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Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Learn About Finger Placement When Holding a Gun

Ok, now we’ve done the grip, we’ve done the
drawing again. This is a home run key point I want to reiterate, I can’t stress it enough.
Again, I firmly believe there are no such things as accidents when it comes to firearms.
There should never be an accident with a firearm. A Firearm is a mechanism, mechanical, unless
there’s a round in there that’s going to explode or whatever, the weapon will only go off at
the hands of the person who pulls the trigger. That’s why we don’t play with loaded weapons
and we don’t do all of that. Having said all of that, what I would like to demonstrate
now is finger placement. This is crucial. Every time I draw my weapon, wether I think
I am going to shoot, I know I am going to shoot or I am not sure, this is how it comes
out. Finger on the side of the frame. I draw down on my target. Now if I have to fire,
it’s a millisecond to go like this (moves finger to the trigger). I don’t even know
if it’s a nano second to go from here to here. But if I start of here, what happens is sympathetic
fire. If you are on a firing range and a lot of people are firing and you’re not ready
and boom and you flinch and jump you pull the trigger and pull off a round. So that’s
what we try to get out of so we always finger discipline. Finger on the side of the trigger.
People say well, I don’t like that because what if I have to shoot right away? Well how
long does it take to go from here to here? You know from here to here I am already on
target all I got to do is this. Bang, pull the trigger. So that is not a valid argument.
IT saves lives and this is how you train all the time. This gun can’t kill anyone of us
unless I load it and pull the trigger. I can drop it, run it over. It will screw up the
gun but it won’t actually kill no one unless I actually pull the trigger. And that’s how
most weapons are being manufactured with the stringent laws and stuff today in all of the
different states. So finger placement is very crucial.

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