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Gun Safety: Pump Action Shotgun : Gun Safety: Pump Action Shotgun Features

In this clip I want to show you the nomenclature
for the pump action shotgun. The pump action shotgun that we have here is very much like
the majority of shotguns on the market today. This firearm has a buttstock, it has a recoil
pad, it has the receiver, it has a slide, a barrel, a magazine tube. Also, some of the
more intricate features–it has a, I’m going to pick this up to where you can see it a
little more clearly, it has the slide release, which, when pushing it, will allow the slide
to come back. It has the trigger. And it also has the safety. The safety is to the rear
of the trigger guard. Now this safety also has the ability–has a, on the opposite side,
if you can see this, it has a red label, or a red marking, which means when it’s red,
it is ready to fire. One other feature this shotgun has is it has a, because it’s a home
defense model, and on all shotguns today because of federal laws and hunting, they also have
a limiter plug that will limit the amount of ammunition that can load inside this magazine
tube. And one other thing it has is a front sight. That is the nomenclature for the pump
action shotgun.

14 thoughts on “Gun Safety: Pump Action Shotgun : Gun Safety: Pump Action Shotgun Features

  1. fabarm crappy shotty…….sucks big time……generally fabarm shotguns suck…..too many jams and cant sell them easily

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  3. That is not a real shotgun – ALL real shotguns have a hammer, sometime two – boo on this fake video!!!

  4. @SlipKnot7480 im a democrat, but i love guns, id be pissed if someone took my guns away, so hould i automatically hate guns coz im a democrat??

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  7. Thanks bro. New Years and Im around some assholes😅. Tip: get some close ups and detailed shots of your hand placements EXACTLY WHERE THE PERSONS HANDS AND FINGERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. Your great😎

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