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Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Understand the Different Techniques for Drawing a Gun

Okay showing you the different types of holsters
we have and how they carry and where they carry. What I am going to demonstrate now
is I have a strong side hip holster I will be drawing from. I’ll be doing techniques
with drawing from a strong side hip holster right handed. What I would do if I were engaging
a target, my first step would be with this hand, wherever my hand reach back, come down
and put my hand high on the back strap of this weapon which means this back strap is
this little indentation. The web of my hand fits firmly right there. From there, this
one has a locking mechanism. There are some that have to push down, twist and rock forward
to pull out, twist to rock the opposite way and lean it back. There are a multitude of
different combinations on different holsters. Triple retention, double retention and all
of those. That’s why I employ whatever you get for a holster to use for firearm, make
sure you are well versed in it. You don’t want any surprises, god forbid if you ever
need it you don’t want to be fumbling around and you forgot if its a twist pull, yank or
punch it three times. You don’t want to get caught up in that so you want to get well
versed by standing in the mirror and doing it continuously do it 50 to 100 times where
it becomes second nature and then even need more so practice after that but that is just
the bare minimum to get acclimated to it.

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