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Gun Safety: Pump Action Shotgun : Gun Safety: Pump Action Shotgun Loading

In this clip, we’d like to show you how to
load your shotgun–your pump action shotgun. First, most important part to loading your
pump shotgun is always make sure that your safety is applied. In order to do that, you
always want to make sure that the red dot isn’t showing, or your safety is in safe position.
Now, there are two different ways to load a pump action shotgun. The first way would
be to take the shotgun, open the action, put a round in the chamber, and close the slide.
And once you have the round in the chamber, at that point you could load the additional
rounds in the magazine tube. The second way, and I’m going to show you this a little more
clearly, if you take a closer look here, is to take the rounds, push down the loading
gate right here, and then take your shotgun shells and push them in. You’ll hear the spring
that I’m pushing against as my finger goes in. Once that’s loaded, you cannot fit another
shotgun shell in there. Once your magazine tube is completely loaded, you’ll again take
the slide release, pull that back, and then load the shotgun. That’s the way you load
a pump action shotgun.

15 thoughts on “Gun Safety: Pump Action Shotgun : Gun Safety: Pump Action Shotgun Loading

  1. He should have also mentioned how to load the actual rounds into the shotgun. Explain which direction they go in for those who don't know.

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