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Gun laws discussed at Hawaii State Capitol this week

10 thoughts on “Gun laws discussed at Hawaii State Capitol this week

  1. Legalize Conceal Carry!! Let the law abiding citizens defend themselves and/ or protect other innocent law abiding citizens against Violent weapon wielding criminals.

  2. Silly silly silly….Just another politically driven police chief, and not a cop because there is a big difference blaming the tool and not the wielder of said tool, and in this case a firearm. As if the criminal element of society gets their gun from the internet.

  3. A simple open carry law would dramatically change crime in Hawaii, but nahhhh were a democratic state and we don’t want that! Until it happens to them 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. That 21 percent increase in crimes involving guns is misleading. When Major Walter Ozeki said himself that HPD runs into a “significant amount of these cases are not real firearms or are perceived they’re not real firearms”. But HPD treat it as real firearms.

  5. I know! Further restrict law abiding citizens from owning guns because their 2nd amendment right doesn’t really apply in Hawaii I guess says your local Japanese democrat elected officials. Meanwhile, drug addicted homeless, repeat offending criminals, and mental patients get by the gun registry for some reason

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