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Gun Scare At School

So today in English class our English teacher
was going through the rules again just because I guess like some people were forgetting them
or like breaking the rules. So anyway she was like just to remind you
guys there’s no food in class no talking to your neighbor without permission, and if I
catch you with your phones and you’re gonna have to have it taken away and your parents
are gonna have to come get it. And when she said that part about the phones,
this kid raised his hand and he’s like a really creepy kid, and he was like well what if I
shoot you? Like hold up hold up. What you just threatened to shoot a teacher? So I just like looked at him and I scooted
my desk away and the whole class went silent. Like nobody said anything. We’re all just staring at him like we were
all just in shock. Like did he just threaten to shoot a teacher? After like 10 seconds of it being like completely
silent he reached in his backpack, reached in his backpack after he said he was going
to shoot somebody with a gun. That’s when the class we need the full-on panic. The kid sitting across from us tackled him to the ground and Miss Bauer was able to grab
his backpack and get away from him and somebody else like ran down to the office super quick
and got the police officer to come and get him. It was so scary. The whole school was in lockdown and they
wouldn’t tell us if he had a gun or not like they just wouldn’t tell us. We were all just like wandering and people
were crying and like texting their parents. Oh my gosh it was the worst. Anyways I get an email three hours after school
gets out they’re like, “well he didn’t have a gun he was just kidding around but we are going to take disciplinary measures”, like disciplinary measures you know that kid should be put in
jail but yeah so he didn’t have a gun and I’m really grateful for that. Just so you know it’s not okay to threaten
anybody with a gun, especially at school and especially your teacher. Like what the heck? Anyway I am glad I’m still alive but I’m kind
of scared to go to school tomorrow now.

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