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Gun Laws Around The World

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100 thoughts on “Gun Laws Around The World

  1. Sweden is wrong we have more than one gun per person in this country, and I for one find that number despicable. We need at least two guns for every man woman and child in this country, everybody needs not only a primary weapon but also a backup firearm just in case.

  2. Huh forgot to mention the backround check for the U.S but for other countries u clearly stated what had to be done to obtain your firearm.

  3. I love how they quoted a swiss small arms survey but failed to mention Swiss gun ownership per capita related to gun homicides.
    Hmmmmm I wonder whyyyyyy . (hint: does not fit their narrative)

  4. An assult weapon can be a cup. Handguns must be registered as far as I know. 30 rounds is stardard for an AR which means armalite rifle and my deer rifles are more deadly than an ar but it comesdown to whose hands are they in.

  5. I'd like to see finland adapt us gun laws but also get a right to own fully automatic guns, but sadly bc of eu that won't be possible

  6. what gun laws would you like your country to have, hmm hard when oh wait no US of course, every one has a right to have fun with guns if that's there thing.

  7. Oh stop it, there are tons of gun laws in the states, federal and otherwise. Law #1 is simple, and it the same in most countries; Bad people don't get guns. Unfortunately, bad people do get them. It doesn't matter at all where you live in this world, bad people will be packing. It only makes sense for good people to be packing too. Peace.

  8. We dont need any gun control it does not work and is a infrindgment upon our rights leave our guns alone

  9. I would prefer if there were no restrictions to what type of firearms you can own in any country as long as you're not a violent Criminal and do not intend to purchase it for malice reasons

  10. oh hey why not mention gun ownership by civilians in ireland britian new zealand ect. Police not having guns has nothing to do with gun laws or you scared about people learning that people in these places can legally own guns. Also i am an american and i would like to see gun restrictions removed. This video is bs set up to spout half truths to push a gun control agenda screw off with this bs. Also firearm is just a firearm not an assault weapon. assault is the action. Many of these so called assault weapons has never been used by the military. Used for hunting sports shooting as a defensive weapon ect. In fact in many of these other countries many people as well as legal gun owners would rather have americas gun restrictions or less as well. How about making a real video instead of this bull crap and cherry picking your info oh how about taking interviews with gun owners as well as gun shops in these areas as well. Naw yall anti gun gun grabbers just wanna cherry pick and push what you want people to hear dont give two craps about real facts

  11. I love the way at the end it says semi-automatic assault weapons. This is obviously BuzzFeed journalism at its finest no research not using proper terms hey liberals just because an ar 15 looks like a colt m4 doesn't mean it's an assult rifle that fires fully automatic they are only semi automatic. And BuzzFeed when was the last time you heard someone do a mass shooting with a Barret 50 cal?

  12. In Japan there is a large nationalist people who hate to kill eachother but they will gladly die if they fail their country, makes them have high suicide rates

  13. I love when they include facts about gun restrictions in other countries. Then, they compare it to America like we have no restrictions whatsoever. I guess its ok to ignore NFA regulations on top of background checks. There are even restrictions specific to each state. Why was that left out?

  14. Ah, here comes the Buzzfeed NPC propaganda: telling us we’re better off protected by the government than we are by ourselves.
    The government that apparently murders people based on ethnicity.

  15. Singapore is not any better than the strict countries, you have to be part of a gun club, you can't take your gun home with you and you need a licence to even own one (rip to your money)

  16. My country has strict gun laws .

    Believe me , it fucking sucks .We still have a huge murder problem ( Although concentrated on small areas ) .

  17. 80-90% of gun crime in the US committed in big cities, and the states with the freest gun laws have a very similar gun death and crime rate, but lower for crime with blunt objects
    Almost as if it was based on more factors that just laws

  18. I’m black and I died at the Kenya part, but seriously Kenya isn’t just men beating drums and shouting try putting in the proper national anthem next time😂😂😂

  19. As being an Estonian my I can tell my country gun laws are the WORST.Because you can't even own a semi or full auto assult weapons.

  20. In India we don’t have guns. Even It’s very hard to get gun licenses for most popular and powerful peoples. But we have katta Ghusa dengy bhosdi ke.

  21. Countries that restrict guns still have plenty of murders and massacres. You don't need a gun to do the job !
    Governments fear guns and want to be able to disarm the people because the government's don't trust themselves , not because they actually care about people and use a massacre to push for bans as a easy excuse.

  22. America has a constitution that protects tyrants from banning the guns!!!! That's what sets us aside from other countries that guns are banned by the one in charge!!!!

  23. Ok just about the part on how the UK and Ireland law enforcement don't carry guns where for the most part they don't but PSNI officers in Northern Ireland do regularly carry handguns and at checkpoints theres normally a couple of officers carrying a rifle or SMG.

  24. All other country’s: They had strict gun laws and have low death rates
    Uk: police don’t carry guns
    Me:that’s all you have to say about one of the nations that have strict gun control and only a few mass shootings were the maximum of people that died in one of those shooting were 8 people and some who were injured which then were taken to hospitals were they then had no bill at the end because we have free healthcare buzzfeed idk why I watch you every time you mention the uk you always get something wrong and that makes me angry yes police don’t carry guns but we have a low amount of gun death and you can’t cause a massacre in a school with a knife can you

  25. Criminals don’t typically use .50 cal rifles.
    The reason is because they’re so god damn expensive.
    Criminals typically like really cheap guns they can throw away or quickly sell after a crime.
    Mass shooters aren’t going to use a .50 either.
    The ammo alone is expensive as hell. The rifle and the ammo is also very heavy.
    The only people who buy .50 cal rifles are gun enthusiasts.

  26. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Long live the Republic.

  27. Indonesia: You must be over 17 and must apply for a license from the Indonesian Union for Target Shooting and Hunting (PERBAKIN), and firerarms are must be stored in a range. Not to be brought home with you.

  28. This is a biased video. What exactly is an assault weapon? Anything used to bring physical harm to someone else. Liberal propaganda.

  29. i live in australia and i think our guns laws during 1981-1992 were good i dont think we really need these strick gun laws in the au

  30. In Australia, health care is a right and gun ownership is a privilege. In America, gun ownership is a right and health care is a privilege. Some people really need to readjust their sights.

  31. There is no such weapon as a semi-automatic assault rifle. That is just pure propaganda. Beside, the real reason for gun ownership is protection against one's own government when it goes too far and becomes tyrannical. History has shown time and time again that had a people been armed, tyranny would have been averted.

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