11 thoughts on “Gun owners fear proposed laws in Olympia

  1. If you want an ASSAULT weapon go and join the MILITARY, because an ASSAULT weapon is a fully automatic weapon PERIOD!!

  2. Question to the owners of assault weapons, do you want to make a small war inside your country, why do you need such weapons. Who are you so afraid of in your own country?

  3. News Flash: A bunch of paranoid white men who believe their greatest accomplishment in life is being a gun owner are scared it's going to be taken away from them.
    Everyone else: get a different hobby, no one cares

  4. The constitution is already replaced by the patriot act… What used to be called a Multitask Force is called the FBI overseen Fusion Center. The NAZI GANGSTALKING FUSION CENTER Federal Criminals plan is called UN CIA Agenda 21. Contractors and 3 Letter named Agencies rake in Trillions of dollars DOMESTIC SPYING on innocent citizen’s. 24/7 NAZI STASI EAST BERLIN TACTICS ARE USED TO MURDER INNOCENT AMERICANS USING PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE UNTIL WE ARE DEAD. In WASHINGTON STATE USA THE FUSION CENTERS ARE IN BLAINE WASHINGTON, OLYMPIA WASHINGTON & the SEATTLE POLICE ARE ALSO A FULL TIME FUSION CENTER.

  5. A well regulated militia(every able bodied person between 18 and 59),being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

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