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Gun Safety: Glock 31 : Gun Safety: Load a Glock 31

In this clip I am going to show you how to
load your Glock 31 pistol. The Glock 31 pistol has a magazine and as you can see the action
is open and safed. In order to load this Glock 31, what you will do unless it is not loaded
and you can see through the magazine well and also through the chamber that there is
nothing in it. What you will do is you will take your magazine and you will insert it
into the magazine well until it clicks. Once it clicks you will know that the magazine
is seated and ready to load from. At that point what you will do is you will take the
firearm and bring your thumb up to the slide stop. The slide stop, you push that down and
that loads the fire arm. Now there is another way to load this fire arm and I am going to
show you by opening and safing the action again. And what you would do is you would
insert your magazine into the magazine well until it seats. And at that point keeping
the gun pointed in a safe direction you will take the firearm and you will pull back the
slide and let it go and at that point the firearm is loaded. And that is the way that
you load your Glock 31 pistol.

26 thoughts on “Gun Safety: Glock 31 : Gun Safety: Load a Glock 31

  1. I saw a Hong Kong movie, a guy load the gun by putting a bullet in the bolt of a glock, without insert the magazine. Is this work?

  2. Yes with a Glock, some guns have a magzine safety but the glock doesn't.
    This way you can stay ready to fire when you are changing your magazine if you leave a bullet in the chambre.

  3. No offense, but a real pro would demonstrate the tap & rack method.

    To all youtubers out there, please watch
    the Thunder Ranch Vids & nutnfancy.
    i recommend it.

  4. the progressive insurance adds before the videos are freeking annoying-lousy tourist trap

    this video was very informative-

  5. That is debatable. I mean, in general, you are right. But if someone is trained well and has hours and hours of experience then it is less of a risk because they know how to handle it. Even then, though, it is more risky than having a fully loaded mag and having the chamber empty. But the way I see it is if someone is very experienced and has one in the chamber than it is as dangerous as someone having nothing in the chamber and being very inexperienced. So it depends on the individual.

  6. what about that thingy where you can switch up and down? its located on the chamber on both sides and reacts on both sides when you jerk it. i dont know if im telling this accurately. (isnt it the safety switch or something? should it be always up or down when firing?)

  7. The one above the trigger? That's the slide release. Watch some disassembly videos here on yt, and you'll figure out how it works.

  8. @KING5TORM1418 i think you can carry a full mag without one in the chamber if not then 1 less in the mag and you would be able to, and if i understand the second part right, are u asking, if there is no round in the chamber, will pulling the trigger insert a round into the chamber and fire? if that is what you are asking the answer is no, there is no gun that does that.

  9. These guys just assume everyone knows what to do with the slide before you even insert the magazine.

    What if the slide is not pulled back yet? Do you pull the slide back first before inserting the magazine? Does the slide lock itself or do you have to push the slide button – or hold do you hold it down while you pull the slide back?

    Gun safety videos should be 100% clear. Bad things can happen if they're not.

  10. @CalvinoBear This isn't your video. I was only responding to your stupid pompous comment.

    And you got filleted and destroyed by my wit and now you're floundering in rage over it.

  11. @CalvinoBear gun safety is important this is explaining the diffrent ways to load a glock pistol i know you like to think you know everything about gun's but loading a gun in the proper way can prevent wear and tear and accidentally discharges

  12. And if you do know how to load it you shouldn't watch it. Someone who doesn't know how to load a gun is uneducated. Just how someone who is a gun expert could not know how to rebuild their car engine. Doesn't make them stupid. They just need to learn. HOWEVER: Someone who knowingly watches a video on HOW TO LOAD A GLOCK and complains how it shows how to load a glock, shows they lack the maturity to even piss by themselves.

  13. The video shows precisely what it says: how to load a glock. It was presented perfectly. The real avenue of how stupid the topic is is irrelevant. You people watched it. What were you expecting? A happy ending? People could reference this video because maybe they have only had a revolver, and are wondering about the reloading process. Ther are may other reasons I can thing of. The question is why are "gun experts" watching?

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