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Gun Nation

(boom) – [Narrator] That image was quite controversial to a lot of people. Some people saw it as irresponsible. Some people saw it as
dangerous, threatening. Whereas other people, including you, saw it as a symbol of
something very different. What was it to you? – Powerful. Protecting. That it’s my freedom. – [Narrator] But the
people who criticised you, what do they see? – A right-wing lunatic. – [Narrator] 18 years
ago, I traveled across the United States
exploring America’s deadly love affair with the gun. I witnessed the grim
results of these weapons in hospital emergency rooms, morgues and the confused aftermaths
of mass shooting sprees. After each new massacre,
the newspaper headlines were always the same. Why did it happen here? Since my book was
published in the year 2000, more than half a million Americans have been killed by firearms in the U.S.A. 527,000 people dead and many more injured. I decided to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who I’d met and photographed those years ago to understand why,
despite this death toll, there is such fierce resistance to even moderate gun control laws in the U.S.A. (heartbeat) – His finger wasn’t even on the trigger. That’s not what the picture is about. He’s not trying to harm me. He’s trying to protect me. – I’m looking out for myself, my family, my neighbours. (gunshots) Alright. (gunshots) Zen. Relaxing. (camera click) – The thought that some people would want to take our guns away,
to me, is so ludicrous because the bad guys,
the thugs, the murderers, the rapists are always going to have guns and all you would be
doing would be take them away from the good guys, from us, the law-abiding citizens. People in this country
huddle in their houses and throw the deadbolts,
but I will not succumb to the scum that is out there. We were at our church last Sunday and our Sunday School
teacher, Mike, asked the class how many people had gun permits and I would say over 2/3 of
the members raised their hands. This is a .38 Taurus and it’s
a five cylinder revolver. It’s a concealed hammer and it is concealed so that way it doesn’t
get tangled or stuck on anything when you try to pull it out of your pocket or your purse. If a bad guy tried to get
to one of my family members, he would have better
luck with a butter knife against a grizzly bear than
hurting one of my babies. The armadillo or
something’s digging, look. We’ve got a big hole. One morning, come down the driveway, start across the street, and there walking right in front of me, is the armadillo. So I think, “Here’s my chance.” I’ve got babies, this
armadillo carries leprosy, I’ve got to take this thing out. So, I rev up my– – Honda. – Car, run, run, run, run, run. And I floorboard it. Hit the armadillo and it’s like bang whap whop bang boom. When they get scared,
they jump straight up and they curl into a ball, so all that whop bam boom was his shell rolling around the front of my
car, but he was fine. – [Narrator] I’ve never
heard of armadillos carrying leprosy, surely not. – They can, yes. You look it up. You Google it. With my babies around, I’m not
gonna take that chance, so. (birds chirping) – [Narrator] What percentage
of people have guns here, that, would you say? – In this neighborhood? Ooh, I would venture to guess everybody in this neighborhood. I doubt if anybody does not have a gun. – [Narrator] And do you
think that having guns is a great deterrent to people coming into the neighborhood? – Oh, absolutely. I can promise you that’s the reason they’re not coming in. Stay away from me and
stay away from my home and we won’t have that problem. (boom) – Well, this is one of
my favorite things to do. Quoting myself. (chuckles) With a bible in one hand
and a gun in the other, we can make this country one
nation under God once again. In the name of the founding fathers of this great country,
don’t you ever acquiesce. Don’t ever turn your
weapons of war and safety, don’t ever turn those
over to your government. It is the great equaliser. If two people have a gun, they’re equal. Or whoever has the gun they are supreme. Every time they pass
another gun control law, they promise us safety. Do you know who did the same thing? Adolf Hitler. Now, there’s already 350
million guns in America. What are you gonna do? You gonna go confiscate ’em all? Are you gonna make it more difficult for the criminals to get ’em? They already have ’em. They can get ’em faster than you can. The problem with crime
in America is recidivism. The repeat offender. If you want to go after criminals, who misuse guns, the
first time you arrest ’em, get ’em, go after ’em, keep ’em. Second, make sure that
the law-abiding citizen is ready, capable and
prepared to shoot back. You know, my motto comes right from the movie Cinderella. Last year it was my
favourite movie, really. The motto in Cinderella was
have courage and be kind. (clicks) (gunshot) I want my daughters armed. I want my wife armed. I want my sons armed, and
I want them to be able to defend their families. We’ve never hurt anybody
and we don’t want to. But at the same time, we’re not gonna just make ourselves an easy
target for those who would rape, rob and plunder. No, no way. (boom) – I got six machine guns in the house. 10,000 rounds ammunition in the closet. With the license I have,
I could get on the phone today and get a, I could
order a hundred machine guns and they’re here in two weeks. I could get anything. You know, I have a tank. You know, there’s no end, you know? The two hot guns is what I sell. The AK-47s and the AR-15. And I got everybody beat
in town with the prices, ’cause I buy so many of ’em. The newspeople come here and
they always blame the gun. You know, they asked
me when that happened, “Why do you sell guns that kill people?” – [Narrator] And what do you tell them? – What do I tell them? I said all these guns were
on the wall last night and I walked in this
morning and nobody was dead. You know, it’s stupid. Gun doesn’t kill the people, the people kill the people and they just use the gun to kill the people. You know, they could use a fork, a knife, a hammer, a screwdriver, you know. Why keep blaming it on the gun? (customers chattering) Okay, just gimme uh, just gimme $40. – This one won’t lock open,
so just keep the safety on. – Oh, yeah. – Just keep it face up, okay? (customers chattering) – Here, you carry that. – Man, that’s a rifle. – Uh uh uh, up, here you go. There you go. – Which one do you wanna– (gunshots) – It’s my birthday and I
got a gun for my birthday. So, I’m going to shoot it for
the first time here today. (gunshots) (engine roars) (gunshots) – We’ve seen just about everything. M-16 assault rifles, AR-15 semi-autos, hunting rifles with homemade silencers. These guns could’ve been used by anyone. They could’ve been used in robberies, domestics and also homicides. Yeah, that was 19 years ago. Those words still ring true. Since that time, the laws
in the state of Tennessee have changed substantially. You’re allowed to carry guns in parks. Guns in bars. Guns in your car, so,
from a police chief’s perspective, I would definitely say that I’d probably prefer if we
did not have guns in bars. (gunshots) (boom) – I got a .410 shotgun
from Santa Claus last year. Um, right now, our best
selling rifle is the Smith and Wesson. It’s just, you know, a fun gun to shoot. People just go to the range
and go shoot ’em, have fun. – [Narrator] Is it a
hunting rifle as well? – Yes, it can be a hunting rifle. – [Narrator] Doesn’t really
seem fair on the animal. – No. (chuckles) It doesn’t. You know, poor Bambi and all them. (clicks) – [Child] Mommy! (mumbles) – Start singin’. (opera music) (gunshots) – This pistol right here, the
Glock semi-automatic pistol is one of the biggest,
biggest movie guns ever. I get kids out here that think they know what they’re doin’ ’cause
they saw it in a movie. They’re dangerous. We have to go out there and stop them and actually educate them on how to handle a firearm immediately. Okay, I’ve got one of our most popular self-defense rounds, here. It is 124 grain 9mm jacketed hollow point. It expands rapidly
hitting organic material, such as your flesh. Couple of Mausers. We also have an AR-15, which is a huge seller. It really is. This is an extremely accurate weapon at very long ranges. – [Narrator] But I mean,
someone wouldn’t buy that for home protection, would they? – Oh, most definitely. I have one by my bed for home protection. My wife actually has a
Benelli M4 by her bed, which is a semi-automatic shotgun. – [Narrator] But what
does it do, having that next to your bed? What does that do to your mindset? Does it not make you feel
constantly vigilant and prepared? – Oh not at all. I mean, definitely prepared, all the way. But I also have a family that I love and care about very much. (clinking) If you do watch the news,
you see it all the time. Home invasion here. Home invasion there. Highway shooting. It’s pretty much, it can be
like the wild west out here. (clinking) – Most shootings take place
in domestic situations. The sizable number of
people who kill other people are so-called law-abiding citizens. The law-abiding citizen produces
a lot of the fatalities, by mistake, in anger or by accident. Several years ago, there was
a surgeon here in Memphis who did a study of murders
in two different urban areas, seeing if the presence or
absence of guns in a home was a trigger or a
protection from a murder. And his conclusion was that
the presence of the gun was more likely to cause
a murder or death by gun than the absence of a gun in a home. (boom) – The protest held
against the NRA Convention took place 10 days after Columbine. What happened at Columbine
on April 20th, 1999 was that two young men
who were intent on killing as many students as they
could, they opened fire on students outside and
then went, when confronted with a police presence,
they went inside the school, began shooting there,
went into the library. That’s where they killed and
injured the most students and that’s where my son was. It went worse as the day went on. No word from him, being
asked by the police if we could provide a description of him and what he was wearing. At one point asking for dental records, and being told at one point that there was one last school bus bringing students back from Columbine. When you’re waiting for
45 minutes for a bus that should’ve only taken a couple minutes I then began to realise that there was no last school bus. (footsteps) – [Narrator] And how old
was Daniel when he died? – 15. – [Narrator] Just 15. (click) (thunder booms) (birds chirping) – 17 years ago when we
last met, I think it ended in tears for me because I realised again what I would do if they
came to take my guns. That would be the end of it for this country for sure
and I’m not willing to hand that over. I know I’m able to do it
and I know I would do it. – [Narrator] What’s it? – Protect my rights. The rights of my friends,
the rights of my loved ones, the rights of this country. – [Narrator] Yeah, but
you mean armed struggle? – I think so. I wouldn’t let it go easily and probably not while I’m living. I feel like there are a
lot of gun owners out there who don’t take the
responsibility of owning guns, carrying guns, storing guns, I don’t think they take it seriously enough. – [Narrator] Well, why the
resistance to regulation? – Because it leads to more regulation. It’s too slippery of a slope. We can’t have laws to protect people from their own stupidity. Guys use the word sexy
when they talk about guns. I’m not going to, but they’re romantic. They’re emotional. (gunshots) (chanting) – A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free
state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms
shall not be infringed. The second amendment and
every state constitution guarantees my right to keep and bear arms. Why? For my personal safety
and to preserve liberty. That’s why. It’s called America. – [9-1-1 Operator] Newtown 9-1-1. What’s the location of the emergency? – [Caller] Sandy Hook
school, I think there’s somebody shooting in here. – [Narrator] Mass shootings in America have become almost commonplace. But the Sandy Hook school massacre where six and seven
year olds were targeted by a gunman reached a new level of horror, and cut to the raw nerve
of the American gun debate. (tense music) – Did it cause me to want
to strengthen gun laws? Absolutely not. I think if one of those
teachers, the principal, whoever had had a gun,
that young man possibly would not have killed anyone, or very few of the children would have died. – [Narrator] Do you
think a teacher is gonna be able to cope with a gunman
with an AR-15 assault rifle? – I think a properly trained teacher can adjust to any threat
that they deal with. – I think it’s friggin’ fantastic that certain school districts are training their teachers so they can
carry a weapon in school. (gunshot) – We go through drills,
and we put ourselves in real scenarios. It was interesting to see
how fast we get on the buses, how fast we do this, who actually got hit by the paintball gun. It was pretty cool, but pretty, you know, real-life scary, too. The SWAT team comes into our room and they’re like, “Okay, everybody out.” “Put your hands up.” And we’re all puttin’ our
hands up and we’re terrified and takes us out, so. – [Narrator] You had a SWAT
team come into your school? – We had a SWAT team, yes we did. Yes, this was in middle school. – [Narrator] So, people do
sense that possibility– – Oh, yeah, we gotta be prepared. – What do every single mass
shooting have in common? Gun free zones. – [Narrator] I mean, there
was, I think there was an armed guard at Columbine. – From my cold, dead hands. (audience applause) – You know, I think
that part of the problem is that the gun lobby
has been very successful in getting their message out much more so than those who want to
see reasonable gun laws. They control the narrative
that you’re either for the second amendment or against it. You’re either for freedom
or against freedom. – The surest way to stop
a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. (audience applause) – After these mass shootings,
gun sales do tend to go up, just because people start
getting freaked out. People think that the government is gonna take all our guns. I mean, I hate seeing
the shootings happen, but it is definitely,
it is good for business. (gunshot) This is a Smith and Wesson M&P15. It is our best selling weapon right now. Do I look pretty tough? You know, you look like you’re a bad, a badass, I guess. – [Narrator] Assault weapons
seem to attract controversy. – Yeah. – [Narrator] What is that? – This is a semi-automatic rifle. – [Narrator] Is it not an assault weapon? – No. – [Narrator] Why not? – Semi-Automatic. One pull of the trigger, one shot. – [Narrator] And that’s
what differentiates it in your eyes, the fact
that one’s fully automatic and the other isn’t? – Right. – [Narrator] Why are
they controversial, then? – Because the media and
the left-wing politicians want to make a boogey man out of a tool. – [Narrator] What is an assault rifle? I mean, it’s such a debate,
even about what it is. – I know, I know, and I shouldn’t even call ’em an assault rifle (chuckles). It’s a military style weapon. That’s what they want me to say. A sporting gun, you know. Different names, but it’s the same thing. It’s a military weapon. – The only reason to buy an assault rifle is if you’re going to make an assault on an enemy position and
you need a lot of bullets because you got a lot of people in the position you’re attacking. The assault rifle was
meant for an assault. It seems to me you don’t need an assault rifle to kill a deer. – This, this ongoing
debate that some people have about whether things like the AK-47 and the AR-15 are assault weapons or not, that whole discussion is absurd. That’s the greatest friend
that a mass shooter could have. – [9-1-1 Operator] Jefferson County 9-1-1. – [Caller] On the floor,
you gotta stay on the floor! Oh god! – [9-1-1 Operator] Stay
on the line with me. – [Caller] The gun is right
outside the library door. – The two killers went
out in search of guns. They were under 18. They got an 18 year old
to go to the gun show, to a gun show with them,
to make the purchase. They purposely sought
out a private seller, that’s the so-called gun show loophole, where you can go to a gun
show and at one table, if it’s a licensed dealer,
you have to go through a background check. Table of a private seller,
no background check. – There’s guns that I
sold and everybody sells, every gun dealer, that
are found all around the United States in crimes. They should have, you know, mandatory registration nationwide. Everybody that owns a gun,
it should be registered in their name and they’re responsible for that weapon. Why should you let some
kid walk in a gun store, buy 15 guns and be able to
give ’em to 15 of his friends with no receipt that he even sold ’em and everything’s legal? That means guns could be shipped in from the east coast and the west coast and sold in the newspaper to
anybody that can’t pass a background check. That’s how the criminals get guns. – About 40% of all gun
sales are private sales. They don’t go through a background check. That means they’re not going
through a licensed dealer. Imagine going to an airport and have to go through security and they said, “Okay, we’re gonna have 60% of the people go through security and 40% can bypass it.” Would you get onto that airplane? (mumbling) – I can take you right
now, three miles from here, and buy you anything you
want on the side of the road. – [Narrator] Who’s selling them then? – Black market dealers. It’s out there. Facebook, for example, you
can buy guns all day long. You know? But– – [Narrator] Just privately? – Privately. Yeah, and that is still
legal in Tennessee. As of now, you can still do
private sales in Tennessee. But– – [Narrator] Without a background check? – Without a background check. You can. – [Narrator] So you can sell it to anyone? – Yes. – [Narrator] Some people
are trying to introduce a law that says that shouldn’t be allowed,
that you shouldn’t be allowed to sell a gun without a background check. Do you think you should or you shouldn’t be allowed to? Do you not want to answer that one? – Mmmm, I prefer not to. – Maybe there needs to be some things done to people where they’re
back to working again and not being given
money by the government to run around and do
whatever they want to. There’s a lot of things we could address. Maybe that’s not the only problem. Could be some mental health issues. Could be drugs causing these problems. I don’t know the answer, but we are not the problem. (birds chirping) – [Narrator] Can anything be done? Should anything be done? – No. Let natural selection take its course. (boom) (chanting)

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  1. Hey Zed, how about you look at your violent crime rate in the U.K. And how much it has risen. Crime rates in America and gun homicides have been the lowest in 30 years. And we have about 380 million guns. And you comparing a population of the U.K. that is much lower than the U.S. and a gun ownership that is around 2 million guns. And btw you can own your so called "assault weapons" in the U.K. as well they just can't be semi-automatic. But all the same "scary features" that make an assault weapon. An assault weapon is any weapon used to assault someone. An Assault Rifle IS a fully automatic weapon by definition. Which are highly regulated here since NFA was passed in 1934.

  2. A drunk driver hit someone: we blame the driver. A bomber does a bombing: we blame the bomber. A serial killer uses a axe to kill his victims: we blame the serial killer. Some psychopath commits a mass shooting: we blame the gun. Where’s the logic?

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  5. I feel bad for that lady who was sold a Taurus for self defence. She deserves better than a shitty 5 shot revolver.

  6. One more time:
    Assault rifle: MILITARY/POLICE select fire automatic or burst mode rifle (M16A1/M16A2, M-4/M-4A1/full auto AK-47/full auto AK-74, etc…)
    Assault weapon: No such animal (a nonsense term attributed to "scary" black rifles the anti-gun folk don't like)
    Rifle: AR-15 clones, civilian AK-47 and AK-74, Ruger Mini-14, bolt action hunting rifles (essentially, any semi-automatic rifle…no matter what it looks like.)

    The greatest friend that a mass shooter can have is a gun-free zone.

  7. Wow misuse of “freedom” soon to be cowboy nation. WildWest, Ww3 is coming, own one before too late and help economic growth.. perhaps zombie apocalypse next?

  8. In the USA there is a Jesuit / Masonic secret society based in Yale University. It is called 322 Skull and bones society. The Bush family was big in this Catholic society. In the Uk a couple of years age there was an “ Islamic “ terror attack on the 22 of March That’s 322 . At exactly 3:22 pm immediately after the attack London’s Masonic helicopter bearing the Freemasons-logo landed at the scene.. Reserch the NEW WORLD ORDER ⚠️

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  15. Bottom line wether you like it or not its nobodys god damn business who owns a gun. From the beginning of time its been good people and bad peope, right and wrong. Our government does not represent us any more. The moment they passed a bill and made themselves exempt to ot they became treasonous and tyrannical. Morons that are scared pf theor everyday life being changed wanna go with the flow but real patriots thats believe in what our constitution really stood for know what ground we are on now. Any minute things will change and blood and soil will real.

  16. I would support a gun law requiring you to have your firearms out of reach of children and having a safe place to store them even including a glass gun safe that locks just to prevent children from accessing them and have the ammunition locked in a separate container

  17. Ok, I get it. UK people are smart, Americans are dumb. Is that the intent of your little 'documentary'? Oh, and let's not forget the crosses and Jesus pictures in the background. Let make sure we play up the 'kooky Christians' narrative. Did you talk to any atheist gun owners? Did you go anywhere outside of Kentucky?

  18. What the media don’t tell you is that these two kids that shot other kids were harassed by other kids, beat up because they both came from families that are not well to do. The school new what these two kids went through and they did nothing to stop the “ violence “ that took place against two individuals. So, I say the school has a part responsibility.

  19. "Why do you sell guns that kill people? The guns were on the wall last night. I walked in this morning and no people were dead."

  20. London has a higher murder rate than New York City and they dont even have guns. Evil will always find a way to vent on others and leaving a society helpless to defend themselves, especially in a country where police are nothing more than clean up crews, is irresponsible and suspect.

  21. Gun control laws are only followed by law abiding citizens. There are no law abiding criminals. Gun control laws do nothing for getting guns away from criminals, they only disarm the victims.

  22. So, you only seek out extreme people? Why not an average person with a gun. I know… think these are all average gun owners. That shows how little you know.

    Remember as you walk around anywhere in public that there are people around you who are armed, and you don't even know it. That is as it should be. They are prepared to protect themselves, the same way you have a spare tire in your car in case you get a flat. Prepared.

  23. During the Obama administration the number of guns bought in the USA was the biggest in USA's history., Interestingly enough it was also during his administration that the number of guns related death and school shootings happened. After Trump's election the gun sales dropped significantly and the number is gun related deaths compared to the same period of Obama has also dropped. Makes you really think…

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    Im in Australia a place we’re children arnt mowed down every other month

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  27. I can tell just by the thumbnail of the video where the guy is pointing his weapon straight at her head that this is a documentary made to look gun owners look like fools.

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  29. I feel an AR is more then fair against the animal. If the first shot doesn't drop a coyote you can send a follow up shut much quicker then most rifles. Very humane tool.

  30. Yeah, this thing with the love affair of guns, seems like the US is not the only one with guns.

    I mean in this day an age anyeone could flex or strict their gun laws.

    Even Robert Spencer could come to Japan and encourage Japan to flex their gun laws, hey even an AR 15 being altered at the Yasukuni Shrine would make Muslims mad.

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  34. The law abiding road ragers, the law abiding kid got a hold of it and shot a sibling or friend, the law abiding suicidal person who happened to have a gun handy. This is not protecting your family and neighbours.
    Two 'equalized' gun owners recently fired at each other and killed a child in a car.

  35. An AR-15 Is Not An "Assault Rifle".

    An Assault Rifle Is Fully Automatic & It Has 3 Settings ("Safe" "Fire" And "Full" On Some, And "Safe" "Fire" And "Burst" On Others).

    The "AR" In AR-15 Stands For "Armalite Rifle"; The 15 Stands For Model Number 15.

    The AR-15 Is Semi Automatic And It Only Has 2 Settings ("Safe" & "Fire").

    It's Very Difficult To Turn An AR-15 Into A Fully Automatic Rifle.

    The AR-15 Never Has Been & Never Will Be Used In War.

    While The M-16 Was Model After The Design Of The AR-15 It Is Not The Same Rifle.

    The M-16 Fits The Definition Of An Assault Rifle, But The AR-15 Does Not.

  36. At the end 2018, there are now over 857 million firearms in worldwide circulation.
    While 393 million firearms of all types are own by ordinary U.S. Citizens (est of roughly 100 to 130 million gun owners in the United States).  More than enough firearms to armed every man, woman, and child in the U.S.  Any of you tyrannical governments or wannabe dictators want to try and go to war against us knowing how well armed we are?

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    "The presence of a gun is more likely to cause a death by a gun, than the absence of a gun".
    Duh, you're not going to have a death by gun if there is no gun. But if the intruder wants to kill you, he'll probably have his gun

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  42. Premise: Both the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago have some of the strictest gun laws in the entire country.
    Premise: Their are many other cities and states where gun crime is high, while strict gun control is simultaneously in effect.

    Claim: Gun control does not work, because it leaves law-abiding citizens disarmed while criminals obtain firearms illegally.

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