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Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Learn About Support Side Hip Draw Gun Holsters

Okay we are going to talk a little bit about
support side hip draw which is commonly known. You can go either way. You can do a regular
standard support side which you would wear a firearm over here and you could draw it
over here or you could have one that is formed the opposite way, a cross draw. What a cross
draw is you see it a lot in the old west and those movies where the cowboy would have two
guns either facing on either hip or someone would have one here on the hip and they would
have one as a cross draw. Thinking legendary Doc Holiday was notorious for having a small
.45 or something that he kept on his off hand side and he used a cross draw. Cross draw
is just that. The weapon is here and the strong hand comes over, engages, pulls the weapon
and draws down and you go right back across. There is a little bit speculation on what
is comfortable or not but it basically goes with what the user is comfortable with. If
you are comfortable coming across your body, it is good for one. Most people look for a
weapon on one side or the other. If you are right handed, they look for the weapon to
be on the right hand side. It kind of throws them off. If they go for your weapon and it’s
not there, it’s over here so there is a draw to it and a drawback to them and there is
a side that appeals to it and that is the support side draw.

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