l send with you?… Hubby, our Boomu is there, right? We can’t send him with them
for such a long distance. You do one thing. Take Boopathi
along with you. He’ll take care of you nicely. lf you go empty handed
who’ll carry the luggage? We can’t bring a separate person
for carrying the luggage. You should only carry the luggage.
Bring the luggage. lt seems, younger one is more adamant
than the elder. l’ll see to you. l thought, they may not provide us
place to stay here. lt’s a very nice place, superb. This is ladies room. ls it so? Let’s both go
out of the room. Did you joke? Shut up & get out.
– Why should l go? Are you questioning me,
when l ask you to go out? Don’t behave so adamantly with me.
– l’m a dangerous man. lf l get angry &
leave Ooty…. Then, both of you should come back
pulling the car. Be careful. Why’re you standing here
with the bag? Buddy, l didn’t get a place to stay. Are you from groom’s side
or bride’s side? l’m from bride’s side. – Bride’s side!
l like you very much, man… Thanks, friend. We’ve opened a centre for
bachelors like us…Come on…. First, l should take bath, can
you arrange for that? lf you come there, you can
have everything. Come on…. Go, man…. Brother, get in… Brother, greetings.
– Greetings. Greetings to everyone…
– Greetings. Who’s this new party? Buddy, he’s from bride’s side
that’s why, l’ve brought him. Greetings buddy…Sit down…
– Greetings. Are you bride’s friend? Do you smoke? l’m not her close friend
but, l Just know her.
Do you smoke? l’m not her close friend
but, l Just know her. What do you mean? You mean…How close you’re to the bride? She looks beautiful.
– That is apparent. What else? She talks sweetly.
– That is known by the way she talks. Apart from that? Actually, l haven’t…. l haven’t moved very closely with her. Buddy, he’s telling only the half truth.
Let us arrange for liquor. Hey, bring liquor for him. l don’t drink. And that’s a lie.. l’ll drink…But, not now. lt’ll be a
problem, if they come to know. lt’s wrong, if you don’t join us,
it’ll be a great insult for groom’s side. Have a drink & chew Guava leaves
& spit them. – Give. Guava leaves? lt’s my technic also…. Buddy, drink… – No… Have it, man… How’s it? l mean, l want one more bottle.
– Bring one more bottle. Now tell me…. – What? Tell me about Asha…
– What’s there to say about Asha? What you know & what we don’t know….
Tell us everything… l & Asha have a small link… Really? – Yes, you fool… After 2nd round, if l lie to you,
Then, what’s the fun of drinking? Once there was a birthday
party for Asha…. There was a Piano…
Was it not there? – lt was. Playing that Piano,
l flattered that girl. Don’t tell this matter to the groom
Then, he’ll feel bad… l’m talking about somebody’s future wife;
why is he getting tensed? Buddy, he’s the groom. Groom…! Brother, l blabbered in
intoxication. Asha is like my sister…l swear…
Don’t look at me like that. l don’t love Asha.
– Why? Why you don’t love? Brother, you shouldn’t blabber like this?
– What do you mean? ls my future wife not worth your love? Why you don’t love her? Buddy, l’ve a valid reason for not
loving Asha. – What’s it? l had a love affair
with another girl. l’ll kill you, man… We’re all searching 1 girl to love…
And you’re loving so many girls? Hey, put him to sleep…
he’s totally boozed. You carry on… – Don’t want,l’ve had my fill.. Okay, you carry on with
your love subject. This is me… This is that girl. You & that girl.. We both were like poles apart. Both of us were fighting everyday. Suddenly, don’t know what happened
to her. She smiled at me. She slowly started talking to me. She said ‘good night’ to me… Suddenly one day, she told me,
‘l like you’. Why didn’t you turn your glass? lf you keep like this…
What’s the idea? This is my position. Neither, l could say
‘Yes’ nor ‘no’ to her…. Brother, l had a ticklish feeling
some where in my heart. Her eyes…. Are as powerful as Baba’s eyes. They intoxicated me like Remi Martin.
l couldn’t control myself… Why are you holding out,
Say ‘yes’ to her… No, Brother…lt’s wrong…
– Why? Already that girl was engaged. Buddy, l’m Ogling
at a married woman… You’re making this a serious issue. Hey, shut up. Then, what happened? Then what? War started between us. While going to the office,
she played by pouring water on me. What did you do? l didn’t do anything on that day. Next day, l took, her to restaurant
& bought Sambar ldlies for her. l was telling her that
she was wrong. Did she get scared? – She poured
Sambar on me & went away. You didn’t do anything. l washed it with surf & wore it. You put all men to great shame! She poured Sambar when l asked her,
”why did you pour water on me”? lf l ask her something else
and if she pours acid on me, Along with the pant
l’ll also get burnt. That’s why, intelligently, l escaped. That girl is after you… Why’re you avoiding her? Wasn’t that girl beautiful? What? gargle your mouth with whisky. She’s specially created
by Lord Brahma… 2 eyes are not enough
to see that girl… lf you say, she’s the most beautiful maiden! lt’s like calling sun as moon.TAMlLlNlThis will become a big issue. Puppy, what l did was wrong… Give me a chance…. Why, to drink again?
– No, Puppy… Give me a chance to prove
myself as a good person. Puppy, l beg at your feet… Puppy, please forgive me.
– Now what’re you doing? l’m begging at your feet. You’re not begging at my feet.
Look there…You drunkard. Why’re you talking to him?
Come, let’s go…. You made me fully drunk. l couldn’t
differentiate between stool & legs. l dashed against you unknowingly. Why’re you standing like this? – l was
shocked to see you two dashing. Who dashed against whom? Look, that man dashed against my wife. lnspite of dashing against her
he’s giving her signals. l’ll keep an eye on him till the
wedding gets over. Buddy, do l’ve to be with you
during the entire marriage? Does Asha know that you’ve
come to the marriage? Yes, she knows. Then, will you do me a favour?
– Tell me…. Until l tie the auspicious
thread around Asha’s neck… Can you hide somewhere here? l know that Asha will get confused
lf she sees me. l don’t know how to
avoid meeting her? Brother, light the lamp in my life…
lt’s time for her to come. Okay… Greetings, groom… – Me… Greetings. Groom is suitable for you. That’s why, l selected him
How are you? l’m fine…Didn’t you bring
your wife? Shall we tell Asha that
Bhoopathi is not yet married. Shut up, let him be immersed
in the problem… Oh! That wife! She would’ve come. She’s somewhere here only…
there she is… ls she the one? Come here…. Aunty… – What’s it? Aunty? Why’re you always at the back of me? He’s my uncle. Why did you call me? When did you marry that man?
– What do you mean? Asha, she’s not the one
whom l had pointed at. Don’t mistake me. My wife is somewhere here. l’ll slap you. Wait…You’re going…. lf she’s your wife, then, who’s my wife?
– She’s the one… How can a girl have 2 husbands? Asha, look there.
– What’s it? Look Bhoopathi… Why’re you scolding sir?
– l’m your husband. Are you calling him. Why’re you scolding her? What’s this? lf l scold you
she’s getting angry. And if l scold her
you’re getting angry. What do you want now? Hey What? Hey Look at me..
– You turn that side. Look at me…Hey, what’s it?
Hey, go that side. l’ll kill you. Why’re you packing your things? We’ve reception & nuptials
and you’re leaving so soon? Yuck! You’re married,
hereafter, don’t talk like this. Okay oldy! Will you please
stay back for reception? lt’s not possible.
l’ve lot of work in the office. l’ve lot of work. Still it’s okay.
We’ve come from far off. We’ll stay here till Reception. Who wants his permission? l want
daddy’s permission. – l’ll talk to uncle. Do we’ve to stay put in
this room till evening? PUPPY, let’s go to Mudumalai Forest.
Your friends are there. Bhoopathi, don’t play with me.
l’ll tell uncle. PUPPY, will you come to Black Thunder?
We can pass away the time We should sell this car for dates. lf you don’t know English,
please speak in Tamil. l know only this much. l want to go to ‘Karuppuldi’
(Black Thunder) – What? l mean it’s called ‘Black Thunder’
in English. My car has broken down,
can you help me? Why not? We’re also going there.
Come on. Thank you very much. He’s a gentle man.
He’s helping strangers. PUPPY, ask him to take the car. Didn’t l help you as a driver
for going to the marriage? We can go….Start. BHOOPATHl, did you buy tickets? Sir, one minute. You also come.
– Why? You gave me a lift in your car. So, l’ll take your group photo
& give it to you. Stand closely.
Why’re you looking like this? Sir, l’ve a crooked look.
But, my focus is correct. Okay. Take it. Come closer….Camera is small. PUPPY, ask her to come closer.
– Come on. Previous look was better than this. Sir, what happened? My back is wounded. Now, are you okay? That l’ll know after meeting the Doctor. Will you take the umbrella? That boy unknowingly touched the button.
– Aunty…. My hand unknowingly
touched the button. From morning everything is
happening unknowingly. Nothing happened, right?
How can l say? You take me slowly. l hope l’m not troubling you? – No. Giant wheel is very small.
We’ll go on roller coast. Now, do you need this? l know. Cushion seat in Roller coast. lf we tie safety belt,
there won’t be any problem. l’m unable to walk.
That’s why l want to go on that. Puppy, shall we go? Puppy, take your sister
along with you. Give me a ticket. Have it. Start the Giant wheel. Sir, wait. Let other persons come. Why? To rotate around? Sir, what’s it? lt’s not a cycle wheel
which is ridden by one person. Before buying tickets,
you should’ve told this. Start the Giant wheel. – l can’t sir. l’m asking you to start & you’re arguing.
Come on start… lt’s all my fate. Stop it. – Why? You’re right. Let persons come.
Then, you start it. What’s this, sir?….
You’re confusing me. Let’s go & have coffee.
– l can’t. l’m on duty. Come on, man.
– Sir, l don’t want listen to me. You bring me down. BHOOPATHl, ask him to bring me down.
l’m feeling giddy. l’m scared. Ask him to bring me down.
l’m getting scared. She’s getting scared.
Bring her down. Sir, what about coffee?
– You won’t get it. Come on. Oh Lord Muruga…. Oh God! You rascal! ls there no limit of
playing the fool? l was short of breath. Hereafter, if you behave like this, l’ll
kill you. Do you understand? Tell me, hereafter you wont’
do like this. Tell me…. Why’re you laughing? Tell me. l got scared. Do you know?
You rascal, idiot. You’ve talked to me.
– What did you say? You’ve talked to me.
– l didn’t talk to you. You’ve talked to me.
– l didn’t talk to you. You’ve talked to me. – l didn’t. Buddy, you saw her talking to me, right?
– Yes. Buddy, l didn’t talk to him, did l?
– Yes. Oh God! You’ve talked to me.
– l didn’t You talked to me. – l didn’t. You talked to me. – l didn’t. What’s it? You got tired?
Are you not well? Why’re you trying to
catch me unnecessary? How much ever you chase me,
you won’t get me. You can’t catch me. Hey, what happened?
Why’re you feeling sad? Don’t get angry again. Now, you want me to say
‘sorry’, right? ls it enough? Not enough. Okay. l’ll do
sit ups & ask for your pardon. 1, 2, 3… Was that not enough? You scold me as much as you like.
Scold me. Okay. Take this stick & beat me.
You beat me as much as you want. lt’s better you could’ve
not spoken to me. Uncle, are you afraid of
coming in this? Not at all. You’re insulting me.
lt’s a simple game. Straight left & then right. Then,
it’ll take a round & come at this place. Have you gone by train
from Ooty to Mettupalayam? lt’s like that only. lf you’re getting scared,
you hold me. Look, before it starts,
he’s like a dead body. After coming back, we’ve to
check whether he’s alive or not. lt’s enjoyable. Hold it. Are you getting scared? lt’s like going by a flight. You blabbered. Oh God! Oh God! Stop it…..stop it. Uncle, why’re you shouting? Uncle, it was superb. Did you get scared? You shouted. ln the beginning, you too were scared
& now you’re kidding me? Bhoopathi, that flower is
beautiful, right? You mean that yellow flower,
it’s beautiful. Just appreciation is not enough. Then? – Go & pluck it. What? Do you want me to pluck it? You’re seeing only that flower. Have you seen how high it is? lt’s like touching the moon.
For whom? For sister. Your sister desires for something
which she won’t get. You can’t pluck a flower!
But your name is Bhoopathi. Already your sister is angry with me.
Don’t provoke her. You can only talk like this. Hey, where’re you going?
– To buy lce-cream. Normally in a family, only one person
will be talkative. Only in your family, all the members
are chatterboxes. How’s it possible? Boopathi, now a days, you’re talking
too much. – lt may be…l accept. But, l mean to say,
l’m not like you. Don’t show your hand & talk.
– Playing…touching game. Shall we play? – That means? Now, l’ll show my hand.
You should hit it. lf your hand touch my hand,
you’ve won. l’ll give you 3 chances. lf you can’t,
l’m the winner. You start first. Hey, l’ve hit….l’ve hit… Where? No…. – No, l’ve hit it. l’ve hit. That’s all. Don’t lie. No, l’ve touched your little finger. Oh God! lf you lie like this, you’ll
get only female children. By telling the truth,
and getting a male child, lt’s better to get a female child. Now, what’re you trying to say? l’ve touched you. That’s all. You’re cheating me. Let’s play again. Now, l’ll play. Yuck! Did l disturb you? Not at all. You came like God & saved me. You came as a Bear and
asking questions? l’ve heard that you called me ‘Bear’. l’ll take leave. You carry on. Uncle, ln your short sojourn with us,
you’ve become friendly with us. That’s my speciality. Coming 17th, my sister is going to
get married. You must come. – Sure. Take it. They perform the marriage
on a shoe string budget. Are you giving me this small card
as a marriage invitation? Uncle, this is a visiting card. From morning, l’m getting tensed
for everything. Oh God! Be careful. You should walk carefully. We don’t know where
they’ve dug the pits. Caution”Pot holes”. lf you fall down into the pits,
they’ll cover you by putting slabs. Where has he gone? Suddenly he vanished
like the superman. Why did you give that flower to me? Tamarind rice…. – lt’s enough. l’ll not spare you. Oh, l’ve sipped that water…. Oh, did you sip drink it?
That’s why it tastes sweet. Why did you give me flower? Keep the towel & go…
– lt’s alright. l’m repeatedly telling you if you ever
see any other girls except me…
Keep the towel & go…
– lt’s alright. l’m repeatedly telling you if you ever
see any other girls except me… What’s the meaning if you leave without
replying to my question? Why did you give flower to me? l gave it without any sense, is it okay?
Give me a way. Still, why’re you acting?
Tell me openly… Look Priya, l gave that flower
since you had wished for it. That’s all. Don’t imagine unnecessary things. Hereafter, l won’t give anything
which you desire. Leave my hand. – l won’t. l beg you, please, leave my hand. l’m asking you to hold my hands & take me
to your house, But, you’re ready to fall at my feet? Do you know the it’s implication? l don’t know anything…
Will you please leave my hand? l’m telling you again…. lf you ever think of any other
girl, l’ll kill you. lt means that we both got married.
Do you know that?
lf you ever think of any other
girl, l’ll kill you. lf you ever think of any other
girl, l’ll kill you. You imagine lots of
unnecessary things… You’re confused & don’t
confuse me also. On your behalf, l’m congratulating
the couple ”Asha & Sri”. l wish to share something with you. Some may not understand what
l’m trying to say. Some may get confused. But, l want one of you
to understand it clearly. Marriage is a wonderful event
in every human’s life. The word ‘marriage’ itself
has some power. lt has some magic,
it has some luck. That’s why, everyone desires
for married life. Before we get married, we meet
many persons & move with them. lf we like some one amongst them.. We wish to have that person as our
life partner. Nothing wrong in that. But, some one’s wishes are
easily fulfilled. But, even after lot of efforts
wishes of few may not be fulfilled. The life which we’re going to lead, Will it be with our lover? or with
the person who loves us or with a stranger? lt’s not in our hands to
take this decision. Even after knowing this,
some persons are very adamant. And want their lovers to
be their life partners. We can wish, to be born as leader
MGR’s grandson or actor Rajini’s son. But, it’s not in our hands
to make those dreams come true. Some persons have to compromise for
certain things in life. But, compromise becomes part
of their life for some persons. ln this case…. One shouldn’t be adamant not
to compromise in married life. lf they adjust in life
it’ll be good for them, For their neighbours also. Even Asha & Sri must’ve compromised
for certain things. But, they got married happily,
haven’t they? l request all of you
to follow that attitude. Then sri, As l said,
”Life is full of compromises”. Don’t stop fighting
with each other. Then, there won’t be
any interest in life. You should quarrel with each
other at regular intervals. You should start the quarrel in the
morning & it should end in the night. Like this, l request you both to have
small quarrels & live happily…. Hey…Fantastic man.TAMlLlNlWill you tell me once
that”l like you”. Will you give me one glance,
Saying that ‘l like you’. Love is like smoke. Even if you
hide, it’ll be seen. Only in love, mountains are
destroyed when hit by flowers. Don’t hide yourself.
Don’t torture me… There’s no grammar for the heart.TAMlLlNlMoon’s shadow will fall
on the river. But, it’s not the property
of river. No one gets that life where
all desires are fulfilled. Our relationship hasn’t
materialized on it’s own. Love won’t fail even if
world fails. Fire fly shouldn’t aspire
to become heavenly stars Historical loves were full
of struggles & pains.TAMlLlNlHeart wants to forget
your remembrance. You’re asking me to pluck the
flowers which are blossomed in dreams. You can cut the leaves…
What will you do to the roots? When they grow on the land,
oh dear! where will you go? Withering of jasmine flowers won’t
be the part of the tree’s shadow. l’ll struggle to live with you. lf l lose you, l’ll be
in distress. Why are you playing ‘hide & seek’
in my life? Have you not understood me? Or are you pretending that
you haven’t understood me? Sometimes you make me happy by
coming closer to me. Sometimes you go far away from me
& hurt me. Why do you do like this? You’re a useless fellow according
to your father. You’re an irresponsible man
according to my father. But, l found you a good man…
Why? Tell me. Why are you making me mad? Why are you torturing me by
coming in my life? Tell me… Tell me, Bhoopathi… You made my sister cry,
didn’t you? Sister, look there who has come. lt seems marriage arrangements
are going on… l haven’t come for the engagement. But you’re surprised that l’ve
come 1 day before the marriage, right? Lakshmi, it’s not that. Priya attained her puberty
on your wedding. Now, she’s going to get married. Sister is shocked because of that. Sister-in-law, now a days girls
are very fast in everything. At the age of 12, they attain puberty. At the age of 18, they get married,
and at the age of 20, they become mothers. At the age of 40, they
become oldies. – What? l mean, before 40 itself
they become oldies. With that, everything comes to
an end, in their lives. Where is Priya? What’s it? What happened? Hubby… Give… Hubby, what’s this?
Give it to me… My friend, Mani is coming here
after a long time. l’ve arranged a small party
for welcoming him. Hai, Mani, welcome…Welcome… What’s this? lt’s becoming
bigger & bigger… How are you? – l’m fine. How about you? – We’re fine…
Come in brother. Just a minute. Have you
come straight to meet me. Or you’ve met your son
before coming here? Why should l bring suitcase if l
had met my son in the guest house? Look, you didn’t believe me…
He loves me more than his son. Hey! Give your suitcase to her…
– Come in… – Come, man. lt has been a long time since
we both ate together. l’ve arranged a small party for you. Let’s have it later. Were there any hassles because of my son?
– What do you mean by your son? Now, he’s my responsibility. He has taken the responsibility
of arrangements for tomorrow’s wedding. Really? – yes. How did he become so responsible man?
How’s it possible? it’s not cropped up all of a sudden,
lt was lying dormant in him. You didn’t properly understand him.
Am l right? – Yes. l’ll bring coffee. Why coffee? Bring 2 sodas.
– Hey! Keep quiet. Prepare strong coffee & give it to me.
– Okay, brother. What man? Are you pretending
to be a gentleman before her? Hey! l’m not pretending like that. Tomorrow, there’s a marriage in our house.
lf we both have drinks now, And some groom’s side men see us,
what will they think of us? What will they think? Uncle, someone from your office
has come to see you. Yuck! Wait for 5 minutes.
l’ll come. Bomma, what are you doing? l’m digging holes for the stage. Why are you digging with a stick? Then? – Bring a spoon from
the kitchen & dig with that. With a spoon? lf l dig with a spoon
auspicious time will elapse. My contention was the same. Bring the crow bar & dig quickly…
Go, man. You meant that! Madam, when did you come? Sorry l was busy in
marriage arrangements. That’s why, l didn’t see you. Do you want flowers? lf you had
asked me, won’t l pluck & give you? You go…l’ll pluck them & come. l’m talking to you & you’re going away… What should l talk to you? So much problem was created
between you both. And you don’t seem to be
effected by it. Unable to suppress the feelings
like you, That mad girl is crying there… l won’t blame you. lt’s all Priya’s mistake. Priya’s 1st mistake was to love you. Even after getting engaged to
another man she loves you, That was her great mistake. Apart from that, she expressed
her love also to you. We can call that as her foolishness. She’s not matured enough to realise
that these are her mistakes. But you’re a very good person. That’s why, for her well-being,
you’re performing her marriage. l’m asking you casually, For your lover’s marriage. You understand one thing. Human beings were born & formed customs. Human beings were not born
after customs were formed. lf she’s unable to live with you,
Priya may commit suicide. All these things will happen later. But now in your remembrance
she’s dying slowly… What are you going to do about it? l don’t know why you avoiding her
and you’re so adamant? But, please don’t kill that
innocent girl unnecessarily. Father…When did you come here? Come here… Just a minute… Don’t disturb me till marriage gets over.
You take care of everything. Come on…Where were you? Bhoopathi was downstairs…
– How’s your son? He was a child under my care… Now, he has become a great man… lt’s because he’s under my control. Come, Bhoopathi…Come… Hey! Ask him ‘How is he’? What’s there to ask… Some persons look very happy…
We’ll go & ask them ‘how are you’? Some persons may be worried, We’ll ask them ‘Are you fine’? According to me, both are
unnecessary questions. l had asked you arrange a guest house
for groom’s people. Have you arranged? Uncle, l’ve already given
advance for that. Have you arranged evening snacks
for the guests? l’ve arranged catering to
take care of that. Bommu was there. l’ve asked him to give orders
according to their demands. Uncle, marriage hall decorations
will start tomorrow. l’ve ordered for garlands. Then for the stay of groom’s friends, l’ve booked a room in
Ambica Empire hotel. You needn’t tell anything. l don’t have to worry when you & Mani
are with me. You do as you wish. This is our family’s marriage. This marriage shouldn’t be forgotten
atleast for 10 years by the guests. What do you say man? Why 10 years?… l can’t forget this marriage
for my entire life. Priya, you… You needn’t say anything…
l’ll go now… But before l go l want to know
your feelings. Tell me truly, Do you
like me or not? lf you do, say ‘l like you’. l won’t
get dejected that l didn’t get you. And l’ll go happily & sit under
the canopy. lf you don’t, say,
‘l don’t like you’. l’ll hide that pain within
me & get married. Bhoopathi, wait… Give me a reply & go… l’m not in a position to
tell you anything. Your priority is your love. Your father’s priority
is status. My father is my priority. So, don’t give priority
to your love. Forget me…. This marriage should be performed
without any hassles. Dad, stop this marriage. Don’t take hasty decision. l’ve taken a right decision,
let’s go back to our place. After seeing this photo
you’re saying this? Yes. To prove that this girls
character is bad. What more proof do you want other
than this? This is common in America
where you stay. Are you upset because of this? Before marriage she was
roaming with some one. After marriage you too roam
with some other girl. Who’ll question you? What are you saying? – Hey! Shut up!
l’ll kill you…Go inside… Don’t spoil a girl’s life…
– Hey! Go inside… lt’ll be a plus point for us if
the bride has some minus points. l’m telling you as your father… Accept this alliance. Your
future will be bright. Accept my son… Do what ever you want.
– He has accepted. l’ll show this photo to her father. And sell it for Rs.1 crore
to obtain the negative rights. 1 crore…You can give it as black
or white money. Marriage will be performed.
– Get up, man. Kinsman, it’ll be better if you talk
calmly without getting angry. Why should l talk to you
calmly? Get out. For your daughter’s mistake, you’re
asking me to ”Get out”? lf you utter a single word about
my daughter, l’ll shoot you. Why are you shouting? l’ve come with a good business plan. lf you give me Rs.1 crore. Let your daughter roam with anyone.
l’ll ask my son to marry your daughter. Father, it’s my fault.
Let your daughter roam with anyone.
l’ll ask my son to marry your daughter. Let your daughter roam with anyone.
l’ll ask my son to marry your daughter. l only loved Bhoopathi.
Let your daughter roam with anyone.
l’ll ask my son to marry your daughter. l only loved Bhoopathi. l should stay here or go away
depends on your decision.
l only loved Bhoopathi. l should stay here or go away
depends on your decision. Even though l knew that it’s wrong…
l should stay here or go away
depends on your decision. l should stay here or go away
depends on your decision. l couldn’t forget Bhoopathi.
Forgive me father. What’s happening here? Without keeping an eye on her,
what are you doing here? Groom side people are asking me
with the photo, That your daughter is roaming
with this guy. He’s asking Rs.1 crore. Not only 1 crore. l’ll give
even 10 crores… Money is not the problem. lf l satisfy his demand. lt means that l’ve accepted that
my daughter is wrong. Can l accept? l’m asking you, isn’t it? Mother doesn’t know anything. You shut up! l don’t like
to talk to you. Brother… – Are you going to support her? Please brother, listen to me without
getting angry. No one knows when & where
love blossoms. lf that is known, no girl
will leave her house. Or like this no girl will stand as
an accused infront of others. Don’t you know when love blossoms? That’s why, after getting engaged
with someone. She’s accepting that she had
fallen in love. Are you not ashamed? Have l brought her up in
an uncultured manner? She’s a cultured girl. That’s why even though she
loves some other man, She’s ready to get married whom
you’ve selected for her. Even now, you came to know this
through someone… Otherwise, it would’ve remained
a secret in her heart forever. Even if you perform the
marriage in a grand manner. And even if you give
them a marriage feast. Whatever they eat will get
digested before evening. They feel hungry in the
night again. After that, everyone will forget
about this marriage. But she has to live with the person
whom she doesn’t like permantely. You think carefully… Are the guests in the
marriage important? Or her life partner is important? l accept that her life partner
is important. But, after l fixed her engagement. She’s saying that she likes
only Bhoopathi. Ask her to explain. l’ll cancel the marriage
right away. l don’t know the reason why you
selected the American groom. But, there’re lots of reasons
for her to like Bhoopathi. Even after saying that ‘l don’t like you’, Boys will pester the girls. But, even after she expressed her love. Bhoopathi explained to her that
it was wrong & maintained a distance… That must have prompted her
to love him. As he had left the house
without informing. Do you remember you brought him back
from the railway station? When you asked him the reason
for leaving the house He lied that he remembered his father. Your daughter Priya said that
she loved him, That’s why, he left the house… Without telling this truth
he behaved like a gentleman. That must’ve prompted her to like him. Why all these things…? Friendship & love have the same feeling. Being your friend’s son, you
allowed him to stay in the out house. With the same sentiment,
she also allowed him to stay in her heart. Both are same, aren’t they? We can list lot of reasons
like this. But, l didn’t mean
that she is right. You think for a while… By honouring your words, She’s ready to get married to the
person whom she dislikes. Even she’s a cultured girl. And it’s wrong to love a girl
who’s already engaged. But he maintained a distance. He too
is a cultured man. lf guests in the marriage say
that she’s an uncultured girl. And you feel that your status
may get eclipsed. Brother, don’t separate two hearts. Brother… Don’t mistake me if l
interfere in this… What Lakshmi says is right… l don’t have to prove to everyone
that my daughter is a chaste girl. And my family is respectable. My daughter must get married
at the time fixed by me. That’s important to me. Where is he? Where is Bhoopathi? l don’t know what’s the problem…
Groom’s people are going away in anger. l can’t understand anything…
You come quickly. Father, there they are… Sir why’re you leaving the place
at the time of marriage?
Father, there they are… Sir why’re you leaving the place
at the time of marriage? Sir, what happened? Why are
you going away? Did anyone talk bad
about you? Did anyone disrespect you? Sir, tell me… lf you weren’t treated properly
at the marriage hall. Please don’t make it a big issue. Sir, tell me your problems,then only
l can find a way out. Let it be any problem.
Tell me. l’ll solve it. You’re the problem. Me? Sir, l can’t get you. What problem have l created? We’ve come to know about the affair
between you & that girl. We’ve self respect. That’s why
we’re leaving the place. Priya & me? Oh God! l’m no match to her. l don’t have any link with her. Some one has misled & confused you.
Please don’t believe those things. We’re not fools to believe
anything without proper proof. Look at this photo. Daddy, how? Don’t conclude with this photo that
she’s a bad charactered girl. Sir, she is a very good girl. Oh God! How to make you understand? l consider my father as God. l swear on him that
she is a good girl. She’s like fire, no one can go near her.
Sir, please believe me. You’re repeating the same thing. We’re not prepared to
believe you. Sir, Viswanathan is a respectable
man in the society. lf this marriage is stopped
he can’t bear that. Sir, He won’t be able to bear the disgrace.
He’ll commit suicide. He’s an honourable man. Do you mean that he’s the only
honourable man in this world. Why? She’s innocent. You’ve committed the mistake & you’re
giving her a clean certificate? lt’s not that… Even her father is not bothered about her,
why’re you bothered? Look, this marriage will not fructify
even if you beg or cry. At the time of marriage if the bride says that
she doesn’t like the groom. The groom will get
another girl to marry. But if the groom says that
he doesn’t like the girl. She’ll never be able to get married.
Don’t ruin her life. l beg you. Come, let’s
go to the marriage hall. You must’ve thought about this when you
posed for this photo with her. Aren’t you ashamed
of begging me? Abuse me, beat me till
your anger subsides. Do whatever you want? But, please don’t stop this marriage. Look, not only now. l’ll stop her getting married forever. lf someone comes to marry her. l’ll come here, tell them about you
& stop the marriage. Hey, get lost. l gave you respect because
you’re the groom’s family. But…. Can anyone reach his place
without performing the marriage? l’ll behead you all. No my son.
– Leave me dad. Anyone who has the guts to go
home without their legs. Can get into the train. Can you get a girl like
Priya in your life? Go to the marriage hall. Hey, why’re you looking
at your father? This applies to your father too.
Go to the marriage hall. There’s no problem uncle. The groom will now come
to the marriage hall. You go & make all the arrangements.
l’ll bring them. Ask them to go. There’s no problem uncle.
A small confusion. Priya will become upset if she
comes to know about this. Go & tell her that the
groom is on his way to the hall. No, Bhoopathi listen to me. Go away man,- Do you think
we’re going to stay here? My son will get
1000’s of girls. l’ll conduct my son’s
marriage in a grand manner. What type of a girl you have. Come let’s go. Uncle, they’re going away
– forget it, Bhoopathi. Priya’s life will be ruined.
Tell them…Call them. Why did you betray me?
– What’s this uncle? Even you’re talking like them.
Don’t you believe me?
Why did you betray me?
– What’s this uncle? Even you’re talking like them.
Don’t you believe me? Do you like Priya? Tell me the truth.
Do you like Priya or not? l like her.
l like Priya very much. But l haven’t told this
to Priya till now. Do you know why l
told you this now? Because you called me a betrayer? Don’t you feel it’s wrong to hide the
fact from me that you love Priya? No uncle. Your friendship with my dad was more
important to me than my love for Priya. Even if l don’t come up in life. But don’t create any animus between
us friends to beg pardon from each other. Only because of that, l didn’t want
to break your friendship. And l buried my love within me. Shit! l’m a fool…Fool. l searched for my son-in-law
in Australia & in America, But l didn’t search in my
daughter’s heart. With such a good groom
near me. l was searching all over the place. Bhoopathi is my son-in-law.
You’re my son-in-law. Hey, when did
you come from Ooty? l came here last evening. Not only that, l gave a gift to
be presented to you. Gift? To whom did you give the gift? A shameless black fellow with the
moustache drawn with pencil, it’s him. Hey, come here. – What’s it? lt seems he gave you a gift.
– Oh that girl? l was asked to give it to the groom.
l gave it to the groom. The groom prior to you.
– So you’re not the groom. Now l’m the groom. – Earlier? He was the groom.
– Who’s going to get married? Now for me. What about him? – That’s over. What’s this? Who’s the actual groom? Oh no…He’s the groom. There was a big confusion because
of the photo given by you. Go & have dinner.
l’ll explain to you later. Generally l used to confuse everyone. But now, you all are confusing me. l’ll eat & then l’ll talk to you.
– Come, let’s go & eat. So you’re responsible for the confusion. Don’t blame me for every thing… lf l hadn’t changed the photo. You couldn’t have become the groom? Could you?…Could you? l can’t… – Greetings….Welcome… Get lost. – Hey stop man. Why’s he chasing me instead of
chasing the bride? Don’t you have the manners to knock the
door before entering others room! How can you go without answering me? Why’re you keeping quiet
when l’m asking you? Why did you lock the door? Move away. l’ll scream. Go away Bhoopathi.
l’ll call everyone. Listen to me.

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